I Am Thor, The Lion!

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The Lion

Hello, I am Thor. I am three years old and 15 lbs. I am a big boy, part Maine Coon and part lion. Mom says I get very matted so sometimes she takes me to the groomer for a haircut and a shave! She calls it a modified Lion cut. So I must be part lion too!

I can tell time and my tummy is telling me it is mealtime! I stand up on my little table and stare at mom and lick my paws and look adorbs until mom laughs. I let her tickle my tummy. then, of course, she feeds me a meal, snacks, or anything else I want!

I am awesome!


Thor 2020

We adopted a new baby sister named Freya, she is so “purrfect”. She looks just like me, but she is not floofy! We run and play in the house all day, when we are not doing important things like having a meal or snacking or napping!

Here is a pic is a two of us playing! I am the handsome one! Freya is my favorite toy, when she is not annoying me!

Freya and Thor 2021
Baby Freya

This is Freya when she came to our house last October. She has grown so much!

I have taught her everything she knows! Did I tell you how awesome I am?

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The End🐾

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