Ritual Tools

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Apart from the four elemental tools of witchcraft there also tools purely for ritual purposes that represent a collective of elemental energies. These tools are often reflective of a coven but can also be a spiritual tool of hedgewitches or those who work solo. Known as the grand or ritual tools they also have their elemental correspondences.

Table of Elemental Correspondences and Ritual Tools

The Staff – Air: a wooden branch roughly the length of the witch’s body – from head to toe. It is representative of the air and knowledge. It is also symbolic of the phallus.

The Sword – Fire: usually a double-edged sword used only in rituals. Representative of fire and personal will and intent. The sword is used in the summoning of gods and casting the magic circle.

The Cauldron – Water: A deep-set iron pot that is used in rituals. Representative of water and the…

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