The Elemental Tool Kit

About the Jez of It

As witches, we have various tools of our craft for just about every occasion. Sadly that doesn’t include a sonic screwdriver, I wish it did. There are four main tools, the elemental tools, that every witch should have for ritual and magical purposes. Each of these tools is symbolic of a specific element and evokes the energies of that element.

The elemental tools are: the wand, the athame (ah-thaw-may), the chalice and the pentacle. The wand is a length of willow or oak and represents the element of air. The athame is a double-edged blade with a dark handle and is representative of fire. The chalice is a cup or goblet that represents water. The pentacle is a ceramic or copper disk with an engraving of the pentagram (the five-pointed star) and is representative of earth.

The Elemental Tool Correspondences

The Wand – Air: Traditionally made of willow for women…

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