Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf

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Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf is a singer and actor, noted for his powerful voice and theatrical live shows. His Bat Out of Hell trilogy of albums, consisting of Bat Out of Hell, Batt Out of Hell II: Back into Hell, and Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose, has sold over 50 million worldwide. 40+ years after release, Bat Out of Hell consistently sells 200,000 copies a year. Nonetheless Meat Loaf has had trouble establishing a steady career in the USA and the key to his success if continued iconic status and popularity in Europe, especially the UK. Meat Loaf has appeared in over 50 movies and TV shows., either as himself or as characters reflecting is stage persona. Notable roles include Eddie in The Rock Horror Picture Show, and Bob Paulson in Fight Club.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Album: Bat Out of Hell
Date: 1977

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