Honouring Pan

About the Jez of It

Pan: Table of Correspondences

Symbols: Acorns, oak leaves, twigs, pan pipes and seashells

Tools: the phallus, the wand

Essences/Herbs: Musk, patchouli, saw palmetto and myrrh

Direction: Pan is aligned to the centre

Pan rules: ecstasy, connection with nature, sexuality, happiness, grounding, health and life

Animal: the goat

Foods: wine, meat and grapes

Stones: obsidian, carnelian and sunstone

The ancient Greek god, Pan, is a god of nature, described as a god of the woods, of animal husbandry and of fertility. The ancient portrayed Pan as a goat-footed god playing a flute-like instrument. Pan is making his presence felt whenever we feel sexual urges, playful or a sense of internal joy. He is in the eyes of a lover and in the heart of a person who embraces life whatever it may throw at them. The magical energies of ecstasy, sexuality, nature and connecting with nature are all Pan’s presence. The…

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