Solstice Blessings!


We have arrived at the longest night of the Year! Let’s celebrate the ever-changing the flow of life and the cycles of Mother Nature. Winter Solstice is a time to honor returning of the Sun and celebrate the birth of the new. It is also a time of a great stillness and darkness that invite us to rest, withdraw and reflect in order to awaken with newly gestated creative energies.
The return of the light on the shortest day of the year symbolizes the birth of both physical and spiritual Suns. The physical phenomenon is a manifestation of an individual process of being born again with growing understanding of the Cosmic spiritual source and the interconnectedness of the Web of Life. Take a moment to create your own ritual or just light a candle with a gratitude for the both winter’s darkness and the return of the sun and its…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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