Earth Magic

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

I was introduced to Earth magic by Sue Vincent and Stuart France of the Silent Eye but if I am totally honest, they really rather reawakened something within me that has always been there. If I look back, what turned into an early career as a Geologist, involved a love of the wilderness – the lonely places of beauty sculpted by forces more powerful that you can imagine. Tramping through moors and dale with my hammer and rucksack studying how Mother Nature had shaped our world was the singular driving force that turned me from an average school student into a natural born Geologist capable of original research. It was a tad miraculous really if I think back.

Totally crap at math at school, my PhD thesis relied in part upon complex multivariate statistics. My shoddy knowledge of biology was turned into expertise in trinomial nomenclature in that same thesis…

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