A Brief History of Jack Frost

​Some say Jack Frost originated in England. Some say it was Scandinavia. Some say he is an elf. Others say he is the progeny of Norse gods.
Wherever the personification of winter, ice, sleet and snow originated, many online references agree that Jack Frost is mischievous, turns the leaves into autumn colors, brings winter, nips at your nose and is credited with creating the intricate frost patterns on windowpanes. 
Curiously, Jack Frost is not mentioned in English literature until the 1700s. On Jan. 5, 1785, Jack Frost was mentioned in the poem, “The Life and Adventures of Jack Frost and his Wholesome Advice to all Honest Hearts at this Nipping Season—A New Year’s Song,” which was published in the Philadelphia newspaper, Freeman’s Journal. 
In 1891, Helen Keller wrote “The Frost King,” her take on the Jack Frost story. 
Since those first mentions, Jack Frost has appeared in many newspaper and magazine articles, poems, short stories and novels, as well as “The Christmas Song,” which talked about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946. In modern times, Jack Frost has appeared in numerous comic books, movies and books. 
Whatever his origins, personality or feats of nature, Jack Frost is here to stay and will continue to visit every winter. 

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