GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2020! Thanks for reading my blog!

Full Moon30 Nov 2020

Be Impeccable With Your Word.
Speak with integrity.
Say only what you mean.
Avoid using your word to speak against yourself
or to gossip about others.
Use the power of your word
in the direction of truth and love. ~don Miguel Ruiz

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


The First Days of the Seasons
WINTER Monday, December 21, 5:02 A.M. EST

November 2020
30: Full Beaver Moon (2:32 AM, MST) AKA: Oak Moon, Frost Moon, Freezing Moon, Digging (or Scratching) Moon
30: Hecate at the Crossroads

December 2020
05: Krampusnacht, celebrating Krampus, a Bavarian figure who is the opposite of Santa Claus
06: Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth) born, 1890
11: Feast of the Celtic Goddess Arianrhod
13-14: Geminids meteor shower
14: Solar eclipse visible in Chile and Argentina
15: Eleanor Bone born, 1911
17: Beginning of Saturnalia, a Roman celebration honoring the god Saturn.
21: Yule, the winter solstice
21: Litha (Southern Hemisphere), the Summer Solstice
22: Celtic Tree Month of Elder ends
23: Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins
25: Feast of Frau Holle, Germanic goddess
25: Christmas Day
29: Full Moon–Long Nights Moon at 10:30 pm. Now is a good season for spiritual alchemy. It’s time to evaluate your life, and know that you’ll survive the dark times. If you’ve already put the darkness behind you, take your good fortune and share it with others.
31: Festival of Hogmanay
31: New Year’s Eve


Current Moon Phase: Full Moon

Goddess Aspect: Mother

Associated Goddesses: Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Asherah, Danu, Cerridwen, Gaia, Isis,, Selene, Sisters of the Wyrrd, and the Norns

Magickal Attributes: Fruition – Manifesting goals, Nurturing, Passion, Healing, Strength, Power.

From fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half days after the new moon. Prime time for rituals for prophecy. From seven to fourteen days after the New Moon.

Full Moon: Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.

Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted influences in your life, protection magick, and divination.

High Priestess Training

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as membersvcomplete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord
Level II – Adept of the the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord
Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord
Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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Learn About Herbs!

There is so much to learn about herbs! In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and you will start your own personal Materia Medica, that we will build throughout the next levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

During this course, in addition to the on-line lessons and hands-on projects that you do at home, I will be sending you articles, and information, as well as questions about your own personal use and research.

I look forward to walking this green journey with you! I love herbs and I hope that you do to or will learn to!

There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

For more info or to join my class, click here!

The cost for Level 1 is $50.00 or the entire Healing Arts Course (1-3)for $150.00, which includes a free Reiki certification course when all three are ordered!

The Magic of Crystals

Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive.

Quartz can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.
Quartz can reduce stress, help with centering, strengthen, have wonderful healing properties and surround you with protection!

If you love crystals like I do, join me in this 4 Week Mini – Course for a fun and interesting time!
No books or supplies needed! $25.00


Full Beaver Moon ~ November 30, 2020

The Gemini Full Moon on Monday, November 30, 2020, is a lunar eclipse..

As if this year has not had enough problems now we get this incredible charge of the energy that will create much tension, anxiety, uncertainty, and insecurity. But with flexibility, you can adapt to changing conditions and take advantage of opportunities to improve your Life.

The spiritual meaning of the full moon November 2020 relates to change and uncertainty in love relationships and also with money.

The full moon in Gemini delivers the goods in terms of versatility. That’s because this lunation is ruled by none other than Mercury—the messenger of the gods himself. This full Moon is all about action and change. Will you choose remaining stagnant in the cycles of your past or will you be consciously moving forward by enriching your spiritual blessings? As we move in step with the coming end of our calendar year, we choose enrichment of spiritual blessings or remain stagnant in our past.

Suddenly life is moving at an accelerated rate and be prepared to keep up with it during this full Moon until the next full Moon in December. Be flexible and not so rigid with your thoughts or actions. This full Moon is about leaving behind the noose of old habits, patterns and broken dreams.

Here is an appropriate quotation from President John Kennedy. “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” Think on this quotation.

What has been cannot be changed and it is time to let it go, while we lean forward to embrace all that lies ahead.

The lesson, energy and influences of this full Moon helps us to create a new legacy and to finally free ourselves from all obstacles, barriers and blocks that prevent our individual prophecy and birthright.

This full moon has been traditionally called the Beaver Moon because it was the time to set traps, before the waters froze over. This Moon was also called the Full Frost Moon.

According to Native American folklore, the Beaver Moon gets its name for one of a few different reasons, both having to do with the dam-building, nocturnal rodents with the oar-shaped tails. The Old Farmer’s Almanac postulates that it is called the Beaver Moon because this month was just the right moment to set beaver traps before the winter freeze. But according to National Geographic, it could also be attributed to the “heavy activity of beavers building their winter dams.”

This Full Moon is a time for you to start building up your spiritual muscles to be strong throughout the rest of this year.

What are you allowing to emotionally drain out of your spiritual reserves? Now is the time to build your dam like the beaver and stop the energy drain.

The message that beaver brings us this full moon is to prepare you for the cold winter and do not be caught without spiritual fortification. Practice spiritual protection. Learn to work with God’s White Light to seal yourself in protection. Spiritual protection is needed daily and this is part of your spiritual work out.

It is a time to nurture yourself and do things that bring warmth and comfort to your soul.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time-a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves, and to let things out of our systems. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet.

Enjoy all of the celestial blessings that are coming our way in November. Make sure you take time to thank The Creator, the angels, your guides, and ancestors for all of their help bringing you through this year.

My clairvoyant readings can provide valuable information that can assist you in making decisions and choices that lead to a successful end of the year. Knowing how to work with the cycles, and your own inner timing can give you that extra edge you need with both your career and personal matters. My thanks to those of you who have been getting readings. I am grateful that they have helped you and I appreciate your business. Be sure and check out my different services, eBooks, and other products at my website.

Full Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

BHC Newsletter Reta

November 28-December 5.

This week is a bit more mellow and a welcome change of pace. On Monday we have an eclipsed Full moon in Gemini. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are not the days to make important changes because of the intensity of the lunar eclipse. Tuesday brings on some mental fog as Mercury enters Sagittarius and the multi-tasking overwhelms our nervous systems. Communication will be a little more difficult too. Saturday is the last Venus Neptune trine. We will be in love with love and the rose-colored glasses make it harder to sort out fantasy from reality.

Best Coventry candles for the week are Hoo Doo High John, Blessed Herbal Stability.
Here’s what you missed on this week…

Full Moon in Gemini November 30, 2020
On Monday, November 30th our Full Moon is also experiencing a lunar eclipse. This can seem like the truth is hiding from us. Alas, it’s still there, just masked and we need to dig deeper. The sign of the twins is about ideas and communication, so this is the perfect time to do verbal spells, affirmations, incantations, prayers, and petitions.


Biddy Tarot

Card of the Week: Ten of Pentacles reversed

With the Ten of Pentacles reversed, you may find that you are re-evaluating your life, questioning if this is the way you want to live.

Be ready to question your need for stability, security and commitment in your life. It may sound good on paper or might be what is expected of you – but is it what YOU want?

The reversed Ten of Pentacles also comes as a reminder that sometimes, wealth can be a trap. When you surround yourself with expensive things, you may continue to want more, never feeling satisfied with what you have.

Your feelings of self-worth may be wrapped up in your wealth. If so, it’s time to unravel that connection and see that you can still live a happy and fulfilling life, without the luxuries.
Re-evaluate your position and choose a course of action that will help you regain your sense of security and self-worth.

Ask the Tarot: How do I desire to live my life?


Queen of Wands
Pearls of Wisdom Tarot

This card shows a strong independent woman. She brings light to all situations and to all that know her. She says “You know what you want and how to get it. Just believe in yourself.”


Heartwings Love Notes 959: Gratitude is Important

Heartwings says, “Expression of of gratitude is more than politeness.”

Most parents train their children to say “thank you.” This is good manners. Yet expressing gratitude goes beyond simple courtesy. It helps turn the focus of our thoughts, and can direct the mind toward a positive view of life. This is true most especially when considering circumstances that appear to have nothing good about them, like the current pandemic.

I’m not saying the virus is “good.” It is some of the results that can be seen as positive. For example, while school children may not be learning at the same rate they could in classrooms, they can spend more time outdoors or even having fun. While people may not be filling the stores, they are shopping on line, and the delivery services that didn’t even exist before the pandemic have burgeoned. People with handicaps now have many more buying choices open to them via home delivery.

Because of Zoom and other developing internet options, People who once only had telephones can now regularly view far away loved ones. People in far apart countries can take classes together, meet in person virtually, or join interest groups and communicate. Rather than take a long arduous journey, grandparents can see a new grandchild born in another part of the country or even the world! It is said the Chinese characters for crisis spell opportunity. With the correct attitude that’s how it can be seen.

When I practice gratitude for all things bad or good, I am able to see what opportunities are provided by even the most uncomfortable experiences. Recently I stumbled and bruised myself because I was carrying too much as I came in the door. A few days ago, I did the same thing under different circumstances, only worse because I hadn’t learned from the first time. I am thankful for this second, though more painful stumble. Now I will remember. When I take things as a lesson, I can be grateful. When regardless of circumstances I see my life as blessed, I do not complain but instead give thanks for every blessing, even those in disguise.

May you feel grateful for all your experiences and learn what they have to offer.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS If you would like to share any of your experiences along these lines, please do write to me. Comments and stories can be sent to or For more Love Notes, please check my web site at http://www.heartwingsandfriends.


The Healing Message of the Tower Card
by Elliot Adam, author of the new Fearless Tarot.

For many, the appearance of the Tower is often looked at as a disappointment. However, this card also holds the promise of a major psychological breakthrough. The Tower sweeps away any rationalizations based on artifice. It can remove the protective walls we’ve built around a sensitive vulnerability—which we may have trouble facing.

In this excerpt from my book, Fearless Tarot: How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation, I offer a constructive approach to viewing the tarot‘s most volatile card.

The people falling from the Tower were prisoners of their own making. They built walls around themselves that grew taller and taller. These walls separated them from feeling reality. The Tower gained in size and made them numb. Being numb kept them “safe” from being hurt by the past and the present. In the Tower, they could pretend there was no loss, change, or death happening outside. They would say things like, “I’m great! No sad things ever happened; what are you talking about?” The lightning on the card represents the inevitable crisis the Universe always sends to cause those in denial to wake up and to heal what needs healing.

Are there unresolved hurts from the past that you need to heal, surrender, and clear? What would you rather not deal with right now? Do you zone out to deny reality? Is there a fear that, if you open yourself to feeling, it will hurt too much and won’t stop hurting?

Despite the destructive imagery, the Tower is one of the most healing cards in the tarot. The Tower snaps us out of pretending we are not hurting. It is a cathartic card where old pains are finally felt and released for healing. In that way, the old pains no longer keep us a prisoner escaping reality. When you reflect on your life, you’ll realize the moments that made you strongest are often the hard times. Avoiding challenges doesn’t make us strong—dealing with them does.

Denial of truth is unsustainable. The Universe always sends along a proverbial lightning bolt to snap us out of delusion. The breakdown moment is surprisingly a blessing. Lightning bolts symbolize flashes of divine magic and epiphanies at play in your life. Once reality is accepted, it can then be healed. The people falling from the Tower are returning to Earth. Not only are they returning to reality, but they are returning to their true nature as well. The crowned roof of the Tower is also being ejected, symbolizing a need to get out of the rationalizations of your head and get back to reality.

When the Tower appears, it’s time to stop avoiding something that you know needs to be felt. It’s time to be honest with yourself and feel your real feelings. The Tower represents freedom from feeling trapped.

Let go.

Hope is returning.

Our thanks to Elliot for his guest post! For more from Elliot Adam, read his article, “How to Read Scary Tarot Cards without Fear or Despair.”


Being Thankful Is Good For Mental Health
Being Thankful For Your Family And Friends Is Healthy For You!

When you thank your friends and family this holiday season, the reasons to do so may extend beyond good wishes, and actually benefit you and your health. Study after study has shown that social connections – through family, friends or with companion animals – seem to pay off in terms of good health, longevity and even prolonged survival among patients with very serious diseases. Some evidence linking good health from strong ties to family and friends includes:

The immune system’s natural killer cell activity is negatively affected by three “distress indicators” – one of which is lack of social support.

One study of 75 medical students found that those who were lonely had more sluggish natural killer cells, the ones that help destroy cells infected with viruses and cancer cells, than students who were social.
Research has shown that people who care for companion animals have less illness than people who do not. Companion animals’ owners also recover from serious illness faster.

Susceptibility to heart attacks appears to correlate with how often people use the words “I,” “me” and “mine” in casual speech.

Believe it or not, studies show that people who get out and spend more time with others during cold and flu season actually get fewer episodes of colds or flu than those who choose to be alone.
Being grateful – and expressing that gratitude – for what you have is associated with both physical and emotional health.
Obviously, this year will be different in the face of a global pandemic. While social connection is still a top recommendation, be certain to work with your loved ones to create an environment that allows for some social distancing and outside gathering time if the weather allows.


An Experiment in Gratitude

Awareness of gratitude will allow you to savor and, above all, appreciate your life with renewed grace.

Sometimes we forget to take the time to recognize the richness that defines our lives. This may be because many of the messages we encounter as we go about our affairs prompt us to think about what we don’t have rather than all the abundance we do enjoy. Consequently, our gratitude exists in perpetual conflict with our desire for more, whether we crave time, convenience, wealth, or enlightenment. Yet understanding and truly appreciating our blessings can be as simple as walking a mile in another’s shoes for a short period of time. Because many of us lead comparatively insular lives, we may not comprehend the full scope of our prosperity that is relative to our sisters and brothers in humanity.

If you find taking an inventory of your life’s blessings difficult, consider the ease with which you nourish your body and mind, feed your family, move from place to place, and attend to tasks at hand. For a great number of people, activities you may take for granted, such as attaining an education, buying healthy food, commuting to work, or keeping a clean house, represent great challenges. To experience firsthand the complex tests others face as a matter of course in their daily lives, try living without the amenities you most often take for granted. This can be a great experiment to undertake with your entire family or a classroom. Understanding working poverty can be as easy as endeavoring to buy nutritious foods with a budget of $100 for the week. If you own a car, relying on public transportation for even just a day can help you see the true value of the comfort and conveniences others do without. As you explore a life without things you may normally take for granted, ask yourself for how long you could endure.

The compassionate gratitude that floods your heart when you come to fully realize your abundance may awaken pangs of guilt in your heart. Be aware, however, that the purpose of such an experiment is to open your heart further in gratitude and compassion. This awareness can help you attain a deeper level of gratitude that will allow you to savor and, above all, appreciate your life with renewed grace.


Indonesian Maligano Jasper!

Maligano Jasper is the name given to a recently discovered brecciated Jasper variety that was found in Indonesia around 2011-2012. The name comes from the small village it was found in on the island of Sulawesi. In fact, many people in the geology and crystal community have never even heard of this new Jasper. We believe it is due to the inaccessibility of the deposit, as well as the limited amount that is usually pulled out of the ground.

Maligano Jasper helps one shed layers within themselves that no longer serve them. These unnecessary attributes add additional weight whether it’s emotional, mental or psychological. Maligano Jasper transforms our spirit from within and provides an aura that can closely resemble a “rebirth” effect. This pushes one to not only continue shedding layers of themselves, but also to begin questioning their surroundings and interactions daily. Ask yourself, “what benefit do I get by being around these people”. Most of the time one will come to the realization that the intentions of others provide no actual benefit. This mischaracterization was most likely hidden due to one’s lack of judgement regarding others.


Choose Love

Make all decisions from pure love and the world will change.

Love is often presented as the opposite of fear, but true love is not opposite anything. True love is far more powerful than any negative emotions, as it is the environment in which all things arise. Negative emotions are like sharks swimming in the ocean of love. All things beautiful and fearful, ugly and kind, powerful and small, come into existence, do their thing, and disappear within the context of this great ocean. At the same time, they are made of the very love in which they swim and can never be separated. We are made of this love and live our whole lives at one with it, whether we know it or not.

It is only the illusion that we are separate from this great love that causes us to believe that choosing anything other than love makes sense or is even possible. In the relative, dualistic world of positive and negative, darkness and light, male and female, we make choices and we learn from them. This is exactly what we are meant to be doing here on earth. Underlying these relative choices, though, is the choice to be conscious of what we are, which is love, or to be unconscious of it. When we choose to be conscious of it, we choose love. We will still exist in the relative world of opposites and choices and cause and effect, and we will need to make our way here, but doing so with an awareness that we are all made of this love will enable us to be more playful, more joyful, more loving and wise, as we make our way. Ultimately, the choices we make will shed light on the love that makes us all one, enabling those who have forgotten to return to the source.

This world makes it easy to forget this great love, which is part of why we are here. We are here to remember and, when we forget to remember again, to choose love.


Folk Magick for the Home Office

Protecting Home Office
Over the past year, due to the pandemic, many people have transitioned to working at home, and to home-schooling their children. This hearkens back to the days when most folks lived on their small homesteads, or kept an apartment above their workplace. The butcher, baker, candlestick maker, as well as farmers, weavers, potters, and yes, folk healers and other “witches” did much of their work at home-based businesses. Children were taught how to manage a household, and how to help their parents with a profession, right alongside their reading, writing, and arithmetic. Thus, people came up with ways to spiritually protect their homes, workspaces, and their families. People shielded themselves, and did protective rites for their workplace, to prevent malicious beings and negative energies from entering their buildings. This type of folk magick can help to promote a calm, pleasant work environment—especially helpful when your business is also your home!

Our forebearers also used folk magick to help them get their work done. In the past, craftspeople would bless the tools of their trade. Workers would perform rituals to help their tasks to go smoothly and to earn a good income. Homemakers sang chants to make butter from cream, and blacksmiths did rites to pound out a horseshoe from iron. In the present day, we can easily adapt these traditional folkways to our computer or smartphone.

While the internet is the gateway to the world, it can also be a portal for unpleasant energies. People may still have to deal with difficult tasks, disgruntled clients, and crabby bosses, while communicating online. Businesses still need to attract customers, and make money, while their employees are laboring at home. Simple folk magick, which has been performed over the centuries, can help working witches to cope with online commerce.

First, start with a clean slate. The home office should be smoke-cleansed with an incense of protection, such as dragon’s blood. Use a feather, hand fan, or small broom (besom) to waft the smoke through the air and across the furnishings. Open windows and doors to release any harmful energies. Walk counter-clockwise (widdershins) around the perimeter of the workspace, fanning the smoke, paying special attention to windows, doors, electrical outlets, heating ducts, vents, wifi cables and connectors, and yes, your computer itself. Speak words of intent, such as, “I cast out any harmful influences, I banish any disturbing emotions.” Ancestors, deities, or other beings can be called upon to help.

Follow this rite by washing floors and walls with water that has a bay leaf or pine oil in it—yes, ordinary pine cleaners will do. Lemon water can attract the sweet smell of success. Spiritually cleanse the area by aspurgating with a mixture of water and witch hazel tincture, available in most pharmacy stores. Sprinkle the liquid with a green branch or your fingers, again stating your intent… and not getting your electronics or paperwork wet. Soak cotton balls in the witch hazel mix, wring them out, and leave them in corners, on windowsills, above doors, and hidden on shelves. Finally walk wraingates (counter-clockwise) again around the space, scattering salt crystals, while voicing intent.

Next, bless the workplace, this time walking clockwise. Use an essential oil, plain cooking oil, moon water, chalk, or a marker to inscribe sigils on door frames, windowsills, and the computer case. If others share equipment or the space, plain water will work, and not be visible when dried. Symbols such as pentagrams, runes, daisy wheels, or mazy crosses have historic significance as apotropaic marks, which repelled harmful forces in buildings throughout the British Isles. However, any sigil that has personal significance will work. Speak words of power that are helpful to a business atmosphere, such as “Productivity! Success! Cooperation!” or for a child’s educational space, “Learning!” Remember to anoint the bottom of the keyboard and your phone—especially your phone. Again, deities or spirit beings can be called upon for assistance.

Next, place some talismans around your workspace that help to repel baleful entities and forces, and attract positive energies and beings. Talismans are items that contain magickal power, which is released over time for a specific purpose. These objects can be “charged” during a magickal ceremony on full or new moons, during any of the seasonal holidays, or on days that correspond to commerce and work, such as Thursday and Saturday. Wednesday is a great day to do magick for schools and knowledge. Bless or consecrate talismans as you would any other magickal tool, speaking intent into being, such as, “May this crystal protect my workplace.”

Some of the oldest folk-magick talismans are made of metal, such as bent pins, placed in window frames and the outer trim around a doorway. A small pair of scissors, left open and hidden under a rug or doormat, keeps baleful spirits at bay. Pretty colored bottles on the windowsill collect sunlight and moonlight, and can bring a pleasant feeling to the office. Crystals can be displayed on the desktop, such as labradorite and amethyst for creative energy; Scots cairngorm (smoky quartz) to nullify the grumpiness of online clients; British jet and black tourmaline for banishing harmful entities; and rose quartz, agates, moonstones, and aventurine to bring about positive interaction with supervisors and co-workers. Copper pennies, a greenstone, and buckeyes can attract prosperity. Houseplants like philodendrons, spider plants, jade plants, and ferns can “clear the air,” literally and magickally. Crystals and other talismanic objects can be hidden in the soil of a plant.

Home-based workers can wear amulets to help them keep focus, to stabilize emotions and reduce stress, and to protect them from unsavory energies. (For my purposes, an amulet is a talisman worn as jewelry or carried on one’s person.) A religious symbol, such as a pentacle, mjeulnir (Thor’s hammer) or triquetra can be worn beneath under the business suit—silver works well as a protective metal. Items for psychic self-defense to put in an amulet pouch can include a jasper or tiger-eye stone, a hematite crystal, an iron nail, hazel or rowan twigs in an X shape bound with red thread, cats’ shed claws, pennyroyal, gingerroot, or rue herbs, a thorn from a hawthorn or whitethorn tree, or a tiny sliver of oak wood. Prickly things like a chestnut burr, dried thistle flower, or burdock seed, wrapped carefully in thick red felt fabric, repel harmful intentions. A rhodochrosite stone can be kept in the pocket to reduce feelings of anxiety. To attract success, carry acorns, clover flowers, a malachite crystal, a piece of a deer’s shed antler, pumpkin seeds, and/or the image of an animal that represents prosperity, like a bull or a pig.

Other animal representations are useful in a workplace, as well. Badgers can dig out the root of a problem, the beaver is known for industrious work, and a woodpecker gathers wealth to store for later (as does a squirrel). A hedgehog curls into a ball to repel predators, while a black dog is protective and loyal. These animal likenesses can be anything from a stuffed toy, a drawing, or an actual part of an animal that has been shed naturally, such as a snakeskin, feather, or hair. My office has a lot of butterfly imagery, which I associate with creativity. Of course, now that so many people are working at home, their pets often join them in the office, which can reduce stress and bring a smile.

Old-line Pagans used their common, everyday work tools for magick, such as a pitchfork, a distaff for spinning yarn, or the ubiquitous witches’ cauldrons and broomsticks. Some objects that represent productivity include a hand-mill for grinding wheat or coffee, a whetstone for sharpening knives and the intellect, and an ordinary pair of knitting needles. A small hand-scythe for cutting grain is used for deflecting harmful forces. Analog pendulum clocks or pocket watches, an abacus, or a set of scales can serve as talismans for using time and money wisely. Keys can be “bespelled” to open the door of success. While some of these items are not readily available in the average modern household, they can be found at antique stores, and of course, a facsimile image can always take the place of an actual old-fashioned tool.

Although really cool antiques can be a great conversation starter, none of these objects or images need to be viewed by customers or employers during your online meetings. Magickal items can be hidden under the desk or placed behind the computer camera. Yet you’ll know they’re there, and so will the etherial powers.

For children’s homeschool areas, the oil of sandalwood can increase concentration and facilitate knowledge. Fluorite, amazonite, tiger eye, aquamarine, jade, and lapis lazuli are good for studying; in addition, lapis lazuli can help level out emotions, fluorite increases motivation, and jade attracts calm. Plain quartz crystals on top of the hard drive or on the laptop can help prevent computer “gremlins” from causing problems. A mobile of the solar system is not only useful for learning science, it can also bring planetary energies to the home-based school. A rosemary plant increases concentration and focus. Lemon balm scent or tea can improve alertness.

Your homeschool student may require grounding, as well, and might benefit from an onyx or obsidian “touchstone,” a wooden footstool beneath the table, or a plushy in the shape of an animal who represents tranquility, such as a dolphin, a groundhog, a turtle or a dove.

If your youngster is aware of your magickal practice, you might wish to include them in ritually preparing their own study area. Children enjoy learning about deities and spirit beings, animal folklore, and myths and legends of various cultures. As an art project, a child may enjoy drawing protective sigils, decorating their homeschool “office” with stickers or pictures, and making a pouch to hold protective talismans. They can voice words of power, such as, “Today I am going to learn all the fives in multiplication, so be it!”

Since I have been doing magick, and working from home for a long time, I have learned some of the things NOT to do in a home office… for example, the smoke from candles and continuously-burning incense can be detrimental to computers. Spray bottles work as well for aspurgating as fancy silver chalices, but watch where the water droplets are squirting—keep them away from the only copy of a printout or your electronics. Keyboards don’t like fine salt, glitter, or sand inside of them. Houseplants and herbal sachets must be kept out of pets’ reach, kitties like to play with dangly talismanic objects, and some essential oils and scents can be harmful to birds and cats. Many talismans and amulets only last so long, before they must be ritually cleaned—leave them outdoors in the light of a full moon, cover them in salt or bury them in clean sand, sprinkle them with witch hazel water, or let the sun shine on them in a windowsill. Then they can be recharged with words of intent during a ceremony. Some talismanic items must be discarded after a time, especially herbs. Ritual cleansings and blessings of a workspace may also have to be periodically renewed. And unless you are very open about your practice, mind the placement of your computer camera… be sure your entire office staff isn’t seeing your bookshelf full of witchcraft titles displayed on their screens.

Before beginning the work day, magickal practitioners might wish to mindfully ground and center themselves. Place your feet on the floor, reach upward with both hands, and visualize the fruitful work of an ancestor, such as a farmer plowing a field, or a homemaker baking bread. Connect with a deity or spirit who represents labor, such as Gofannon, the Welsh God of smithcraft, or Athena, in her role as Goddess of spinning and weaving. Speak the will into manifestation, for example, “Today will be rewarding.” Have a soothing cup of herbal tea, make contact with talismanic objects, smell the invigorating scent of an orange, and tie three knots in a short length of green yarn while imagining the tasks you intend to get done.

May the work of your hands be ever blessed!


Make a Blessing Bag
November 29, 2020
by @paganwiccan

Does your group or coven ever do a service project to help others? Each year during the Yule season — or at least, when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic — my group comes up with a community-based project to work on. We’ve adopted needy families, done a hat drive for underprivileged schools, and sent toys to kids who might not have had any otherwise. We’ve given new clothes, diaper packs, feminine hygiene supplies, grocery store gift cards, turkey dinners, you name it. And each year, this simple contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of someone in our community.

A few years back, however, my group had doubled in size rather suddenly, which meant there were more of us involved, and so I started thinking about ways we could help more than just one family, but still not break the bank accounts of any of us during the holiday season.

Where I live, we have a fairly large population of homeless people. Now, being homeless has got to be hard enough — but imagine how hard it gets during the winter, when temperatures in our area get way below freezing. In fact, in February 2014, we had several days that were below zero. It was brutal — and I live in a house with heating and a fireplace, and a warm bed and blankets.

I stumbled across what I thought was a really nifty idea, after watching a video about a young man who got together with friends and put together something really cool. A local church group near me took the idea and ran with it, so I thought this was a service project that my own group could do, although on a slightly smaller scale.

Imagine being a person in need, and having someone just walk up to you and hand you a backpack full of things that could help you. The church group that does these locally calls their project Blessing Bags, but you can call them anything you like. I sort of like the idea of a bag full of blessings, myself, whether they come from a Christian church or a group of friendly Pagans.

So what we did was this. There are ten people in my group, myself included. Each of us was responsible for bringing ten of one item that might be helpful to someone living on the streets. Then, each of us filled a backpack with one each of the ten items we’ve collected. Once the backpacks were filled, we each kept one in our car — and when we eventually saw that person standing at the intersection with a sign that says “Need Help,” we would know we’d found someone to gift with our backpack. That’s it. It’s pretty simple, and it’s not expensive when you have several people contributing. In the years since, I’ve put together a few blessing bags each year, usually four or five, and hand them out as needed — and they’re always needed.

The year my group did this together, I went ahead and built a bag in advance, because I had a little extra cash, and I wanted to see what kinds of things we could donate. This is where dollar stores and other discount retailers really can be your friend.

Here’s my list of what I put into the bag I assembled — call it a Blessing Bag, or anything else you like:

Backpack: Each person should plan on bringing a backpack in good condition to fill. Many of us have backpacks in usable condition lying somewhere around the house being ignored – if it’s clean, sturdy and doesn’t have any tears, go ahead and use it. Buying them new can be expensive, so if you don’t have a spare one you’re not using, check the thrift stores. Also, try to avoid those nylon drawstring bags. While they’re inexpensive, they also don’t hold a lot, they tend to tear easily, and they’re not going to keep anything dry for long.

Travel-size personal hygiene items: toothpaste, cotton swabs, a three-pack of Kleenex, Gold Bond powder (which is good for foot care), deodorant, a bar of soap and a plastic box to keep it in, and shampoo, all at .97 each, and a toothbrush for $1.50, for a total of $9.27.

Cold-weather stuff: a knit cap and a two-pack of knit gloves at $1.50 each, two packs of hand-warmers (found in the hunting and outdoors department) for .74 apiece, a six-pack of crew socks for $5.00, a rain poncho that cost $3.97, and an emergency blanket (also from the hunting department) for $2.97. These came to a total of $16.42.

Finally, a friend who’s into extreme couponing donated a package of wet-wipes, so those cost me nothing.

This means that for less than the cost of two pizzas, you can make a difference in someone’s life this winter.

Do you have ten friends that you normally swap Yule gifts with each year? This year, instead of buying each other presents, why not take the money you would have spent on gifts and put it towards helping a total stranger? You never know who that person might be, or why they might need it, but you could change their life for just a few bucks apiece. Consider hosting a get-together to fill a few bags — and you may even want to ask other people to help out by donating. Would your local dentist contribute toothpaste or toothbrushes? Do you have a pal who loves to knit who could make a few hats? Maybe you have a friend like mine who gets a ton of great stuff at discounted prices because of their mad coupon-clipping skills?

Once you’ve filled your bags, before you take them with you to distribute, you may want to do a simple ritual to bless the donations and contributions.

Also, just a quick point here: please, for the love of dog, don’t feel the need to film or photograph yourself giving your bags away to post it on social media. Giving to needy people is an act of selflessness — using it for Likes and Shares and congratulatory comments is not.


The Cat Headbutt: What Does It Mean, and Why Do Cats Do It?
~Jane A Kelley

Ah, the cat headbutt, a most curious form of cat affection and trust. So, why do some cats headbutt? Is cat headbutting the same as head pressing?

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite feline gestures is the cat headbutt. My own cat, Tara, headbutts me constantly when she’s sitting on top of me, and half the time she knocks my glasses off my face when she does it. I don’t mind the temporary inconvenience, because I know what the cat headbutt means.

First, what does a cat headbutt look like?
The cat headbutt is not when cats stick their heads into another cat’s butt, although that could be another amusing definition. When a cat headbutts, she taps her head against you and rubs her cheeks along whatever body part she’s near. Cats also headbutt objects like walls, chairs and furniture.

What does cat headbutting mean?

Cats have scent glands all over their bodies, and they use them to leave marks on objects, including you. According to cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett, cat headbutting is typically used for bonding and social purposes. “For the cat to place his face so close to yours and engage in this bonding behavior is quite an act of trust,” she says. Johnson-Bennett also explains that this behavior is more properly called cat bunting.

People often inaccurately think that the cat headbutt is just a means of marking territory, but it’s a lot more than that. Scent communication is complex, and while cats do use scent to mark their territory, cat bunting can also be used to create familiarity and show respect.

Johnson-Bennett also says that cat headbutting may be attention-seeking behavior, particularly if your cat butts his head against you and then tucks it down or turns it to the side.

Do cats headbutt other cats as well as people?

Yes. In fact, you’ll often see feline friends rub one another with their heads. Not only does it create the “colony scent,” it helps with bonding as well. It’s a measure of deep trust for another cat to put her head so close to one of her feline companions. So, if you see your cat headbutt another cat, know that it means that they’re buddies.

Cat bunting is also seen in wild cats, so it’s something that comes to cats naturally through millennia of evolution.

Why do some cats headbutt and others don’t?

Every cat is different, so don’t worry if your cat doesn’t headbutt you or her fellow felines. There’s a lot of variation in the frequency and intensity of the cat headbutt. And there are tons of other ways that cats show affection.

Don’t confuse head pressing for headbutting

Head pressing is when a cat presses her head against a wall or a piece of furniture relentlessly. Often accompanied by abnormal vocalization or other odd behaviors like circling and disorientation, cat head pressing is a manifestation of a neurological disorder. “Specifically, head pressing and the symptoms that go along with it usually are caused by problems with the central nervous system,” writes Dr. Eric Barchas. “In other words, head pressing occurs when something goes wrong with the brain.”


Georgia’s Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, November 29, 2020

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All Signs
Here’s the line-up for this week: The Sun and Mercury are in Sagittarius (described last week). Venus is in Scorpio, and Mars is still in Aries. You might recall that Mars is normally in Aries only once every two years for just six weeks. This year, Mars is in Aries for six months! (Whaaat?) It was retrograde from Sept. to Nov. 13, which was hellish for everyone. (Those who are reading this have survived.) At last, Mars now moves forward now and will finally leave Aries on Jan. 6. Meanwhile, our fated Capricorn trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will soon end. In mid-Dec, both Jupiter and Saturn line up in Aquarius! (It’s a big deal.) In about six weeks, we begin a whole new ballgame. Right now, it’s the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
This is a good week to make future plans about education, publishing, manuscripts, important writing projects, the media and anything to do with medicine and the law. Some of you will make future travel plans. Financially, it’s a good week to ask for a loan or mortgage. Doors will open for you because people are inclined to give you gifts or do favours for you. Now that Mars is no longer retrograde in your sign (since Sept.) you will feel energy building up with you, which is why you are all systems go! You’re excited to go after what you want. In fact, you’re determined. (A determined Aries is a marvel to watch.)

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
As I always say, you are the financial wizard of the zodiac. It’s true! In fact, many of you work in financial institutions. All of you like financial security and mortgage-free land. This week you might make long-range plans about shared property, shared income, and even shared responsibilities. It’s a good time to do this because with Venus opposite your sign, relations with others will be mutually beneficial and conciliatory. Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes confusion and delays will begin to settle down and things will move forward, perhaps even to your surprise. (Finally!) Get as much settled as possible because next year is subject to a few surprises.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
You still need more sleep this week because the Sun is still opposite your sign. This also gives you an opportunity to more objectively see your style of relating in your closest relationships. Learn what you can so that you can make things easier for yourself and others. However, this week, is a good time to talk to close friends and partners to make long-range plans that might affect shared finances, inheritances, insurance issues and shared responsibilities. Coworkers are supportive. You might do something to make your work station more attractive. Some of you will get praise maybe a raise? Meanwhile, competition with a group or a friend is getting serious. You’re going to do what you can to win!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
For some time now, you have been ambitious; however, since Sept., obstacles have thwarted you and made things difficult. Starting now, these obstacles will diminish, which means your ambitious plans might begin to take fruition. Oh yes, you can start to achieve what you really want to do, especially if it will lead to important achievements about five years from now. (This is possible.) Continue to work to get better organized this week because you want to be performance ready – on top of your game. Work to improve your health. Don’t worry it’s not all work and no play because fair Venus will insist that you socialize, explore romance and enjoy good times and the arts.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
This continues to be a playful, fun-loving time, which is why you’re enjoying warm relations with kids and a greater appreciation of the arts. This week you might make long-range plans that affect your kids or your work, especially in a creative way. You will enjoy relaxing at home and entertaining family if they are in your safe orbit. (Many families are but many families are not.) In either case, you will enjoy redecorating your digs and making them more regal – something to enjoy and be proud of. Quietly, plans for future travel or exploring opportunities in publishing, the media, the law or medicine are taking form in your mind. Clever you.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Home, family and your private life continue to be your primary focus this week. Serious, practical discussions with someone, perhaps someone older, will take place. They could relate to home repairs or a family business. Disputes about inheritances, shared property or insurance issues are possible at this time and these might require family discussions, as well. Fortunately, with Venus in your House of Communications you will be diplomatic and charming with everyone. You will also enjoy your daily surroundings more and you also will feel more loved than usual. (Probably because you are!) When life gives you flowers – enjoy the bouquet.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
This is an excellent week to talk to others, via Zoom, email or phone because both the Sun and Mercury are in your House of communications. Yada, yada, yada. Furthermore, this week, you will have a critical eye and will be quick to see what needs to be done, changed or corrected in your immediate environment. (You know how much your surroundings affect you.) You might also be a teacher for someone this week even in an informal discussion. Because of your increased focus on your environment, you will buy beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Fortunately, Mars is now moving forward. (This has been a trial for you and your closest relationships.) In six weeks, this ongoing stress to your relationships will be over. At last!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
“Show me the money!” This is an excellent week to make plans about how to earn money or boost your current earnings. You might devise a budget or a long-range plan to more skilfully handle your assets – i.e. money plus the possessions you own. This would be wise. Possibly, someone older or more experienced than you will give you some advice. Meanwhile, this is a great week to buy wardrobe treasures for yourself. Go crazy! Scorpios love exciting underwear. Sexy, colourful, comfortable and perhaps a bit of lace? In line with your desire to boost your earnings, you are ready now to go forward at work with more serious ambition. “Let’s get this done!”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
You continue to be empowered because the Sun and Mercury are both in your sign. This makes you charismatic, magnetic and chatty! However, this week, you are more inclined to discuss serious topics and practical matters. You will look around you and see what needs to be done. Admittedly, you will be quick to see flaws but this will help you to see how to make things better. You might have excellent advice for someone, and alternatively, you might learn something from someone who is older or more experienced. Secret love affairs are taking place for some of you – definitely. Meanwhile, sports, and competitive physical activities will appeal.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This continues to be low-key, private time for you because your personal year is ending, but your new year has not yet begun. Some of you might feel a bit lonely this week. If so, reach out to someone by phone or email or have a Zoom connection with a friend. Watch a webinar. Do what you can to feel connected with others because it will lift your energy. Humans are such social creatures! Fortunately, Venus in your House of Friendships will promote warmer relations with others, especially creative, artistic people. The confusion that has affected your home and family life is beginning to settle down. In fact, everything to do with your private life will have more clarity by February.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This is a special time of year for you because friendships are important for all Aquarians and at this time of year, the Sun and Mercury are in your House of Friendships. That’s why discussions with a friend will be serious and focus on practical matters. You might teach someone something or vice a versa they might teach you. You might feel lonely or cut off from someone. Fortunately, Venus at the top of your chart makes you look attractive to others, especially parents, bosses and someone older or in a position of power. Certainly, now that Mars is moving forward, you are mentally energized and more confident about stating your opinions. (All generalizations are false including this one.)

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
You continue to look wonderful to everyone because the Sun is at the top of your chart casting you in a flattering spotlight. This means it’s the perfect time for you to ask for what you want. Demand the advantage! In fact, discussions with bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs will be solid and serious. You might ask for practical demands and solutions to something. You might educate and inform others about something important. You’re ready to work to earn money (admittedly, you’re spending freely as well). Relations with someone different might appeal to you at this time. In fact, any kind of travel or an opportunity to learn new things, especially through exotic, heady discussions will appeal! (Socrates taught Plato who taught Aristotle.)


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