Queen of the Witches

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Hecate: Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky. Queen of the Witches, Goddess of the Crossroads, Lady of Torches who lights our way as we travel the roads between the light and the dark – sometimes She has one face, sometimes three. She is called both a sorceress and the Holder of the Keys – but to what? And how do Her rites and rituals catalyse our own unlocking of the magics within us?

To the ancients, the fall was a time sacred to the goddess Hecate, also known as Dadouchos (She of the Three Ways) and Phosphorous (Light bearer, torch bearer).

She is awakening magic and the dreams that whisper our secret desires in the night. Hers were the in-between places, the places of choice, Crossroads. Hers were long nights and the sky dark with starlight, or sometimes, glowing silver with the heavy moon.

The Greeks revered her and the…

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