Pagan Flame

About the Jez of It

Form: Ballad

In circle dance from left to right
Around the Pagan flame
From right to left eternal light
In midst of song she came

As distant drummers beat in time
The core of earth’s own pulse
With ebb and flow of tidal rhyme
One world can sing, one voice

The hallowed call from mother earth
We dance her tune of life
The core that beats from day of birth
‘til death’s sweet end of strife

The whisper winds that bring the rain
To quench the thirst of light
As trees of willow weep of pain
As Man has lost the sight

The ways of old return this night
And feel a love’s embrace
Lament the past and oath to right
A soul will touch her grace

O Goddess queen of all that’s truth
Thine kin have come to thee
Forgive their sin of mortal proof
Open the eyes to…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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