GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 18-25 Oct. 2020!

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

“The autumn woman moves towards dreamtime. Though she knows her limits, she has also felt limitless. She has known the ineffable. She wakes at night from dreams of high windy places where small blue flowers bloom, and she knows in her bones that such places exist. Luminous beings appear in her dreams and pull her towards them. She recognizes the dust of infinity in a windstorm, the fragrance of timelessness in a fire…”

~Patricia Monaghan, excerpted from Seasons of the Witch

Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again

Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


The First Days of the Seasons
WINTER ~ Monday, December 21, 5:02 A.M. EST


Current Moon Phase: New Moon
The beginning of a new cycle.

Goddess Aspect: Maiden
Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona
Magickal Attributes: Invoking. Workings On This Day Are For Starting New Ventures, New Beginnings, Love, Romance, Health Or Job Hunting.

Keywords for the New phase are: beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action. During this phase the new cycle is being seeded by your vision, inner and outer. Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. Visualize your goals for the 29.6-day cycle ahead. New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting.


This Is Friendship Week
(Rosemary is the friendship herb).

18th English Great Horn Fair – Festival of Herne.
18th Great Horn Festival—Horned God and Lady of the Wood invoked for the fertility of wild game and the Hunting Season.
18th Birthday of herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, 1616-1654. His 1654 book, The Complete Herbal, has never been out of print.
22th National Nut Day (No, not that kind—think pecans, walnuts, almonds).
24th On this day in 1788,Sarah Hale was born. Thank her for U.S. Thanksgiving.
24th Raphaelmas, Feast of Archangel Raphael, whose name means, “The High One Heals.” Since 1970, the Catholic Church no longer recognizes this day for Raphael, ending more than a thousand years of tradition by opting to lump him in with Gabriel and Michael for a Feast of the Holy Archangels Day on Sept 29.
24th Druid Feast for Spirits of Air
25th World Pasta Day.


Biddy Tarot

Card of the Week: Six of Cups, reversed

Where is your focus this week? When the reversed Six of Cups appears consider whether you’re clinging to the past and losing touch with the present.

Reflection and nostalgia can bring up positive or negative feelings, but either way, when you find yourself wishing for ‘how things used to be’ and not living in the present, you miss out on the opportunities right in front of you.

See this as an opportunity to make peace with the past so you can focus on the now.

Learn from your mistakes, forgive others and yourself. Let go of the past and bring your attention to the present.

Also, allow yourself to have a curious mind and to have fun as though you were a child again. If you find yourself saying, “Oh but I don’t have time!” then make time to play and reconnect with your inner child.

Ask the Tarot: How can I bring childlike joy into the present moment?


From The Halloween Oracle
Skull of Flowers

Creating through Ashes

To blossom and bloom
The work must be done
Through fire and ashes
Our fortune it comes.

We plant the seeds, we nourish them. Our lives change sometimes radically. The Skull of Flowers shows a phoenix-like energy.


High Priestess Training

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as membersvcomplete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord
Level II – Adept of the the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord
Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord
Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day

Putting the Earth to Bed

Each year as the weather cools and the plants start to wither, we need to put the earth to bed. The earth needs to rest and repair so that it can give again in the spring.

Tend to the yard one last time, making sure that leaves are raked up and fallen branches are cleared. Return plant matter to the garden, and till it one last time. If you have compost or other soil to mix in, now is the time to add it to the earth. Give thanks for the bounty that was received, and as you turn the last shovel of earth, say:

Now to rest you go, and again
in the spring you will sow.
Querying an Ancestor Spell

If there is an ancestor or other Beloved Dead spirit you feel close to whom you plan to honor this Samhain, either on the holiday itself or with a shrine you’ve set up for the month, you can ask for their guidance at any time now, as the veil between the worlds becomes gossamer-thin.

For this spell, you simply need a picture or symbol representing the departed spirit and a black candle. Using a small blade or wooden pick, carve your question on the candle, and anoint the candle with some rose or mugwort oil. Place it near the picture of your Beloved Dead and light it safely. Speak to their spirit as you would if they were still incarnate, and tell them you need their help. Ask your question respectfully and give them a deadline to get the answer to you. Thank them from your heart, and let the candle burn all the way down.

In the coming days, stay open to signs and symbols in nature and the words of others, even children, who are often much wiser than we give them credit for.
Freedom from Troubling Thoughts

Even the most loving person can have bad days or experiences where it’s difficult to be free from anger, blame, or vengeful thoughts. Whether or not we’d ever give in to such negativity, it’s a good idea to gather up that energy, contain it, and neutralize and release it, freeing ourselves from its toxic grip without creating harm.

This time of year is ideal for releasing unhealthy emotions and intentions. For this magic, obtain a stone of any type large enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Squeeze the chosen rock firmly while focusing on all of the problem thoughts. Mentally send them into the rock, visualizing them as dark red-black smoke. When you feel that the transfer is complete, envision the smoke turning a neutral gray. The final step is to take the stone outside and safely toss it away from you, asking that the earth recycle the energy.
A New Moon Dedication of Witchery

It’s officially October, the season of the Witch! Not only that, but it’s the new moon (or dark moon) closest to our beloved sabbat of Samhain. Utilize the introspective and emotionally- empowering energies of this new moon to declare yourself a practitioner of the arts.

This evening, venture outside where little light from the city can be seen. Spend some time gazing at the clouds, the stars, and the gorgeous cosmic scene above you. Take some deep breaths in through the nose and out the mouth, inhaling the magickal cosmic energy of the darkened moon. Declare:

I devote myself to you, Great Goddess:
she who guards the mysteries of the
universe; she who comforts the frail;
she whose arms cradle the unknown.
Mighty crone, guard and protect me
on my path, that I learn to harness
my gifts, to honor the earth, to love
and be loved. As I will, so mote it be!
Freedom from Troubling Thoughts

Even the most loving person can have bad days or experiences where it’s difficult to be free from anger, blame, or vengeful thoughts. Whether or not we’d ever give in to such negativity, it’s a good idea to gather up that energy, contain it, and neutralize and release it, freeing ourselves from its toxic grip without creating harm.

This time of year is ideal for releasing unhealthy emotions and intentions. For this magic, obtain a stone of any type large enough to fit comfortably in your hand. Squeeze the chosen rock firmly while focusing on all of the problem thoughts. Mentally send them into the rock, visualizing them as dark red-black smoke. When you feel that the transfer is complete, envision the smoke turning a neutral gray. The final step is to take the stone outside and safely toss it away from you, asking that the earth recycle the energy.
Cauldron of Annwn Simmer Spell

The Cauldron of Annwn in some myths is said to be the source of inspiration, stirred by nine maidens. Bring some of that inspiration into your home with a fragrant simmer spell with nine ingredients. Gather water, salt, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, orange, cloves, and rosemary. You can substitute other things you find in your spice cabinet.

Find a sturdy pot and turn your stove on low. Starting with water, add each ingredient one at a time, thinking about what it can bring to your life. (Water nourishes, salt cleanses, pepper awakens, etc.)

Once you have added all nine ingredients, say:

Nine blessings and powers combined,
brought into this home intertwined.

Allow the pot to simmer for an hour or as long as you’d like, but be sure to keep an eye on it and keep enough water in the pot so it doesn’t scorch.
Apple Seed Spell

Apples are often associated with love. They’re sweet and filled with juicy good stuff, just like a loving relationship. However, also like relationships, there are little seeds inside an apple that, however small and unthreatening they seem, are actually poisonous and have the potential to grow larger. The seeds are like the small, bitter things that are hidden in an otherwise happy relationship; things like disagreements about chores, petty jealousy, or other annoyances.

If you’re finding that your relationship is mostly sweet but those little foibles under the surface are threatening to become big bitter issues, try this apple seed spell.

Gather these materials:

  • A bright-red, healthy apple
  • A knife
  • Twine

Cut the apple in two sideways to reveal the star at its center. The apple represents you and your partner. You fit together perfectly, but between the two of you are these poisonous seeds.

Remove the seeds from the apple one by one. For each seed you remove, name something you’d like to change in your relationship. Place the seeds aside in a pile.

Now put the apple halves back together and wrap them tightly with the twine. This represents that your relationship is intact, with the bitterness removed.

If possible, bury the apple in the ground. Throw the seeds in the garbage and bid them farewell. Be warned: you’re probably going to have to discuss these problems now that you’ve pulled them out into the open, but that’s healthy and necessary in a successful relationship.
Quick Cash Prosperity Spell

Sometimes we need to perform a working for cash in a hurry. The unexpected happens, bills pile up, and making ends meet is not always an easy task. Cast this spell to summon quick cash.

You will need a green candle in a holder and something to carve it with. On one side of the candle, carve a pyramid, and on the opposite side, carve $¢¢$ (a sigil for success).

Place the candle in a circle of patchouli incense and recite the following spell:

Money, money, come to me,
Come as cash to set me free.
Be here quick and don’t delay,
I have bills I have to pay.
By patchouli and green candle,
I summon enough to end this scandal!

Allow the candle to burn all the way down safely on its own.

Heartwings Love Notes 953 Seeing Clearly

Heartwings says, “Sometimes it’s difficult to know when our vision is cloudy.”

This past week I had the first of 2 cataracts removed-the last one will be in a month. The doctor who performed the operation said he had done twelve that day, a light day. He often does up to seventeen. Cataracts and cataract operations are common. The nurse practitioner I saw afterward said, “Everybody gets them.” No one ever told me anything about the symptoms. I never thought to question what was going on with my vision. Essentially, it was deteriorating.

Over the last few years, I had needed more and more light to see by. I had also experienced a diminishing ability to see colors. My eyes tired easily, and blurred when I was working on the computer at night. This evolved slowly over time, and it never occurred to me that something could be done about it or that it could be taken care of. Nor did I think to mention it to my primary care physician. I was like a lobster unaware it was being boiled, because it was in a pot that only gradually grew warmer.

My eye doctor had warned me for several years that I had a small cataract. It only just this year grew large enough to be removed. Everyone I mentioned it to said the operation was nothing to be concerned about, so I had very little trepidation. In truth, as every person I spoke to has told me, the worst thing to be said about a cataract operation is administering the eye drops four times a day for almost a month afterward. I agree with that statement.

When the next day the doctor removed the post operation patch from my right eye, I was amazed at how bright and clear everything appeared. Now I look forward to seeing the same brightness with both eyes. In addition, as a result of this I’ve come to a new understanding: Clarity of inner vision is equally as important as clarity of outer vision. Our prejudices often prevent us from seeing clearly. They cloud the viewing lens of our minds like a cataract. There are no surgeons who remove this kind of cataract. I must be my own physician, checking up on my prejudices regularly to make sure I see clearly.

May you see clearly what is there to be seen.

P.S. Any comments you might wish to make, kind reader, are greatly appreciated. Please write to me here or at For more Love Notes or other fun reading, check out my web pages at


Sugar Skulls
by Angela at

The earliest religious mention of sugar art was in Palermo, Italy, back in the late 1300’s. Boiled sugar was made into sheep & angels to decorate the side altars of the Catholic Churches before Holy Week. This sugar art tradition was brought to Mexico with the Spanish. Skulls, which represent a departed soul, started popping up in the late 1890’s. Now sugar skull makers start making these artisanal, boiled sugar skulls in earnest, right after Easter. Most are sold in open air markets for use in ofrendas and tomb decorations. In Mexico, it is not a tradition to make or decorate the skulls in the home. This art is rapidly disappearing.

Children really enjoy Day of the Dead on both sides of the border. What’s not to like? Even if youngsters don’t quite “get it”, they enjoy the annual activities with their family – decorating with bundles of flowers, making sugar skulls, visiting relatives and even helping make tamales in the kitchen. In Mexico, I’ve been in artist’s homes where 3 year olds were pitching in and chewing sugar cane after the work was done. American kids feel very special when their artwork is displayed on the ofrenda.

Day of the Dead is a wonderful time to reminisce so children will have precious memories engraved in their hearts. Many of our adult customers have shared that they loved doing sugar skulls as a kid, and now want to pass these traditions down to their own young families.


Communication with Departed Loved Ones: Reiki & Archangel Azrael Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

Archangel Azrael is known as “The Angel of Death.” He helps souls cross over comfortably to the other side. He also helps these souls communicate with near and dear ones on Earth. People who are alive can also take his assistance to establish communication with the souls of their departed loved ones.

As Reiki practitioners, we have the added benefit of using Reiki along with help from Archangel Azrael. Reiki energy being soft and loving creates a safe and peaceful space for soul communication to happen.

This kind of communication should only be done only to express such things that would help us and also help the souls of our loved ones. Positive and kind words that were unexpressed when the person was alive can certainly be expressed. Asking for forgiveness for any pain we caused them and sending our love is also perfectly fine.

In short, any message that comes from the heart is good. Love is the key.

If what you wish to convey is not coming from a place of love (that is, it is coming from the Ego), don’t express it. Your intuition will guide you.

Here is a brief outline of the process-

Keep a piece of paper and pen with you.

Sit in a quiet place where you will be left undisturbed.

You can play soothing music and also light a candle if it helps.

Take a few deep breaths and get into a meditative state.

Visualise the room being flooded with Reiki. You can also draw any symbols that you are guided to in the air.

Bring your awareness to your heart. You can place your palm on the heart to connect with it. What message of love does your heart wish to send to the soul of your loved one? Start writing the message on the piece of paper. Keep your words positive and loving.

Give Reiki to this piece of paper. This will strengthen the element of love in your message.

Call upon Archangel Azrael. If you work with angel card decks, pick any card of Archangel Azrael from the deck to connect with him. If you wish to, you can also place the card along with your piece of paper. Request him to take this message to your loved one.

You can also request Azrael to bring a message back to you from your loved one.

Express your gratitude to the Archangel for his assistance.

Put the piece of paper away in a safe place.

Thereafter, notice any messages you may receive from the other side. These messages may come in the form of feelings- you may feel a deep sense of peace or you may feel a surge of love. Unhealed feelings that you may have carried about your past relationship with this person are suddenly healed. You may also receive messages in the form of words that you read somewhere or as songs that play on the radio or television. It may also be in the form of visits from certain animals or birds. Each one’s experience is unique. You will know it is a message for you when you receive it.

Do not analyses the message by allowing your logical mind to kick in. Trust your feelings and accept the message you get.

Once you have received your message, discard the paper by either burning or burying it.

Road to Heaven

This technique is particularly useful when we wish to express love and forgiveness to our departed loved ones. When people are alive, we sometimes take them for granted. We may also focus only on the negative aspects of their personality. And when the person is no more, we realize their value and also recognize their positive traits. This tends to bring up feelings of sadness and guilt in us. However, feeling sad or guilty does not help anyone. As we grow spiritually, it is important to remind ourselves constantly that the core of our being is pure love. Anything that is not love is not who we are. Due to our identification with the ego, all of us err from time to time. So, if you feel sad or guilty about something you did or did not do (or something you said or did not say) when a loved one was with you, it is not too late. It is possible to express your feelings even now. Rest assured that the power of love will heal everything that is unhealed in all of space and time and restore the flow of love in your relationship.


Owning The Roots

Leading by example is inspiring, not only to those whom you lead, but also for yourself.

We all know from experience that we can’t change other people, yet most of us have a tendency to try. This is because we naturally feel the need to do something to change situations that we find troubling. It often doesn’t occur to us that the best way to create change is not to try to convince others to change but to change ourselves. When we make adjustments from within, we become role models for others, and leading by example is much more inspiring than a lecture or an argument.

We sometimes look outside ourselves for what’s wrong with the world, but the outside world is really just a mirror reflecting us back to ourselves. When we encounter negativity — anger, and fear — we empower ourselves by looking for its roots inside of ourselves. For example, if you have a friend who is unreliable, observe yourself and notice if there are ways in which you are unreliable. You may be surprised to discover that you have your own struggles with this issue in ways you weren’t able to see. Once you own the issue for yourself, you can begin to work for change within yourself. This will also enable you to have more compassion for your friend. At the very least, as you strive to become more reliable, you will become more of the person you want to be. In the best-case scenario, you will be an inspiration to others.

You can apply the same method to larger issues. For example, if there is something you see in the larger world that you would like to change — let’s say, greed — try taking responsibility for changing it in yourself. Instead of being angry with those you see as greedy, seek out the roots of your own greed and come to terms with your power to transform it. This may be the best way to lead the world toward greater moderation and generosity.


Free Access to All Death Records for Halloween!
By Esther, Historical Records

The original All Saints Day — which eventually morphed into Halloween — is celebrated in many traditional Christian societies as a day to honor the memories of one’s ancestors. What better way to honor your ancestors than to learn more details about their lives and discover their stories?

That’s why we’re opening all our death-related historical record collections — death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records — up to the public for free access during Halloween weekend, from October 29 to November 2!

Death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records are key resources for family history information. Death certificates are typically issued within days of a death and can contain many details about a person’s life, such as their age at death, place of birth, parents’ names and origins, and the cause of death. The name of the person who provided these details may also be mentioned, and this can also be an important clue that can help you locate new relatives.

Burial and cemetery records can supplement death certificates and offer additional information, while obituaries may provide rich details about the person’s life: their interests, profession, passions, and connections in the community.

MyHeritage offers 153 collections in this category, containing 548,923,579 records in all. Normally, most of these collections are free to search, but require a paid MyHeritage plan to view fully and save the information to your family tree. But during this limited-time offer, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the records in the collection absolutely free.

This is a perfect opportunity for those without a paid plan to access and enjoy these records! So dive right in and see what you can learn about your ancestors.

Search the death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records now.


How to Read Scary Tarot Cards Without Fear or Despair

Even the most experienced tarot reader can feel their confidence deflate when they see a card in their spread that unnerves them. Many of us learned to interpret tarot through the aid of keywords found in the “little white book” that came with our cards. For some of the darker images of the tarot, the keywords provided were often bleak, such as: ruination, despair, destruction of your plans, and hopelessness! It’s no wonder that spotting a frightening image immediately causes many readers to feel dread, especially when such a card appears in the “final outcome” position.

Often, we turn to tarot for healing and clarity. However, if you are left feeling hopeless about your situation because of negative keywords, the reading can feel like a tremendous letdown. Challenging cards that appear in a reading do not doom your hopes to end in calamity. If you are feeling disappointed with a reading’s initial message, it may be that you just need to examine the image closer, allowing it to dialogue with your deeper awareness. Tarot is a language of symbols that can speak directly to the luminous spirit that resides deep within you. This awareness can be found far beneath the surface layer of your fears. To get the most from tarot imagery, you must look beyond the thin veil of your fears. One powerful archetype that has provided emblematic guidance for how I approach tarot symbolism is the wise High Priestess herself.

High Priestess from Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the High Priestess sits serenely before a vast sea. This sea is a symbol for the depth wisdom she has gained from many lifetimes of experiences. You also have a vast ocean of inner knowing within you. Can you sense it? Within these waters can be found all the answers to any question you could possibly ask. However, if your fear is triggered, it can be difficult to hear your ocean’s oracular song. Obscuring the view of the vast ocean is the Priestess’s thin veil. It is decorated with images of pomegranates, the fruit of the Underworld. The Underworld is where our fears dwell. It is a dark landscape that can frighten the ego into resisting change. However, more than just fear of death and transformation reside in the Underworld. It is also a symbolic realm deep within your consciousness, where unimaginable riches can be found. One name for the Lord of the Underworld is Pluto, which could also be translated as “wealth.” When you have the courage to delve into the Underworld of your consciousness, great treasure can be found. Facing your shadow honestly can revitalize dreams long abandoned and restore courage once thought lost. By reengaging with the best parts of yourself, the answer to a rather mundane question is brought into focus with far more meaning. Like the phoenix, you are reborn to the waking world awakened, revitalized, and renewed.

The veil of the High Priestess can represent our fears of death and change, which obscure the sunken treasure found in the sea beyond. Although the veil is thin compared to the wisdom found in the vast ocean, it can obscure the deeper meaning of a challenging symbol we are confronting. We’ve all heard, “For the answer, look within.” Tarot masterfully facilitates going within. However, for many of us, the first layer we encounter when we look within is a fear, or something that makes us uncomfortable. This is the veil. If we only stop at the veil, instead of going deeper, “looking within” can be an uncomfortable experience. If you find discomfort rather than a quick answer, it may seem preferable to retreat to the insincere world of the ego, hoping for concrete certainty. Black and White. Good and Bad. All or Nothing. The High Priestess knows that life’s wisdom is not as binary as her black and white pillars. The reality of the situation is often more nuanced. Much like the Priestess’ position between the pillars, the truth is found somewhere in-between.

The High Priestess asks you to go further than your initial judgment of a symbol and look at it through the clear waters of your inner wisdom. Picture the High Priestess card in your mind’s eye. Imagine a tarot card that makes you uncomfortable printed on the veil of the High Priestess. How is that fear preventing you from connecting to what is deepest and wisest within? Do you have the courage to pull that superficial fear aside and apply your spirit’s unfathomable inner knowing? The symbols that scare you will thinly conceal your where your greatest breakthrough is emerging.

For example, at first glance, the appearance of the Eight of Swords as your “final outcome card” can make your heart sink. This is especially true if you are asking your cards whether or not you will be successful with something you are working hard to achieve. They old keywords rifle through your mind. Despair, fear, failure. The ruination of your plans… Who wouldn’t feel hopeless as the figure tied up on the image? Your initial reaction to this card could leave you feeling like you shouldn’t even try. However, with tarot, you must follow the Priestess’ example and pull aside your initial fear, facilitating a deeper perspective.

In the case of the Eight of Swords we see a despairing woman whose hands are bound. At first glance, her situation looks hopeless. But we can’t stop there. The Eight of Swords is a Swords card, linking it with the element of Air. This element corresponds to your thoughts. In the case of the Eight of Swords, thoughts of hopelessness may be keeping you bound and paralyzed. By replaying past traumas in your mind, you could be reinforcing a belief that you are a helpless victim to whatever circumstance has been unfairly thrown at you. However, look even closer at the woman on the card. There doesn’t appear to be anyone with her anymore. She is all alone. Although she is tied tightly with bindings, she could so easily use the swords that flank her to cut herself free. The Eight of Swords could be interpreted to mean that although you may feel defeated, bound up, and abandoned in your mind, you must repurpose your thoughts (swords) to your advantage. The very same thoughts that are limiting you can be redirected to liberate you. However, you may need to open your eyes and see the opportunity right before your very nose. The Eight of Swords can be interpreted in a manner that is empowering you to act, rather than making you feel that you are doomed to a bad end. Bad things can happen in life, but we still get to choose how we are going to respond in the moment. This is the power you wield, no matter what is currently happening around you.

Another “scary” card that we are often loathe to see in a reading is the Nine of Swords. Here we see an individual trapped in shadow thinking. The imagery is dark, and we can’t help but remember feeling that same way, when our mind was overrun with past worry or grief. This card could also indicate that we are submitting to the attacks of the saboteur within. The Nine of Swords has been called by some, “the worst card in the deck.” It represents the power of mental shadows, which can shatter your perspective. When stuck in this dark place, it can be so hard to see the light. The man on the card is clutching his eyes closed. He is overcome with despair. But look closer at the image. He is not really in danger. He is safe at home in his bed. The battle is being played out in his mind. The person on the Nine of Swords is covered with a blanket richly decorated with red roses, a symbol for vitality. Blankets are protectively wrapped around babies when they are first born. They are also handed out in disaster relief to comfort people who have experienced a traumatic event. Blankets are symbols for the comfort and protection that is available, even in your darkest moments. Interwoven with the red roses on the blanket are the astrological symbols, placing this situation in a universal context. Despite his worry, he still has a whole vital life of limitless potential ahead of him. He may just have temporarily lost his perspective. The symbols on the blanket remind us that he still has an integral part to play, in a grander design. The Nine of Swords can remind you that your spirit also has great purpose, regardless of what your inner saboteur tells you. The Nine of Swords may advise you to stop mentally catastrophizing and speak your worst fears out loud and into the light. Sometimes when fears are spoken with a sympathetic loved one, we can recognize how irrational the fear sounds. The Nine of Swords can advise us to stop isolating and communicate our troubles with those who care.

If you go beyond the initial knee-jerk reactions to the cards you see, you can deliver much more profound readings for yourself and others. Dialoguing with the dark cards can become a cathartic experience, where old hurts are finally healed and released, rather than being interpreted as harbingers of disaster. You get to choose in what context you want to view your current situation. Will you choose empowerment or fear? You also get to choose your future by changing your choices in the present. If you show up in life as a victim, you will most likely continue to get victimized. If you shift your energy to be empowered and courageous, you are more likely to succeed.

For more information on how to interpret tarot symbolism without anxiety, check out Fearless Tarot: How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation. In the book I show how to constructively apply even the harshest tarot imagery to get the most from your deck. Armed with new perspective, you can transcend the hopeless fears that may have been preventing your breakthrough. Your tarot deck is a peerless tool for dialoguing with your resilient spirit. It can provide a therapeutic salve for soothing our deepest wounds.


Improve Your Health With 4 Powerful Mind-Body Exercises
By: Jen Mueller, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

When you think about using activity to improve your health, cardio and strength exercises are likely the first things that come to mind. However, there’s also a strong connection between your physical health and your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Known as the mind-body connection, the exercises that strengthen this relationship are just as important as the ones that get your heart pumping.

Breath Work

“The breath is a powerful tool and is intricately linked with our physical fitness, as well as our experience of anxiety and overall mental health,” explains movement and breathwork coach Luke Jones. “Belly breathing helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, shifting the body into a more [restful] state. It initiates a relaxation response, potentially dampening our experience of anxiety.” Jones also recommends nasal breathing, which has been shown to calm and relax the body, slow breathing and promote digestion. “If it’s not something you already do, switching to nasal-only, belly breathing could be a great step towards managing anxiety and regaining control.”

Getting Started: Jones suggests starting with 1:1 breathing, which is breathing in and out through the nose at a similar pace. “Start with three seconds in, three seconds out, gradually building up to 4:4, 5:5, 6:6., et cetera. When you hit a number that starts to become difficult, drop down one or two numbers and continue at this pace for five to 10 minutes. By the end of the session, you’ll likely feel an enhanced sense of calm and relaxation.”


“Journaling is accessible, low-cost and can benefit you across many different aspects of your life,” says self-development author Suzanne Wylde. “You may know about the psychological benefits of journaling, but did you realize that it also has a powerful impact on your body?”

Research has found that writing about stressful or emotional events can improve both physical and mental health. Journaling provides an opportunity to work through negative feelings, promotes positive self-talk and allows you to clear your mind by putting your thoughts down on paper.

“To get the most out of your journaling, do it by hand,” Wylde advises.” This helps us connect to our emotions more and handwriting has been shown to increase activity in certain areas of the brain in a way that is similar to meditation.”

Getting Started: If you’re new to it, commit to just five minutes of daily journaling. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to write, try answering a few questions, such as:

How am I feeling right now?
Why do I feel this way?
How do I want to feel?

Yoga & Moving Meditation

Life strategist David Richards suggests the combination of yoga and meditation can help create a healthy, lasting mind-body connection. “Yoga teaches us to be present; we learn to ‘meditate’ during the yoga flow,” he explains. “Being present simply means keeping our awareness and focus on what we are doing as we are doing it. If you’re exerting yourself and breathing heavy, you might start thinking about when the class will be over or what you’re going to eat after. [When this happens,] gently bring your awareness back to your breath and continue on with the yoga practice.”

Richards explains that, like yoga, meditation is intended to be a period of intense focus. “In yoga, your body is moving and you want your mind to be ‘still’ or present,” he says. “When you’re staying present during a yoga class, we sometimes call that a ‘moving meditation.’ In meditation, your body is still but your awareness—that beacon inside your mind that directs your focus—is engaged. Meditation is the pathway where we learn to control our minds.” Meditation has also been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone that helps the body deal with stress.

Getting Started: If you’re new to yoga, starting with a class taught by a certified instructor will ensure you’re doing the poses properly and getting the most out of each flow. If that’s not an option, check out the wide variety of beginner workouts on YouTube.

Outdoor Activity

Brian Kiselstein, founder of Think Healthy Fitness, suggests that one of the best mind-body activities is just outside your front door. “You may be looking for unique or new exercises, but I like to highlight the benefits of walking outdoors for both body and mind,” he describes. “Walking can leave us feeling refreshed and recharged, even after exerting a ton of energy on a long walk. Our minds are free to wander or turn off, and the fresh air helps [it settle] down. The movement restricts how much our hands can do and we are just left to walk, breathe and think.”

Getting Started: Group walks in nature have been shown to lower depression and stress, while enhancing mental well-being. If walking isn’t your thing, swimming, biking, jogging or even a strength training session at the playground can provide similar benefits. Start with outdoor workouts of varying distances a few times a week and see how it affects your mood and sense of well-being.

Engaging in activities that reduce stress and quiet your mind not only make life more enjoyable, but also directly connect to your physical health. Years of research have shown that a happier mind results in a happier body.


Cats And Weather—The Folklore
By James J. Garriss
Source: Wikimedia commons

What is the origin of the phrase, “raining cats and dogs”? What do animals falling from the sky have to do with torrential downpours? Let’s explore!

You can blame this blog on my cat sprawling on my computer when I was trying to write on a rainy day.

After struggling for territory, I started to think about cats and weather—specifically, the phrase “raining cats and dogs.”

Can you imagine anything more improbable then raining cats and dogs or, for that matter, more uncomfortable?

(Then again, why is a keyboard a comfy place for a catnap?)

Some authorities tie the idea to Norse mythology. Odin, the Viking god of storms, was often pictured with dogs and wolves, symbols of wind. Witches, who supposedly rode their brooms during storms, had black cats, which became signs of heavy rain. Therefore, “raining cats and dogs” referred to a storm with wind (dogs) and heavy rain (cats).

Pluie de chats. Source: French Wikipedia

While the story sounds good, the expression didn’t become popular until the 1700s, when Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver’s Travels) used it in a satire. He pictured snobby upper class aristocrats solemnly fretting that it would “rain cats and dogs”. Suddenly the saying caught on. Apparently, the English spent a lot of time chatting about rain and it was the latest hit phrase.

The cat/witch connection created a lot of superstitions. Many European cultures believed that cats could influence or even forecast the weather.

In Britain, especially Wales, it was believed that rain was likely if a cat busily washed its ears.
In Holland, cats could predict the wind by clawing at carpets and curtains.
In early America, if a cat sat with its back to the fire, it was foretelling a cold snap and if it slept with all four paws tucked under, bad weather was coming.
Sailors were particularly superstitious or just so bored that they spent a lot of time watching the ship’s cat.

If a cat licked its fur against the grain it meant a hailstorm was coming; if it sneezed, rain was on the way; and if it was frisky, the wind would soon blow.
Some believed cats could start storms through magic, so sailors always made sure cats were content. (I’m sure the cats encouraged this belief!)

Another common legend was that when a cat stared out the window, it would rain. Since that’s where my cat stomped off to once I shoved him off the keyboard—I had better go close the car windows!

Ever head of Cat Nights? This term harks back to the days when people believed in witches.

This bit of folklore also gives us the saying, “A cat has nine lives.” Cat Nights began on August 17.


Diabetes-Friendly Starbucks Drinks
By Allison Caggia October 5th, 2020

It’s that time of year again, the allure of pumpkin spice and everything nice suddenly takes over your summer vibes. I am not a coffee drinker, but each season I grow more envious of those who are. In the summertime, everyone has their refreshing cold coffee concoctions and each fall I entertain the idea of trying a pumpkin spice latte but never get the guts to follow through.

Most drinks you get at coffee chains like Starbucks come loaded with calories and sugar, making these delicious drinks not the healthiest of choices. There are, however, plenty of low-carb substitutions and creations for you to try. All are low-calorie and low-carb and won’t leave you worrying about your blood sugars or your favorite jeans fitting.

Here are some of the most intriguing diabetes-friendly drinks I found at Starbucks:

Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle – This is made by tweaking a Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte by adding one pump of Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dulce syrup. You can add 1-2 Splenda sugar-free sweetener if you need.

Skinny Mocha – The regular version contains about 20 g of carbs, but with a few small tweaks you can make it blood sugar friendly. Replace the milk with heavy whipping cream and opt for the sugar-free mocha syrup.

Caramel Macchiato – This is a favorite of many but is still loaded with calories and sugar since it contains milk and caramel sauce. Try it cold and swap out the milk for almond milk and hold the sauce. It is still rich with flavor and will get you energized!

Cinnamon Dolce Latte – These are delicious and the cinnamon is a great spice to add flavor without adding in any carbs. Ask for an Americano with ½ water and ½ steamed heavy cream and a few pumps of sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup.

Frappuccino – These can be easily transformed into a low-carb drink by avoiding their classic syrup and replacing with sugar-free and 3 shots of heavy cream, blended Frappuccino style.

Ombre Pink Drink – The popular drink of the moment is the Ombre Pink Drink which contains their Strawberry Acai Drink, coconut milk and freeze dried strawberries, all of which contain sugar. To lighten up the carbs, opt for whipping cream, passion tango ice tea and four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Also, here are some seasonal drinks to consider:

Pumpkin Spice Latte – I think people get over their summer blues with just the thought of ordering their first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Just opt for almond milk, hold the whipped cream and ask for one pump of their pre-sweetened pumpkin-flavored syrup.

Hot Peppermint Kiss – This is Starbuck’s Peppermint hot tea with 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup making it a sweet and minty treat.

Peppermint Mocha – This creation is a delicious seasonal treat but make sure to order it with almond milk, no whipped cream, and only one pump of their peppermint-flavored syrup to keep this gem blood sugar friendly. I will leave it up to you on whether you add the dark chocolate curls!

If you prefer tea to coffee, there are still plenty of ways to get creative! Many sugar-free options are just waiting to be turned into a low-carb creation, whether it’s Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, or Passion Fruit Tea. Here are a few such options:

Passion Fruit Tea Drink – This one is very popular in the diabetes community. Be sure to try sugar-free vanilla syrup in Passion Fruit Iced Tea for a refreshing and tasty treat.

Low-Carb London Fog – A London fog is typically a combination of Earl Grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup. Replace the milk with whipping cream and use sugar-free vanilla to create this low carb goodness.

Unsweetened Peach Citrus White Tea – A refreshing option is to modify it by adding a splash of heavy cream, a few pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, no water, and ice.


Stephen Halpert
Gilberto’s Symptoms

When Gilberto opened his eyes, he was in the waiting room of the ER, slumped in a wheel chair. Maria was beside him holding his hand. Ramon sat to his left reading a sports magazine. An assortment of people sat around them, speaking softly. Some of their faces reflected pain.
After an indeterminable wait a nurse appeared, smiled at Maria and wheeled him into a smaller examining room.
After what seemed to take forever Gilberto’s doctor appeared. He wasn’t all that glad to see Gilberto.
“I tried telling you to rest, to convalesce. You are recovering from a traumatic brain injury.”
“See,” Ramon shook his finger. “You need to be careful, check your blood pressure, rest until your brain gets better.”
Gilberto shook his head and looked at Maria. “I’m ok. Take me home.” His gaze shifted from Maria to Ramon to his doctor.
“Don’t bet on it,” Ramon said. You need to be examined. We don’t want to lose you.”
His voice was firm. “You won’t.”
The doctor consulted his chart. “How frequently do the headaches occur?”
Gilberto shrugged. “They come and go. If something bothers me, they kick me in the head from outer space.” He looked at Maria but said nothing.
“You need much more rest than you’re permitting yourself. I’m prescribing several medications. I won’t even try to keep you here because like last time, you’ll plot an escape.”
“I’m fine,” he said. “I want to go home. I just need some medicine for my headaches.”
His doctor shook his head. “I wish it were all that simple. Were you to have a broken arm or collarbone you’d be in a cast, a continual reminder that your healing, your bones mending. But brain injury is different. Outwardly it is invisible. Inwardly the effects are severe. You’re fortunate that your memory seems to remain intact. Do you have rapid mood swings that seem for no reason.”
Gilberto nodded. “Is that why I get these knowings?”
The doctor frowned. “Go on,” he said.
“Like what’s going to happen before it does. Sometimes when I look at someone I’ve never seen before their life unfolds, and I know things about them I’d have no way of knowing otherwise; if that makes any sense.”
His doctor sighed. “The mind can play curious tricks,” he said. “Stay in touch with me. I’m on your side after all.” He nodded politely and turned.
“When can I go back to work?” Gilberto asked.
His doctor shook his head. “Not for a while. Atlas insurance insists I sign you out before you can resume corporate responsibilities. Right now that daily stress would be too much for you. So go home, relax, take naps. I don’t want to see you here again.” He nodded politely, turned and left.
“Maybe you stay in bed for a few days,” Ramon said. “We don’t want you to strike out on us and spend the rest of your life in a rocking chair.”
He looked at Ramon, shook his head no. “Won’t happen.”
“Gilberto,” Maria said.” Brain injury can be very tricky. It could account for your temperament.”
He looked at her, felt anger, but stayed quiet. “I’m very confused,” he admitted. “I don’t know anything anymore, why I’m where I am and not on a beach looking at wild puta.”
Ramon chuckled. “Not the right season.”
“Bad joke,” Maria said. “But once you get cleared by your doctor go to the beach by all means. Come back after our baby is born but don’t put on too much weight.”
He smiled at her. “You’re funny.”
She resisted the urge to kiss him. “He said go home and rest. Don’t let anything bother you. Really, nothing at all. Be impervious to everything around you, rest. Slowly you’ll show signs of improvement Don’t let me get in your way.”
“Something going on between you two?” Ramon said.
Gilberto felt his tension and tried to relax. “She’d rather have our baby at home with a midwife than in a clean safe modern hospital.”
Ramon sighed. “I went through all that twice with Rosa when each of the girls was close to being born.” He shrugged. “Women today seem to prefer a midwife. The old ways make sense to many.”
“So you’re on their side?” Gilberto said.
Ramon’s face was solemn. “Like Rosa always says, women own their own bodies, and they have the right to decide.” Ramon sighed. “No one can tell anyone what to do. It’s all up to God anyway. Let’s go home.”
Together they wheeled a grumbling Gilberto insisting all the while he was fine, into their car. They arrived at the condo and helped him get comfortable on the sofa overlooking the Charles.
Ramon dialed Rosa. She came to pick him up.
Rosa looked at Gilberto. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Don’t pick a fight with me.”
“I’m not. I know better.”
She turned to Maria who had started to sob,
Rosa hugged her. She turned back to Gilberto. “You treat her decent. She’s sensitive. She’s having a baby so act respectful and take good care of her.” Her voice strong, maternal and fierce.
“I do,” Gilberto insisted. “Just because she doesn’t listen to me. Its not my fault the patriarchy went and screwed up her head.”
“He wants her to deliver at the hospital, Ramon said.
Rosa frowned. ‘ Must we relive all that again.” She looked at Maria and shook her head. “Really, don’t pay any attention to him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
“Enough,” Ramon said. “We don’t want his brain to go bananas.”
Gilberto swayed. He closed his eyes and blinked. “I just saw Karibe and Lola walking together on a beach.”
“Really,” Ramon said. I though he was paralyzed.”
She left this morning to fly to Caracas,” Rosa said. “Got a phone call that got her all excited.”
“You mean she just left?”
Rosa nodded. “Damn fool if you ask me. But who can tell anyone anything anymore.”
“Yeah,” Gilberto looked at Maria. “Exactly.”
“Maybe he came back to life,” Maria said. “That could explain a lot.”
“I’d rather not know,” Rosa said. “Especially with those federal agents intruding in our lives.”
“Crime lord,” Ramon said. “Imagine your sister taking up with a kingpin of crime.”
Rosa frowned, shook her head. “Could be worse,” she said. “Knowing her I suppose she could have taken up with Dracula and danced blithely on her way.” She sighed. “Come on, Ramon, time to let Gilberto rest.


Georgia’s Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, October 18, 2020

All Signs
Oh joy! The week ahead looks great! (Of course, there will be challenges because that’s life. Say-la-vee.) Venus in Virgo will relate beautifully to the trio of planets now in Capricorn, which is a welcome relief. And everyone will feel a shift when the Sun moves into Scorpio for four weeks. This will make people feel more passionate and intense about everything. (The US election, for example). Most of you know that “May you live in interesting times” was actually a Chinese curse, and this has not been a boring year! An illustration of our world today is that apparently the number of copies of the Bible and the Koran are outnumbered by IKEA catalogues. (Think what this did for the Allen wrench!)

Aries (March 21-April 19)
During the next four weeks, your feelings will be more intense; however, this might help you focus on what needs to be done because this month, you’re concerned with joint finances, shared property and the wealth of a spouse or partner. (This includes borrowing money and dealing with credit and bills.) Fortunately, Mercury retrograde will help you wrap up this stuff to such an extent that you’ll be surprised at how quickly and smoothly things will get done! Finito! In no small measure, this will be assisted by the influences of Venus with the Capricorn trio that in turn, will give you a mind that is steady and capable of handling details as well as a desire for practical results. Way to go!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This week the Sun moves opposite your sign to stay for the next four weeks. This happens only once a year, and when it occurs, among other things, it means you will need more sleep. (Go to bed.) However, this polarized position of the Sun will give you more objectivity so that you can better understand the subtle ramifications of your closest relationships. Hey, this is an advantage not to be ignored. This detachment can help you see how you can improve your style of relating with others. Meanwhile, issues related to kids, sports, vacations, the arts and social outings will be practical and beneficial to you. Good time to make future vacation plans!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
This week ushers in a four-week window where you’re revved up to work smart and work hard, cuz you want results! You want to make every action count. This is because you want to work at an effective, efficient pace. Fear not — all it takes is motivation, and because you have the desire to do this, you will see concrete results and will accomplish a lot in the next four weeks. Incidentally, this high standard that you are setting for yourself will also apply to your health. (Yes, you’re turning over a new leaf.) Meanwhile, this week issues at home and relations with family member will be much better. (And that’s how we like them to be.)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
It’s good news for you because this week, the Sun moves into your fellow Water Sign of Scorpio. This occurs twice a year about four months before and after your birthday. This is a beneficial connection because it will help give you balance and equilibrium in your life. It makes things work smoothly and your life will hum along in a better way. It also gives you a chance to regroup and rethink. In addition, this four-week window will be more lighthearted and more fun-loving. You will enjoy social occasions, fun activities with kids and a greater interest in sports. Plus, your ability to concentrate will improve this week as will your communication style. Not too shabby!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
As the Sun shifts into Scorpio this week, it will increase your focus on home, family and your private life for the next four weeks. You will be most comfortable to be at home among familiar surroundings. Your focus will be inward and memories of your youth and early family days will return. Some of you will be more involved with a parent. All this private rumination might reveal how past behaviour patterns are no longer appropriate. (A learning curve!) Meanwhile, this week, you will be sensible about money and possessions. You will want to make what you own work for you in a useful way. Lucky Leos will see ways to boost their earnings. Ka-ching!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
This week is the beginning of a four-week window where your daily pace will accelerate because of a busy schedule: Short trips, appointments, errands plus increased reading, writing and studying are some reasons you’ll be hopping! Expect some delays and silly frustrations because Mercury retrograde is still in the picture creating transportation problems and mixed-up communications. Mercury retrograde will also attract relatives, siblings and people from your past back into your world. Fortunately, Venus in your sign is beautifully supported by Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, which means you will be productive, focused, efficient and quite joyful. How nice.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
This week ushers in a four-week window where your focus on money, earnings, assets and your wealth in general will be stronger. It will prompt you to think about your movable possessions and whether or not they serve your needs or you are a slave to them? You will be more interested in everything that you own. You might want to show something off. You will want to establish greater control in your life through what you own. (Which is a good thing.) Meanwhile, privately, you will enjoy study, research and discovering new knowledge that is enlightening and edifying. Study and research will reward you.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This week the Sun moves into your sign to stay for the next four weeks. This happens only once a year and when it does it’s great because it boosts your energy and gives you a chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Plus, it attracts people and favourable situations to you. This is a good thing! Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde will attract ex-partners and people from your past back into your world, which means you might want to look sharp when you go out because as you know – living well is the best revenge. Meanwhile, this week is lovely for friendships and relations with people in groups and organizations. Someone older might have good advice for you. Others will help and support you in practical and generous ways. We like!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Because your birthday looms ahead, this means your personal year is ending. Therefore, set aside time in the next four weeks to think about what you want for your new year ahead. This will be the perfect time to define goals, especially since you are a forward-thinking sign. Goals give you a clearer focus on what is important. They give you more clarity in decision-making. They give you better control over your future and they certainly give you a sense of purpose. Meanwhile, this week, someone older or more experienced might give you excellent advice that might help you. Your interactions with a group will be positive in a practical way, as well as uplifting. Good stuff!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This week the Sun changes signs for the next four weeks, which has the effect of making you more popular, more in touch with friends, and more interactive with clubs and organizations. You will enjoy interacting with others and you will encounter people from your past. You will also have a stronger interest in making goals and thinking about how you can translate your hopes and dreams for the future from the abstract to the concrete. Meanwhile, this week is perfect for study, exploring new philosophies and ideas, and making travel plans. You will love learning anything new and meeting people from other cultures. Some of you might meet a guru-like figure or teacher.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This week the Sun moves to the top of your chart to stay for the next four weeks. This can happen only once a year and when it does, symbolically, it means that you are being cast in a flattering spotlight. In turn, this means that other people admire you and see you as competent and capable, even if you don’t do anything different. (Ah yes, the magic of great lighting.) The very good news for you is that this week, money and practical support will come to you from other sources and other people. This will include banks and financial institutions. Accept whatever help is offered to you because it could bring you a long-term benefit. Ka-ching!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Every four weeks, the Sun changes signs and when it does, it creates a new shift and focus in our lives. For the next four weeks, you will want to do whatever you can to broaden your horizons, especially through travel or exciting studies into metaphysics, philosophy, religion or any discipline that proves to be a positive learning experience for you. Likewise, you will enjoy meeting people from other cultures. Some of you might have a greater involvement with the law or medicine. Meanwhile, this is a marvellous week to relate to members of the general public, as well as those who are closest to you because Venus is opposite your sign dancing beautifully with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Things are going your way!


Every Day is Earth Day! Love Your Mother!
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