The Ancient Love of Mushrooms

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

With the last day of summer behind us, we are reminded by the beautiful first signs of autumn, the grace in letting go. As the air turns crisp and the abundant harvests from summer are gathered from the gardens, we prepare for the arrival of fall. Each passing season has sage lessons to teach those who’re willing to listen.

We know that humans have long revered medicinal mushrooms for their health benefits. However, the extent of this use was genuinely felt in 1991 when scientists discovered a 5,300-year-old mummy in the Italian Alps. The mummy, named Ӧtzi the Iceman, was found with a leather traveling pouch preserved alongside him. What was Ӧtzi carrying to help him on his arduous journey through the mountains? Tools, weapons, and pieces of medicinal mushrooms.

The science around some of these medicinal mushrooms underscores the thousands of years of historical use by people to nourish…

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