Dear Don: ‘Molten-Minds’…

France & Vincent

Dear Don,

It’s weird, isn’t it…how driving a straight road is mind-numbing, boring and sends you to sleep on more levels than one, while walking the old straight tracks just frees the mind and lets it roam… Perhaps it is to do with walking the earth… the physical relationship between the physical body and the planetary body that makes the difference…

You may be on to something with ‘seeing essences’. Or maybe it is seeing from essence, rather than preconception…or both. We didn’t see anyone at all after James at Ilkley that night… that was part of the weirdness. We had switched off normality and must have been asleep within minutes of the encounter. We were not acting rationally at all.

I had a look for a reconstruction of the Loki Stone, and this was the best I could find… an old drawing, but it does bring out some of…

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