Dreaming Stones: A Medieval Church…

France & Vincent

The ‘end’ of the road we were travelling through Harris took us to Rodel. It is not exactly the end as the road carries on, circling the island, through the hills and back along the eastern seaboard towards Tarbert… but it narrows to little more than a single car width and, with a ferry to catch, driving it would have to wait for our next visit. We already knew there would be one, some day. But, for now, we had a church to visit… and the road seemed to follow a spiral path up the mound on which it was built.

The church of St Clement is, according to everything you read, considered to be the finest medieval building in the Western Isles. And, although there are doubtless many other places of worship scattered through the villages, it was the first church we had seen since our arrival that resembled…

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