Dreaming Stones ~ Into the Highlands

France & Vincent

We had pumped up the still-deflating tyre once again before leaving Kinross. In spite of all assurances by the mechanic, there was obviously some kind of problem and the winding roads of the Highlands are unforgiving. It was to be the second day of our journey and my third behind the wheel… and I couldn’t wait to get started. I love the Highland roads.

There are only a couple of roads that snake their way through the Cairngorms and most of our journey would follow a route we had taken for a previous workshop. Although the contours of the hills were familiar, the land was as breathtakingly beautiful as if it were new-made for our eyes. We did not stop to take many photographs… we know from experience that the camera cannot capture the grandeur and presence of the landscape here, offering but a pale ghost of the reality. And…

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