What do cats hate the most?

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

What scents and plants do cats hate the most? What do cats hate that people do?

What scents do cats hate the most?

Menthol, mint, and citrus are too strong for sensitive feline nostrils. Lemons and oranges are scents that many humans love, but your cat finds them repellent.

Dirty, smelly litter boxes annoy cats as much as they annoy humans. Your cat wants a clean litter box. Some cats may be repelled by scanted litter, used to mask the litter box’s smell. If you cat doesn’t use the litter box, cleaning it or replacing it with odorless litter might help.

Spicy peppers smell is overwhelming to a cat. So are unions.

Spoiled meat or fish repels cats. This is an evolutionary trait that has kept the feline species alive in the wild. This stench of both irritating to humans and cats alike.

Cats hate the lovely smell of lavender…

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One comment on “What do cats hate the most?

  1. Celine Kitty liked to play in the bathtub when I took a bath.

    There were several times when she would leap right in for a swim.

    She also very much enjoyed eating my mint plants, and if I didn’t put some sort of screen overtop them they’d be gone before they ever got going.

    While some of what is written here may be true of some cats, it is most certainly not true of all.

    I don’t think cats like being put into categories or given labels any more than people do.


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