Why do cats smell everything?

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

Why do cats smell everything? Why is my cats sniffing me? Why do cats sniff each other’s bottoms? Yuck. Why do cats smell feet, your face, and your breath?

Yeah, cats act in a way that can seem strange to humans, but they have their reasons. Here they are.

Why do cats smell everything?

Cats don’t see far. When an object is very close to their face, they can’t see it clearly. Besides, Cats can’t see the color of an object, so the only way to get enough information about it is to sniff it.

Cats are curious by nature, and they want to know everything about the object at paw. Is it poisonous or rotten? Is it food? How old is it? What other animals have touched it? They’re like detective searching for clues, for the story an object can tell.

The feline sense of smell is very strong…

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