GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 15-21 June 2020. Blessed Solstice! Thanks for Reading!


Blessed Litha in the Northern Hemisphere!

Blessed Yule in the Southern!

The Longest Day and The Shortest Day of the Year!

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Remember dear humans, fresh air, sunshine, and communing with nature is the best medicine. It is good for our immune system. It also lifts the spirits and it breaks up the monotony of “social distancing!” How are you doing?


The NEW MOON always rises at sunrise
And the FIRST QUARTER at noon.
The FULL MOON always rises at sunset
And the LAST QUARTER at midnight.
~The New Orleans Mistic

Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again

Light A Candle Today! In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


What’s Happening in June?

Birthday Flower for June: Honeysuckle
June is National Dairy Month, National Candy Month.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 20: The Summer Solstice—the official beginning of Summer.  Saturday, June 20, at 5:44 P.M. EDT

June 20: Yule (Southern Hemisphere), the Winter Solstice

June 21: Father’s Day

June 22: National Onion Rings Day. Yes, onions are an herb, too—and good for you, (although not necessarily when they’re deep-fried).

June 23: St. John’s Eve, a time to celebrate Midsummer

June 24: St. John’s Day

June Weather Lore
A good leak in June, sets all in tune.

Rain on St. John’s Day, and we may expect a wet harvest.

(Dates of this calendar were devised by Robert Graves, 1895 – 1985)

Goddess Month of Rosea begins 6/13 – 7/10

Celtic Tree Calendar – Month of Duir (Oak) June 10 to July 7


The Moon Phase: WANING MOON

Time: From Full Moon to Dark Moon (approx.14 days)

Goddess Aspect: Crone

Associated Goddesses: Cailleach, Banshee, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan

Magickal Attributes: Banishing Releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, wisdom, psychic ability, scrying, reversing circumstances. Workings on this day are for banishing magick, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleansings.

Biddy Tarot <>


The card drawn for this week is the Ten of Cups.

Allow your inner guidance to lead the way.

The Ten of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and trust your intuition to lead you to the opportunities aligned with your Highest Good.

Seek out opportunities that fulfill you and align with your personal values instead of following the path that others expect you to take.

Ask the Tarot: What brings me happiness?

June 15, 2020 – June 21, 2020. The beginning of the week starts out with the Moon in energetic Aries and financial Taurus. If you absolutely must start something new before Mercury goes retrograde, Monday and Tuesday would be the time to do it.

On Thursday, Mercury goes retrograde in watery Cancer. Focus will be on the home and family for the next three weeks. Repairing old family scores from the past will come to your attention.. Using your intuition will work better than logic when communicating with others. Be extra mindful as household mishaps could happen.

This weekend the Sun moves into watery Cancer and we have a solar eclipse in the sign of the crab. Ordinarily, the New Moon in Cancer on June 21 is a great time to begin new things. However, during a solar eclipse it is not recommended. This solar eclipse is extremely powerful and magical activities should be avoided until next week. Best use of this new moon is to connect with spirit through meditation.

Coventry candles to keep the peace at home are Blessed Herbal Happy Home, Blessed Herbal Inner Balance, Hoo Doo Uncrossing, Drawing Down the Moon New


Standing Stones at the Summer Solstice
by Dana ~ The Druid’s Garden

Ancient peoples set standing stones in various places in the world. In places, such as in the British Isles or Iceland, you can still often find these standing stones, trilithons, stone circles or stacks of stones. While their many uses are shrouded in antiquity and subject to some speculation, in the Druid Magic Handbook, John Michael Greer describes standing stones can channel the solar current into the earth, which offers blessing and healing to the land. I think it’s likely that standing stones can do many other things (tell time, point to astronomical features, be places of worship and community). Today, new groups of people and individuals are choosing to set stones. For our purposes, today, setting stones for land blessing and healing is certainly a good thing to do to provide spiritual support for the land.

The Summer Solstice is a fantastic time to raise a standing stone–in your garden, in a natural place you visit, or even in a planter on your windowsill. You can set a standing stone as part of a permanent sacred grove, sacred garden, or other such space of worship and do this as part of your solstice activities. The full energy of the light of the sun will infuse your standing stone, allowing it to radiate blessing and light to the landscape.

Choosing Your Stone, Location, and Timing
A stone circle at Sirius Ecovillage–rebuilding sacred landscape features

A stone circle at Sirius Ecovillage–rebuilding sacred landscape features

As someone who has raised standing stones with many others at ritual events, I know how hard this work is to do, especially on a larger scale. Ancient—and modern—standing stones and stone circles were set by communities of people working together, often over long periods of time. The size of a stone that a single person, or small group of people, could set is nowhere near the massive stones of old, such as those seen at Stonehenge, Avebury, or other ancient sites in the UK.

And yet a smaller stone, set by one or two people, is no less effective at bringing in that healing energy and light, creating a space for ritual, and allowing you to commune with the land.

Begin by looking for a stone that you could manage to carry and set on your own or with a small group of friends. I usually look for stones that are long and thin. Standing stones are ideal if they are able to be placed 1/3 in the ground and 2/3 out of it, somewhere that gets sun. Thus, the best standing stones are ones that are tall and somewhat long but not necessarily very wide. That’s a general guideline, however, and your stone might end up being something shaped very differently. Stones that contain some quartz are ideal (as quartz is an excellent transmitter of energy). Where I live, we have mostly shale and sandstone, I’d choose sandstone over shale since the sandstone has a higher quartz content.

Take your time looking for your standing stone. Look for it when you are hiking, in your yard, walking along streams, just being out in the world. A standing stone will find you when the time is right. I find a lot of these kinds of stones when I’m hiking and kayaking, but getting them back to where I might set them can prove difficult–so understand your own limits or move a stone slowly over time.

Once you have your stone, find the right place to set it—a place where you feel inspired by spirit to do so. This could be anywhere—an edge of a forest or field, in your backyard, even on your patio set in a pot with flowers (if you use this option, consider then moving your ‘energized’ soil to places in need of healing. Like all other aspects of land healing, make sure that you engage in appropriate deep listening to make sure A) setting the standing stone is appropriate and wanted and B) that you have the right time and location to do such work.
Raising stones the old fashioned way

Raising stones the old fashioned way…yes that’s uphill!

To set your stone, choose a fortuitous day and time. The most fortuitous day of a year and timing for setting a standing stone is noon at the Summer Solstice, as you are calling upon the energy of the sun, and setting the stone when the solar energy is at its peak in both time of day and year will be powerful. You can choose any other day or time that is fortuitous, however, but I do suggest you set it at noon if at all possible.

Physically, to set a stone, you dig a hole, place it where you want it to go, and fill it back in, checking to make sure the stone stays in the position you want it as you fill. Most standing stones go about 1/3 into the ground for the sake of stability. I really recommend keeping it natural–no pouring concrete. Just fill it in with whatever you dig out, add some gravel or smaller stones if you like for stability, and your stone should do well.

If you want, you can plant something around your stone (flowers or veggies if its in a garden, seeds or acorns you find nearby where you are setting the stone) and leave an offering.

You might like to use the following ritual for setting your standing stone.

Ritual for Setting a Standing Stone

Materials: Assemble all of your supplies prior to beginning your ritual. This should include tools needed to move and place your stone (such as a shovel) as well as blessing materials to bless the hole your stone will be seated in. The ritual below uses an herbal tea made from fresh healing herbs: rosemary, sage, oregano, and lavender as well as a blessing sigil (a pentagram or other sigil as appropriate).

The Ritual

Open up your sacred grove in the manner you usually do.

Begin by stating your intentions for the healing to take place. While I highly recommend you use your own words, you can also use the words here: “Land before me. What a journey you have had to get to this place. And now, your healing is coming forth. As you regrow, as you heal, know that I am with you. I set this standing stone today to aid you with your healing, that you may grow bountiful and diverse.”

Now, bless your stone. Pour some of the tea over the stone, and bless the stones in your own words. Or you can say, “Sacred stone, sacred ancestor who has been on this land for millennia, thank you for lending your healing power as a channel for the solar current.”

Prepare to dig the hole. Say, “Spirits of nature, powers of this land, I offer my energy to prepare this earth.”
Standing stone – bringing the solar into the telluric

Standing stone – bringing the solar into the telluric

Dig the hole. As you dig, focus your mind on healing for the land.

After you dig the hole, bless the hole with your own words, or say, “Sacred earth, oh cradle for this stone. Hold this stone firm, and be a conduit for healing to radiate forth.” Pour the remainder of the healing waters in the hole. Place a blessing sigil in the hole as well.

Set the stone, making sure you firmly tamp down the soil all around the hole.

After you finish, say, “From above to below, from the solar to the telluric, may this stone radiate healing energy to all of the lands. Each day as the sun rises until the sun sets, this stone will serve as a conduit to channel nywfre (noo-iv-ruh) throughout this land.”

Visualize the rays of the sun warming the stone, and then envision the stone channeling those rays into the earth, a beautiful golden light emanating from the stone in all directions. Visualize those rays of golden energy helping plants regrow, seeds take root, eggs hatch, and young ones grow. Imagine the land before you as a healthy, strong, and abundant place for all.

Offer your own vow as a caretaker of the land (optional, if you feel led). “As I close this ceremony, I offer myself as a force of good and healing in service to this land. Lead me as to what you need me to do. Speak, and I will listen. I honor you and heed your call.” Bow your head and cross your arms.

Close the ritual space.

This ritual is most effective if you visit the stone and continue to offer healing and blessing. After the initial setting of the stone, you might come back every solstice and equinox and do a full season of healing rituals or use it as a focal point for other work. Or just come by the stone to commune with nature, meditate, and enjoy the energy. I hope that the long days of summer (or long nights of winter for those in the southern hemisphere) bless you and keep you safe.

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On This Last Sunday Of Spring, We Invite You To Take A Break.

Let’s face it: This year isn’t going how any of us planned. We have no doubt that you’re doing your best, but you’re also probably struggling to stay caught up and engaged with everything.

So, take a break. Take a breath. Wiggle your toes. Step away from the computer, your phone, and social media (yes, even the Almanac pages for now!). Step outside. If it’s chilly or raining, remember to grab a coat or umbrella. Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Look up at the sky and imagine the possibilities. Daydream. Recharging is essential—and even more so when we least feel like we have time to do it!

Hopefully, with the arrival of summer on Saturday, June 20, you’ll find more time to rest and enjoy the natural world. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere starts with the June solstice, which occurs when the Sun reaches its highest, northernmost point in the sky.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the solstice? How about a virtual trip to Stonehenge? Most years, thousands flock to the iconic English site for its annual summer solstice celebration. This year, the in-person event has been canceled but the show will go on. For the first time ever, the summer solstice at Stonehenge will be live-streamed for the world!

Next weekend brings not only the start of summer but also Father’s Day. Begin planning a great day now with our 10 Tips for Grilling Success and 5 Delicious Cupcake Recipes that will satisfy any sweet craving!

Finally, if you haven’t already, it isn’t too late to start gardening. Containers are always a good way to go and can grow almost anything—vegetables, flowers, or herbs, like mint! In order for them to thrive, flower pots and vegetable containers require a continuous supply of nutrients. Learn how to feed your containers well with these fertilizing tips.

As sure as the Sun will rise and set each day, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is here for you, now and always.

Your Friends from The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Llewellyn’s Spell of the Day

Tarot Symbol Spell
June 14, 2020 by Ari Mankey

Today is Flag Day in the US. Symbols such as flags and the tarot have real power, and it’s a power we can tap into easily. Even the simple act of looking at a well-established symbol can have a transformative effect.

Go through your favorite tarot or oracle deck and select the card whose energy you’d most like to bring into your life. Place it upon the pentacle on your altar and then repeat the following exercise over the next thirty days.

In the morning or just before bed, look at your card and envision its image life-size and in front of you. When you have the vision well established, step into the image from the card, and absorb whatever energy you feel and find there. As you practice this exercise, you’ll feel more and more energy and the power of the card will begin to resonate within you, bringing about the changes you want.
Honey Harmony Spell
June 13, 2020 by Devin Hunter

Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius recently, which means that for the next 2.5 years, we will be working on improving our ability to be heard and feel understood. We can cast this spell to bring a little harmony to this placement!

Gather these items:
* Honey
* A plate
* A bowl
* About 12 ounces of fresh water in a glass

Using the honey, draw the astrological glyphs of both Saturn (R) and Aquarius (k) on the plate. Position the plate over the bowl, then slowly pour the water from the glass over the glyphs, tilting the plate slightly so the water runs off into the bowl. While you do this, say:

Saturn and Aquarius, my two
friends, together you dance
and bring good ends!

Deliver the blessings and hold the
profane, with your partnership
I have much to gain!

Once this is done, drink the honey water and immediately say:

With your partnership, I have
much to gain! So must it be!
To Know the Truth
June 12, 2020 by Charlie Rainbow Wolf

It’s amazing how many variations of the truth there are when more than one person is involved! This spell works with your own integrity so you can determine what your truth is. It can help you know what’s right and how to conduct yourself when you’re involved in a dilemma or conflict. You’ll need a blue candle, a heatproof surface, and a handful of fresh or dried thyme.

Light the candle on the heatproof surface, and let the wax drip down onto the thyme. As you do this, imagine that droplets of truth are falling around you so you can see clearly through cloudy situations and present yourself as receptive and confident as you work through what needs to be done. Pinch out the candle, and when the wax has cooled, wrap up the thyme in the blue paper, and bury it in the soil where it won’t be disturbed.
The Traveling Bucket List
June 11, 2020 by Raven Digitalis

The sun is currently in the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, the planet known to rule communication, travel, and swift acts of magick. Much of this is due to Mercury’s position as the closest planet to our sun; its quick movement ushers cosmic energy at a fast pace.

Utilize this fast-paced cosmic energy when focusing on goals to travel around the country or world by gathering a number of postcards. These postcards should represent the state, province, or country in which you reside.

Consider the different parts of the world where you wish to travel in your lifetime. Research the addresses of different hotels in each area, and address a postcard to one in each place. Draw the symbols for Mercury and Gemini on each postcard, along with the words Thanks for the great stay! or something similar. Add the appropriate postage stamp(s) to each envelope, but do not include a return address.

Then affix a small piece of your hair to the sticky part of the postage stamp; don’t worry, it won’t look suspicious! This will link you to the city. Put the postcards in a public mailbox, along with a loud See you soon! So mote it be.
A Daisy Love Spell
June 10, 2020 by James Kambos

Daisies are in bloom now and are one of the strongest love attracting flowers in existence. For this love spell, you’ll need two daisies with long stems, a vase filled with water, and a red candle in a holder. The daisies may be wild, from your garden, or from a florist.

Light the candle and think about the type of person you want to attract. But don’t think of a specific person. Next, begin to braid or twist the daisy stems together. As you do, say:

Daisies, flowers of love,
Bring me the romance I’m thinking of.

Hold the daisies to your heart, then place them in the vase. Each day for three days, light the candle, sit before the daisies, and repeat the charm. When the daisies fade, compost them. Extinguish the candle after each use. (You may also use it for other love spells.) Repeat the spell if necessary.
Strawberry Heart Spell
June 09, 2020 by Kate Freuler

What makes your heart feel full? Is it music? Meaningful communication? Helping others? Whatever it is, a full heart is a wonderful feeling that tends to be contagious.

Strawberries are perfect representations of the heart, some of them even literally looking like one. For this spell, you’ll need a pink candle and a pint of fresh strawberries. Carve or write the words Full Heart on the candle.

Arrange the strawberries in the shape of a heart on your altar, with the candle in the center. Light the candle in a holder, and imagine its warmth and glow filling up your heart. Imagine it spreading and permeating the strawberries around it, filling them with this wonderful joyous feeling.

Let the candle burn out. Share the empowered strawberries—and their good feelings—with others to fill the hearts of those around you.
World Oceans Day
June 08, 2020 by Tess Whitehurst

Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the deep waters and the mother of all creatures of the sea. Appropriately, she must be treated with respect or she will stop providing her vital nourishment to the human race.

Today, create an altar to Sedna. Add seashells if you have them, water in a chalice or glass, and perhaps a blue candle or two in a holder. Sit in front of the altar, light the candle, and relax. Close your eyes and inwardly journey below the waves to the ocean’s deepest depths. Make contact with Sedna. Speak gently and lovingly to her. Offer her a pearlescent comb to smooth her tangled hair. Then listen deeply to her counsel: she will share simple ways that you can support the ocean’s wellness. Thank her and then return from your meditation. Jot down the guidance you received, as well as any additional ideas you have for how you can personally help heal and protect our world’s ocean realms. Extinguish the candle.


Heartwings Love Notes 935 Adapting to Change

Heartwings says, “Leaving the past behind us can be a grand adventure.”

What has happened just lately is unprecedented. The changes that have been thrust upon us all since the beginning of this year have been extreme. No one could have predicted that inside of a few months, hundreds of thousands of people would sicken, some would die, and everyone would have to give up much of what they were accustomed to doing daily. This is a change on a major scale. Those who are creatures of habit must have suffered the most, yet all of us, I believe, feel that something is lost that can never be found again, at least to the same extent.

What we have almost all lost is our expected daily routine. Prior to the appearance of Covid 19 most of us pretty much knew when we got up in the morning what we were going to do that day, whether it was work or school or errands or whatever else we were accustomed to doing. Suddenly we were all to stay home, wear masks if we went out, and avoid getting within six feet of anyone we did not live with—not to mention the conscientiousness of hand washing. Worst of all, the specter of illness or even death hovered over everything.

The disruption of our routines also had another effect. It threw a spotlight on what we had been doing, how we had been living our lives, and highlighted our core values. Suddenly the relevance of our lives to who we truly were stood out starkly. An astrologer will tell you that three energetically powerful planets, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus have been romping around in the sky. The reverberation of their movement is identical to that of the time of the American Revolution. It is truly a revolutionary time in which we live. During a revolution, change is inevitable

Flexibility will get us farther than any other attitude during times of change. Whether on a personal or a global level, how we respond can make a difference both in our own lives and in the world in which we live. As with all new situations to be dealt with, mistakes will be made and hopefully learned from. This is inevitable with big changes, and today there are so many. It is truly a brave new world. We must learn new ways to cope; we must be alert to deal with our life situations, and approach them with minds as clear as possible. Good, bad, or indifferent, the future is arriving moment by moment and we must attune ourselves to the truth it brings to our lives.

May you discover new, improved ways to live and change no longer useful habits for good new ones.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

PS What is new with you? How are you coping with your life changes and what have you been learning? I love hearing from my readers. Your emails make my day. You can reach me at, and do come and visit my web site at


Getting Run Down
by Madisyn Taylor

Getting worn out and run down robs you of receiving what you need from the universe.

Our natural state of being is vibrant, happy to be alive. Yet, there can be times when we feel run down and worn out. This does not mean that we are lazy or unfit for the tasks in our lives; it means that we need to recharge our batteries and find a way of keeping them charged. Vitamins and extra rest can be very helpful in restoring our physical bodies. And if we are willing to delve deeper, we may discover that there is an underlying cause for our exhaustion.

Whenever you are feeling run down, take an honest look at how you have been thinking, feeling and acting. You will likely find a belief, behavior pattern or even a relationship that is out of alignment with who you really are. Perhaps you believe you have to be perfect at everything or you have been bending over backwards to get people to like you. Maybe you are dealing with mild depression or simply have too much on your plate right now. There may also be people or situations in your life which are draining your energy. Once you get clear on the root cause, you can weed it out and better direct your flow of energy in the future.

In time, you might notice that the reasons you feel run down have less to do with how much you are doing and more to do with the fact that in your heart, you would rather be doing something else entirely. From now on, try and listen to what your heart really wants. It may take meditation, or just a moment of silent tuning in to gain the clarity you need, but it is well worth the effort. When you know what you truly want to do, and honor that in all situations, you will find that getting run down is a thing of the past.


Noticing Synchronicity
by Madisyn Taylor

Things happen in our lives for a reason, even if that reason is not clear to you right away.

When events appear to fit together perfectly in our lives it may seem at first that they are random occurrences, things that are the result of coincidence. These synchronous happenings, though, are much more than that, for, if we look at them more closely they can show us that the universe is listening to us and gently communicating with us. Learning to pay attention to and link the things that occur on a daily basis can be a way for us to become more attuned to the fact that most everything happens in our lives for a reason even when that reason is not clear right away.

When we realize that things often go more smoothly than we can ever imagine, it allows us to take the time to reflect on the patterns in our lives. Even events that might not at first seem to be related to each other are indicators that the universe is working with, not against, us. This idea of synchronicity, then, means that we have to trust there is more to our lives than what we experience on a physical level. We need to be willing to look more closely at the bigger picture, accepting and having confidence in the fact that there is more to our experiences than immediately meets the eye. Being open to synchronicity also means that we have to understand that our lives are filled with both positive and negative events. Once we can recognize that one event is neither more desirable nor better than the other — they all have an overall purpose in our lives — then we are truly ready to listen to the messages the universe gives us.

While we may not be able to see everything in our lives as being synchronous, we can certainly use hindsight to be more aware of how the universe guides us. This sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe and the interconnectedness present in our lives will help us see our overall ways of being and will in turn make it easier to work more consciously towards our spiritual evolution.


Uncle Gilberto
by Stephen Halpert

An excited Gilberto arrived at his friend Ramon’s. He was expecting they would be off to attend the highly anticipated world soccer challenge match that afternoon.
Rosa opened the door. Behind her stood Ramon. A sad expression on his face. Their little girls Maria and Sophia rushed up to Gilberto. Each grabbed one of his hands. “Uncle Gilberto,” they cried in unison. “You’re going with us to the carnival.”
He looked over at Ramon. “But I thought we were going…”
He peered from Ramon to Rosa. “I am?” His friend spread his hands, his all too familiar there’s nothing I can do look on his face.
“The carnival is only here for three days. You can always find a soccer game.” Rosa said firmly. “Besides you promised your daughters…”.
As though on cue the little girls jumped up and down, pumping Gilberto’s arms. “You’ll come on the rides with us,” they yelled. “Daddy says they make him sick.”
Gilberto looked over at Ramon who smiled back weakly and nodded. Gilberto sighed and the little girls let go his hands and rushed to their mother who was holding their jackets.
At the fairgrounds the smell of cotton candy, fresh pizza and hot buttered popcorn captivated Gilberto’s senses.
As he headed toward the food tent, Rosa, in a commanding voice proclaimed. “The food sold here makes you fat and shortens your life.”
Gilberto couldn’t help but wonder how Ramon could put up with a domineering woman like Rosa. A licensed personal trainer, Rosa had already enrolled the little girls in karate classes. She was trim, taut and statuesque. It had to be love, Gilberto thought, nothing else made any sense.
“One won’t hurt,” he said cavalierly as he headed for the refreshment stand. He returned with four large swirls of green, blue and pink cotton candy and handed them out. The little girls cheered as though he were the Great God Gilberto. Rosa stared hard and said nothing but accepted her cotton candy. Ramon smiled appreciatively. “Thanks Bro,” he said, patting his friend on the shoulder.
In the distance, accompanied by blood curdling shrieks, the rides dipped and whirled. Clutching his hands and holding tight onto their cotton candy the little girls dragged Gilberto to the ticket window. “Loop de loop,” they chorused.
“Ride is safe?” He smiled, buying three tickets.
The woman selling tickets smiled back. “So far no fatalities,” she said. “That particular ride’s been around forever. Everyone does loop de loop at least once in their lifetime.”
Laughing excitedly, the little girls pulled him to the small wooden seat attached to thick metal cords connected to a swirling gigantic loop desperately in need of being painted.
The little girls squeezed in on either side of him, waving their cotton candy like flags. To his dismay Gilberto saw some cotton candy attach itself to his new sweater. The attendant grinned as he buckled them all in. Slowly the wooden seat began to move. Both little girls screamed loudly.
“Don’t scream!” Gilberto shouted. “Please be nice!”
But hearing that only seemed to make them scream louder. The seat began spinning even faster. Then as the chair seemed to have jumped its track, it was hurled out into the sky, and everyone screamed at once.
Gilberto clutched the two little girls. “Please don’t scream,” he repeated. He was being rational. Obviously, they knew what he was saying and therefore as children, would respect and obey adult authority. The five year old let out a bellow, most of which was aimed at Gilberto’s left ear.
“No,” he tried, as she waved her cotton candy in his face.
They rocketed through the air for what seemed an eternity until finally the ride slowed down. Gilberto looked sadly at his brand-new cotton sweater now decorated in cotton candy.
“More, “they cried. “Let’s do it again, Uncle Gilberto.”
His stomach grumbled. He could taste his breakfast. “Your mother will take you,” he promised.
Rosa glared but said nothing.
“Yes,” he said, looking at her. “Now it’s your turn.”
They cheered. Rosa looked at him and glowered. “Let’s go find the Merry Go Round,” she said clutching her pocket book and looking annoyed.
“Ice cream,” they both cried as they passed by the brightly colored stand.
“Yes,” Gilberto said. “Ice cream it is.”
Rosa could have spat. She seemed that upset. She frowned at Ramon. “You know what white sugar does to you, she warned.”
He nodded, said nothing, and smiled weakly at Gilberto.
They sat at a round wooden table under a red umbrella. Gilberto ran the show. “Big chocolate cherry Sundaes,” he told the waiter.
Each of the little girl looked lovingly at their Uncle Gilberto.
“Uncle Gilberto,” the older one asked. When are you going to get married?
That question caught him by surprise. He paused and looked thoughtful. “Someday. And then I will have my sons.”
“Or daughters,” Rosa interjected. “Women are born every minute.”
He looked helpless. “But I must,” he pleaded. “It is a family tradition to have sons.”
Rosa sighed audibly.
The little one asked. “Uncle Gilberto are you going to marry Auntie Lola?”
Ramon coughed.
Rosa raised her eyebrows but said nothing.
Gilberto shook his head no. “No..” he smiled. “Your Aunt Lola is a very nice woman but I’m too young for her. She needs an older kinder person. Someone to take her to the doctors when her legs give out.”
“But,” the older child proclaimed. “Mama says you’d make each other happy.”
Rosa rose abruptly. “Enough of this.” She eyed Gilberto. “Never believe the words of a laughing child.” She clapped her hands finalizing her argument.
Gilberto nodded. “If I were twenty years older and ready to retire, I’d make her a perfect husband. But I am too young.”
The little girls nodded and smiled at their Uncle Gilberto. “If you did marry Auntie Lola then you’d really be our uncle,” the older one proclaimed.
“And always take us for rides at the carnival,” the younger one said assuredly.
Back at Ramon’s Gilberto said good bye politely thanking Ramon’s little family for their company. Driving back to his condo, however, he swore vigorously to no one in particular.
“Why,” he shouted to the heavens can’t men do what they want and expect to do without interference from their wives? If I didn’t want my sons, I’d never get married.”

For comments or thoughts on Stephen’s Tale, write to him at


Just in Time for Summer!

Salted Caramel “Poptails” and Key Lime Pops

This sweet and spiked treat is the perfect way to cool off and kick back. I create the indulgent caramel-like flavor by combining dates, almond butter and pineapple chunks—and wowza, it’s so good! Just make sure the dates are completely blended before pouring into molds as any solid pieces will freeze and become rock-hard. And while the rum transforms these pops into the ultimate grown-up delight, you can easily omit the booze from the recipe to make it kid-friendly.

Prep time
5 minutes
Total Time
5 minutes plus 5 hours freeze time

This recipe makes 6 poptails

• 1 cup almond milk
• 10 pitted dates (heaping ½ cup worth)
• Heaping ½ cup frozen pineapple chunks
• 2 tablespoons creamy almond butter
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• ¼ teaspoon maple extract or maple flavor (or 1 teaspoon maple syrup)
• ½ teaspoon kosher salt or coarse sea salt
• Heaping ½ cup ice cubes
• 6 to 12 tablespoons rum (optional)*

*Note: This translates to one or two tablespoons rum per pop. One tablespoon is very subtle; two tablespoons makes a super boozy bite.

In a blender, puree milk and dates until well combined (puree until there’s virtually no date bits and pieces, otherwise they’ll freeze into rock hard specks in the pops).

Next, add frozen pineapple chunks, almond butter, vanilla and maple extracts (or maple syrup), salt, and ice cubes. (Add optional rum, if using). Blend on medium speed until ice cubes are pureed and beverage is thick and frothy.

Pour mixture into ice pop molds (1/3 cup per standard mold) and freeze for at least 5 hours or overnight.

Nutrition info does not include rum; add 30 calories per tablespoon/per pop if using.

Looking for more chilly treats? Try these Superfood Ice Pops.

Key Lime Pie Pops

Key Lime Pie lovers, get ready for a refreshing respite. These creamy pops are like a slice of lime heaven, with just the right amount of sweet and tart in each chilly bite. And the crumbly graham cracker crust—that’s my favorite part—makes them even more special.

Prep time
5 minutes
Total Time
5 minutes plus 5 hours freeze time

This recipe makes 6 pops

• 1½ cups low-fat vanilla yogurt*
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 6 tablespoons lime juice (from ~6 key limes or 2 regular limes)
• 2½ tsp lime zest
• 2 graham cracker sheets (crushed)

*You can swap in plain Greek yogurt + 3 to 4 total tablespoons honey (taste after adding 3 to see if you prefer it sweeter).

Add the yogurt, honey, lime juice and zest into a large bowl and mix by hand to fully combine. Pour about 1/3rd cup mixture into 6 ice pop molds, and top each with a generous heaping tablespoon of crushed graham cracker (gently pat down with your fingers so the graham cracker mingles with the yogurt). Insert the sticks into each pop and freeze for at least 5 hours to overnight.

Alternatively, if you don’t have ice pop molds, you can make these using small paper cups. Just be sure to put the crushed graham crackers in first at the bottom before pouring the mixture in. Cover with tin foil and freeze. You can enjoy like a granita with a spoon or gently insert a wooden stick through tin foil before it freezes to enjoy in pop form. / Food Cures


Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, June 14, 2020
by Georgia Nicols

This week two notable planetary aspects occur. Mercury officially goes retrograde. (Aagghh!) Meanwhile fiery Mars will dance with Pluto, which is powerful because these guys don’t mess around. This particular dance is mutually supportive so there will be a swelling of energy and purpose. (Hide the silver.) Mars and Pluto are surprisingly similar. In fact, before the discovery of Pluto in 1930, Mars was the ruler of Scorpio. These planets represent a zealous drive for achievement, and they are purposeful fighters. Legend has it that if a Gurkha drew his knife in anger, he had to draw blood before he sheathed it. I get that. When I open my makeup case, I have to use my blush. Every time.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
For starters, Mercury retrograde will attract relatives that you haven’t seen for a while back into your world. (As we speak. they might be camped on your doorstep and eating out of your fridge.) A positive way to use this retrograde energy is to tackle home repairs that you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to strike! (Put those relatives to work!) Privately, you feel a driving energy to discover your focus about something. You need to know what you want. You need to know where you want to go? You have been very powerful in calling the shots so far, but what’s next? You feel a growing, compelling feeling that’s hard to define.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
I can’t sugarcoat it. This Mercury retrograde will hit you because it is occurring in its “own home” in your chart. This means the very things that Mercury rules are the things that will go haywire for you! Expect problems with cars, trucks and bikes. Missed buses. Transportation delays. Conversations with others will be convoluted and misunderstood. Messages will be mixed up. You will be late for appointments or waiting at the wrong place. Mail will be late and of course, siblings and relatives you haven’t seen for a while will be back in your world. However, you will be super effective dealing with groups this week. You will be a veritable powerhouse helping everyone (including yourself) meet your goals.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Naturally, you feel every Mercury retrograde because Mercury is your ruler! This particular Mercury retrograde is occurring in your House of Earnings and Possessions. This means cheques in the mail will be late. There might be confusion or errors regarding finances and transactions. Therefore, check your bill or an invoice. Count your change. Never assume that the other person is correct if you’re dealing with money. Likewise, you might find it difficult to find possessions and you might even misplace or lose something that you own. (It’s also possible to find something that you lost before.) Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your ambition is fired up! You’ve decided to go for the gold and nothing is gonna stop you. It’s time!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Whoa Nellie! Mercury retrograde is taking place in your sign. You can run but you can’t hide. One thing is certain, you will encounter old friends and ex-partners from your past. However, you will also be frustrated by mixed-up communications with others, misplaced items, silly errors, delays, and missed appointments. Just cope as best you can because it’s only for a few weeks. Meanwhile, you are fired up about a cause, especially if it affects people in another country or people far away. You have strong ideas now about politics and religion and you’re ready to act on them. Some of you are just as determined to push through your ideas regarding publishing, the media, the law or something to do with medicine. You’re a force to contend with!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
This week you are fired up about dealing with shared property, taxes, debt, and inheritances. You want to get things right. You’re determined to shape things the way you want them to go. Your urge to do something might also relate to your partner’s assets or wealth. Your ideas are so strong, you will do something. Incidentally, this strong energy can also express itself sexually! (Woot!) Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde will actually help you to do research because it will stir up all kinds of ideas and information from your past. This will be helpful if you are studying something. You might also come across some juicy gossip.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
This particular Mercury retrograde will put you in touch with friends you haven’t seen for a while. You might also find yourself involved in a group, club or association in which you used to be more active. Or perhaps you will run into people from these groups? People from the past are definitely in the picture now. It could even trigger thoughts about resurrecting an old goal? Meanwhile, use diplomacy and patience when dealing with partners and close friends this week because if you don’t, things will get nasty. Because someone close to you is charged up with energy, this will require patience and finesse on your part. Hey, who has more finesse than you?

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Mercury retrograde will attract people to you from your past who were authority figures. Perhaps even a parent? An old boss? Someone older who you respected? It might even attract an opportunity for you to pursue a new angle in your career that you had once thought about but dropped. Maybe it’s time for a second kick at the can? Meanwhile, when it comes to work and getting a job done, you are PowerPoint on steroids this week. Nothing will stop you! You have specific goals you want to achieve and you intend to do so. This vehement ambition will also apply to your health. Suddenly, you want to be the best you can be! (Nothing wrong with that. Admirable, in fact)

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This particular Mercury retrograde will create travel delays for you. It will also create delays in schooling, especially post-secondary schooling – colleges, universities, special courses, and technical schools. Likewise, errors and snafus regarding publishing and the media might dog your steps along with delays and errors in the law or medicine. Yikes! Double-check everything. Meanwhile, when it comes to creative activities and sports you will be super gung ho! Something has lit a fire under you and you are excited to achieve something in the arts or sports or working or relating with kids. This same intense energy will apply to a love affair. (Be still my beating heart.)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
You will suffer from delays and mix-ups and even mistakes in issues related to shared finances, shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt and insurance issues. Bummer! You can help a lot by double-checking any kind of transaction related to these areas. The good news is that you can also wrap up old business in these areas and your ability to finish old business will be easy and swift! Meanwhile, something must be lighting a fire under you because you are determined to make big changes at home. Certainly, something is causing a lot of change and chaos. This could be a residential move. It could be a renovation or a major repair. Admittedly, it can also be family tension. Whatever it is, it ain’t minor. If you use it skilfully, you will get a lot done. “Let’s just move the house,”

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This particular Mercury retrograde will definitely put you in touch with ex-partners, ex-spouses and old friends from your past. Therefore, when you go out, make an effort to look hot because living well is the best revenge. On the upside, this might provide a lovely opportunity for closure that you need. Meanwhile, this intense dance between Mars and Pluto will make all your communications with others forceful beyond belief! You will be coming on like gangbusters! You can use this if you need to persuade or coerce others to agree with you. You will also be a powerhouse if you are writing, teaching or acting. Nevertheless, go gently so you don’t frighten others.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This particular Mercury retrograde will be a drag for you because it occurs in the part of your chart related to your job, your health and even your relationship with your pet. For example, your pet might get lost or details related to taking care of your pet could get confused. At work, there might be equipment breakdowns, lost paperwork, late deliveries and definitely mixed-up messages and confused communications. Meanwhile, you are suddenly driven to find a new income stream, a new job or to find a new and better use for something that you already own. Ideas?

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
You will be incredibly powerful this week because the dance of Mars and Pluto takes place while Mars is in your sign. In fact, you will be coming on like gangbusters, to the point you might scare others. (“Who me?”) Yes, you! You will have a strong drive to move toward your goals. You want to excel at whatever you do and clean up a certain situation. You might even help to move forward a group goal, if you have the chance. Don’t miss this opportunity if you need to step up and make your pitch. Meanwhile, old flames are back on the scene. (What’s with that?) Oh well.

Weekly Horoscopes Beginning Sunday, 14 June 2020

If you`re born within cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you`re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You`re in the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don`t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Since mid-May, when your ruler Mars moved into the most reflective portion of your chart, you`ve been facing one tricky and, mostly, dull issue after another. While you`re getting more impatient by the day, this is about eliminating a range of issues and unresolved commitments you`ve been ignoring in the hope they`ll vanish. They won`t. Tackle them now. You`ll soon be very glad you did.

Current uptrends are gaining even more momentum. A new qualification or official recognition of your contributions to past or present circumstances will be a morale boosting pat on the back. Your high spirits will benefit work and community projects. If it`s something you want and are prepared for a platonic relationship can be steered into passionate waters and romance will add the final touch of pleasure to what should be a pleasingly memorable week.

Your ruling planet Mars, is moving through neighbouring Pisces. Pisces is one of the Water signs and Mars represents energy; and yes, you might feel as though you`re swimming against the tide. That`s most likely to be the case midweek as Mercury arrives at its station to turn retrograde at the very base of your solar chart. The accent is very much on property and assets. It would be understandable if you were hugely irritated and incurring losses way beyond your control. Hold the thought that Mercury will turn direct in the middle of next month and that Venus turns direct on June 25. This suggests that others too are experiencing difficulties and that there may yet be room for increased negotiation before agreement is reached at the end of next month.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

For you, as a sensible Taurus, planning ahead is the best option. Usually, that`s true.. However, with three eclipses, between late May and early July, triggering shakeups in the world around you, others` lives and, occasionally your own, even the simplest of plans should be regarded as flexible, if not an experiment. Take that approach, and you`ll be ready for, if not welcome, the coming weeks` surprises.

Your partner or a good friend is behaving in ways that seem strange for them. Because of their erratic behaviour, you`re having to walk on eggshells all the time. You may not be able to pinpoint the reason for this change and you`re wondering how much longer you can put up with their behaviour. Are you single? A wild rebel is attracted to you but you could find it hard to keep up with their rather unorthodox and adventurous ideas.

Mercury turns retrograde midweek. This is a significant event at any time. It`s perhaps particularly so this year as Venus is already retrograde. The cycle of these two planets correlates with distribution and networking rhythms. From midweek through to June 25 picking up loose ends, restoring old relationships and yes, and unravelling apparent chaos could have your full attention; and yes, this might not be at all easy. As delighted as you may be to make renew connections it would be understandable if you were also highly irritated that someone hasn`t made better use of their time. The art between now and June 25 may be to assess ideas that have surfaced in recent weeks and yes, consider investing in one of these as a potential profitable side-line.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

You`re superbly equipped to deal with the current unsettling yet, often, exciting twists and turns. Plus, you benefit from an instinctive understanding that what`s most unsettling will lead to timely and, often, profitable changes. The problem? Not everybody shares your perspective and some are panicking. Reassure them, while avoiding actually discussing future plans. While this won`t be easy, if anybody can do it, you can.

You are right to be excited about a new opportunity. Good new travels fast and this is the kind you will be delighted to hear. A project that you had been looking forward to that was previously cancelled will be on again and you will revel in the chance to finally wrap things up. A new proposal will go well. Financial details and labour costs meet requirements and if you`re asked to replace the person in charge, this will be an opportunity that`s too good to turn down.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on Thursday. Before then its movements seem nearly imperceptible. Until Thursday you could feel anaesthetised – even oblivious to the full impact of developments that have occurred since mid-February; and yes, the financial outlook will likely appear bleak. Yet yours is a sign quite capable of being nimble. True, you will likely need to access considerable energy and yes, perhaps even harness anger to promote your cause. Note however, that the solar Eclipse next Sunday 21st, signals a fresh start and that once both Mercury and Venus turn direct, that excitement should build and the way forward become clearer.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Although every sign is influenced by the eclipsed New Moon on Sunday the 21st, the fact it`s in Cancer indicates you`ll experience amazingly powerful changes and breakthroughs. Some will be no surprise, while a few shake up existing plans; but, ironically, what`s least expected and most disruptive in the short term could, when you`re reflecting on events, be revealing as the breakthrough you`ve been waiting for.

There is love and affection all around you now. A romantic relationship is gaining momentum. A professional relationship could turn into a more passionate one. You will be well suited for each other. It will be easier to recognise opportunities to fall in love, begin a special project or fulfil your creative potentials. If you have time on your hands, make an appointment to talk to an influential person who has shown interest in helping you achieve a long-cherished ambition.

Next weekend`s Solar Eclipse is in your sign. Eclipses are having effect some months before or after and yes, as we`ve seen, this one has certainly had global effect. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on Thursday and doesn`t move on into neighbouring Leo until the beginning of August. Whilst Mercury makes this transit, you will likely give considerable thought as to how you will live and work in the last quarter of the year. Fact is that Mars will soon enter the career area of your solar chart – and for an extended stay. It may be necessary for you to consider ever more flexible and creative ways of living and working. An immediate issue may be to create a safe and secure working space (sanctuary). You might also discuss a business plan that you know will need to be reviewed on an almost weekly basis through and to the early part of next year as you get a new project off the ground.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

As a quick-thinking, fast-moving fire sign, you don`t regard yourself as stubborn or fixed in your ways. However, your reaction to changes, in both longstanding arrangements and more recent plans, reveals just how determined you can be. If you can`t say yes, at least explore what`s arisen. Once you learn more, you may recognise just how worthwhile what you initially regarded as unwelcome changes would be.

If your boss or a senior colleague doesn`t have the time, patience or interest in helping you with a difficult project, you will have to find an effective solution of your own. People in positions of power will be impressed by your willingness to take the initiative. There will be time, later in the week, for you to tie up the loose ends of projects that are dragging on now. A goal you have set your sights on will become possible when you relax and make some space for it.

Before next weekend`s important solar eclipse in neighbouring cancer, Mercury turns retrograde in that same sign. Think of this as a near neighbour or work colleague deciding to have a pause moment and apparently going back on their word. This is likely a temporary condition. As will probably be the case for most signs, reflection and review of asset management will likely be imperative. In your case, determining what you can and cannot do with a property could be an issue. They might also be concerned about family reserved and how these can be protected. Bearing in mind though that the solar eclipse is a sophisticated new moon offering a fresh start. First though, it may be necessary to do some quite littoral spring cleaning; and mental.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Quite rightly, you pride yourself on your ability to both plans ahead but, also, to deal wisely with the unexpected. Not only have you faced a lot of the latter recently, the coming weeks` planetary activity indicates yet more twists and turns. Knowing that, ensure arrangements are flexible, so when those surprises arise, you can make any necessary changes, and without unwelcome dramas, as well.

Delays and deferrals will cause a lot of people a lot of frustration. What`s most upsetting is that the very people whose support you had been counting on are back-pedalling and now seem to have lost interest in the proceedings. Talk to a creative colleague and they`ll suggest a plan that will help you vault over problems that are blocking your path. Altered arrangements will work out surprisingly well for you. Use your sharp mind to hammer out a favourable agreement.

Your ruling planet, Mercury turns retrograde midweek. It does this just a few days ahead of an important solar Eclipse at the first degree of cancer also known as the world axis. Eclipses can take effect some months before the event itself. As we know, the global outlook has been substantially altered since the last eclipse in late December 2019. We are all surely ready for a fresh start. First though, it`s likely imperative to assess assets of all kind full. In your case, analysing your network, refining it, and finding out how others have made best use of recent weeks would be a useful exercise. Note too, that it is likely others are talking about you and what you have to offer. Liaising with different groups before committing to joining any of them, might also be a profitable way of spending your time.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Organising life so things go smoothly, for you and others, comes naturally. While, mostly, you give this little thought, the current range of unsettling events has forced you to focus on ensuring both plans and commitments, yours and others`, can ride out surprise developments. Still, don`t worry. Ironically, what`s least expected could, once you learn more, actually be a breakthrough as timely as it is worthwhile.

Getting involved in arguments is not going to win you any friends or help you influence people. Don`t let the good image you have already built up for yourself be compromised by careless comments or flying off the handle. Think before you speak to avoid blurting out something you will later regret. If you`re thinking about an overseas journey in times to come check guidance given by the FCO. A travel agent will advise on insurance that is best for you. If you`re unsure, don`t go.

Next weekend`s Solar Eclipse is at the very first degree of another of the Cardinal signs, Cancer and accents the World Axis. It`s certainly clear that 2020 is a year with a difference. Few of us could have imagined at the end of 2019 that so much would change. There is yet more to come. Midweek, Mercury turns retrograde – again accenting the family and career zones of your solar chart. This though, offers a pause to focus on what it is that you now want to achieve. You may be surprised at just how different this is what you thought was important just a couple of years ago. Career developments are probable and will likely accelerate in a few weeks` time once Venus has covered all the degrees of the retrograde. For now, it may be important to look back and assess the treasures that you want to preserve and build on and yes, carefully consider new plans for moving forward.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

After weeks of fine-tuning alterations in existing arrangements and new, exciting yet unsettling plans, you`re nearly there. Now, suddenly, you`re faced with unsettling events. Tempting as it is to battle these, wait and watch. Events are linked to the current series of eclipses, which are all about breakthroughs, most completely unexpected. While going with the flow runs counter to your nature, it`s the best strategy.

Despite being promised that you would receive the help you need to finish a project, this isn`t happening. It might be up to you to complete work that was begun as a team. You feel let down by people who have dropped out when they had offered their help whenever you needed it. You discover now that you don`t need support and you are perfectly capable of carrying out some jobs alone. Responsibilities have become weighty. Divesting yourself of unwanted obligations will make you feel happier and lighter.

With Mercury turning retrograde in another of the Water signs midweek, the accent is very much on asset management. In your case, that includes your expertise. It may be that you determine that soon after next Sunday`s Solar Eclipse that you will invest in this area and perhaps enrol on a course. Before you do that it`s likely important that you determine how much you know already. It may be that you have gifts you could pass on in this area. This doesn`t mean to say that you need to go into teaching, but perhaps you could act as guide or mentor. It might also be that recent developments allow you access to previously hidden treasures and afford the opportunity to invest in proposals that others have abandoned. This week looks superb for research.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Being a fire sign, patience isn`t your strength. However, with unsettling events forcing you to rethink existing arrangements and future plans, many of which influence others, things can`t be rushed. Besides, you won`t know the full facts or, more important, all your options until 30 June, when your ruler Jupiter stages a life-changing encounter with Pluto. After that, your perspective will be very different indeed.

Too many people are trying to interfere in your business. Well-meaning friends and colleagues will have no shortage of advice to offer when you would prefer, they kept their thoughts and opinions to themselves. If you can find a corner where you can get on quietly without any interference from others, you will feel less frustrated. Whenever you think about a commitment, person or situation you become tense and nervous.. Is it time to walk away from a troubled union?

Ahead of next Sunday`s solar Eclipse – which is on one of the key degrees of the Zodiac, – Mercury turns retrograde; and yes, this could be yet another week to remember. It`s often said that things go awry when Mercury is retrograde. That`s not always true. On this occasion however, you could be left confused and disorientated mainly because someone`s reactions to recent events is not what you`d expected. Just as they are overcome with emotion, you too could feel overwhelmed. Yet amidst the apparent chaos, it should be obvious as to who is coping best. Not only might they give you essential support, they could also gently point out ways in which you could secure a new position. In short, though perhaps not achieved by the eclipse itself, your enthusiasm and confidence for the next few months could yet be rebooted.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Ideally, you`d examine situations you`re facing, then make plans. However, you`re urged to keep things flexible until after 5 July, when the powerful Capricorn eclipsed Full Moon ushers in a new cycle for you. While events could end tedious battles, it`s also about exploring avenues of activity that, previously, you`d never have imagined possible; and for now? Focus on decluttering so, if necessary, you can move swiftly.

You would love to race up the ladder of success but this won`t be possible just now. Slow and steady progress is recommended. Although jobs you take on might all seem piecemeal now, it will all come together profitably in the future. Your attention will be taken up with work related matters, daily household routines and physical welfare. An older relative is having health problems. You will always be there for your nearest and dearest.

Next weekend`s Solar Eclipse is in your opposite sign. A few days earlier, Mercury turns retrograde – also in Cancer. It might seem that others are going back on their word. Actually, it could be that fast-moving developments have left them unable to honour earlier promises. Whilst it would be understandable if you were highly irritated by this turn of events, it`s perhaps also the case that as the goalposts are shifted, your own position within a team becomes ever more assured. Capricorn is generally resistant to chopping and changing. However, a strong possibility is that someone you worked with in the past (perhaps around the turn of the year) will return asking for assistance – but on a different deal to earlier. What is proposed could perhaps be given a trial period with a view to further review in August.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

Appealing as the idea of organising your life and plans once, and thoroughly, may be, the heavens say otherwise. In fact, with two eclipses triggering shakeups, and the powerful Saturn making a temporary departure from your sign, all within the coming month, the more flexible your thinking and arrangements, the better. For now, concentrate on shedding potential restrictions and exploring your existing options. Decisions? They can wait.

Family communications could get snagged. Big changes are occurring on the domestic scene and it won`t be easy to keep up with what everyone is doing. This can cause some confusion. The more time and energy you have to devote to these projects the easier you will find it, to cope. You will jump at the chance to take on something new. This will be risky and that`s why you hope for the best while being prepared for the worst. Working from home could be the answer to a prayer.

Next weekend`s Solar Eclipse can be thought of as a sophisticated New Moon: a complete fresh start. A few days earlier, Mercury turns retrograde (also in Cancer). The accent on family, home and husbanding resources will obviously be felt by every sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius may be particularly concerned where health matters are involved: the pressures of recent weeks may have bult up and need release. Yours is one of the Air signs of the Zodiac. It is not the case that you have no emotions. Indeed, between Wednesday and Sunday. Indeed, you could yet be overcome by their depth. It is perhaps essential to navigate through a storm (around Mercury`s station on Wednesday) before arriving at a new daily rhythm that supports your health and yes, might also require that you discuss with colleagues` ways of reducing the stress of adapting to new ways of working.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Having only just come to terms with several tricky matters or difficult individuals, you need time both to think and re-establish your equilibrium. While your instincts are probably telling you exactly that, the problem is those who`re either being sympathetic or offering solutions. Thank them. Then politely but firmly say you need time to reflect. Meanwhile, discreetly explore your options. Others` advice? Yes, but much later.

You have a lot to do and too little time to do it in. Think about spending a little cash on some labour-saving appliances. Now is a good time to do some home repairs. Hire respected professionals to solve problems you can`t deal with on your own. You have a big decision to make. In the past you`ve had some great advice from a friend. Since they aren`t around at the moment you will do well to find a quiet place to think some things out for yourself.

Midweek, Mercury turns retrograde in another of the Water signs, Cancer. This doesn`t mean that everything will go wrong and communications inevitably break down but yes, you`d likely be right to suppose that everything will take a little longer than usual. Care will be needed. Any effect could be exaggerated by the fact that there is a Solar Eclipse on one of the most important degrees of the zodiac next Sunday – and also in Cancer. The focus is so much on home and resources. You might even have cause to think back and wonder exactly why you are (literally) where you are. Over the course of the next 18 months, making plans to move or to alter living arrangements substantially may be driven by career or family issues. With Venus still retrograde at the apex of your solar chart, considerable attention might need to be given to tidying, archiving and making way for the promise of the new that will follow the eclipse.

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“We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain, going to the ocean”
“May the circle be open, but unbroken,
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet Again!”
Goddess Bless!

One comment on “GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 15-21 June 2020. Blessed Solstice! Thanks for Reading!

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