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The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her. Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take The Earth is our Mother, she will take care of us The Sky is our Father, we will take care of him. Song: “The Earth Is Our Mother” by Libana

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Remember dear humans, fresh air, sunshine, and communing with nature is the best medicine. It is good for our immune system. It also lifts the spirits and it breaks up the monotony of “social distancing!” How are you doing?

The NEW MOON always rises at sunrise
And the FIRST QUARTER at noon.
The FULL MOON always rises at sunset
And the LAST QUARTER at midnight.
~The New Orleans Mistic
Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again
Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.
Dates of this calendar were devised by Robert Graves, 1895 – 1985

Goddess Month of Maia begins 4/18 – 5/15
Celtic Tree Month Saille (Willow) April 15 to May 12
What’s Happening in May?

Birthday Flower for May: Lily of the Valley
May is National Salad Month
Feature of the Month for May: Sweet, Sweet Woodruff

10: Mother’s Day
12: Celtic Tree Month of Willow ends
13: Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins
20: Zodiac Period of Taurus ends
21: Zodiac Period of Gemini begins
22: New Moon


The Moon Phase: WANING MOON

Time: From Full Moon to Dark Moon (approx.14 days)

Goddess Aspect: Crone

Associated Goddesses: Cailleach, Banshee, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan

Magickal Attributes: Banishing Releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, wisdom, psychic ability, scrying, reversing circumstances. Workings on this day are for banishing magick, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleansings.


From Biddy Tarot


The card drawn for this week is the Queen of Cups.

You are embodying the nurturing mother energy of the Queen of Cups, holding space for others. Trust your intuition and pay attention to your feelings and emotions. Lead with your heart, not your head.

Be open to receive the intuitive messages all around, being careful not to take on other people’s energy or emotional issues.

Ask the Tarot: How can I nurture others without draining my energy?


Honoring the Goddess: A Tribute to Mother
by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

The Goddess, is the “goodness” in all women! Historically, the feminine form or “Triple Goddess”, is based on ancient goddess triads and the three forms (aspects) a woman takes throughout her life. No matter which transition she is experiencing (maiden, mother, crone), it is a nice time to bring awareness to the “nurturing energy” in your life.

The “mother archetype“ in mythology, are the archetypal mothers who are often linked to the idea of the Great Mother. This includes Great Mother deities such as Gaia, Isis and Mother Earth, saints and great leaders, and of course, the Virgin Mary. In this archetype, the mother nurtures not just the child, but all of creation or certain elements of nature. This kind of care is always given to a female deity. In many polytheistic religions, the mother forms a triumvirate along with the maiden and the crone archetypes as the three stages of womanhood.

Honor your mother or a mother you know. Here are some wonderful ways to send loving energy:

1. Light a candle to honor a mother who is living or who has passed.

2. Use a simple ritual to bring love and honor to yourself as a mother, or to give thanks to mother earth.

3. Pay homage to your mother through the power of scent with affirmation candles, essential oil sampler or our sacred anointing oils. Below is a list of oils that may be appropriate:

Jasmine: is a bold, sweet scent. Jasmine is the greatest aphrodisiac of all. These night blooming flowers are picked at their height to bring out one of the most sexy scents. Associated throughout history with the compassionate Goddess of the Moon, Jasmine, grown along the Nile in ancient Egypt, is represented Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess who held the secrets of fertility, magic and healing.

Patchouli: is a sweet, earthy scent. Its smell is intense and spicy. From an energetic point of view, Patchouli, like Jasmine, is warm and yet anti-inflammatory in action. It combines a calmative property with a gentle stimulating effect that uplifts the spirit! Patchouli is a sweet and grounding harmonizing fragrance!

Neroli: is distilled from bitter orange trees. It has a refreshing, spicy aroma and is known for its sensual, exotic effect. Neroli oil is emotionally unifying and soothes with harmonizing effects. Described as both sensual and spiritual, Neroli helps to reestablish the link between a disconnected mind and body. Neroli paves the way for a gradual release and allows us to recall hope and joy!

Ylang Ylang: is a rich fragrant oil that means “flowers of flowers”. A scent to perfume the body or use for an euphoric massage. Ylang Ylang is relaxing, sexualizing and euphoric. The ecstatic sense of merging is inherent in Ylang Ylang. Like Jasmine, this oil helps to reunite our emotional and sensual natures, aspects of our being that need to contain each other and unite.

Rose: The Mother of All Flowers, the Rose has amazing powers of love, trust and self acceptance. Roses are representative of faith, hope and love and has the qualities to restore the very center of one’s being.. A gentle tonic of the heart, the compassion of the Rose is seen through it’s ability to heal emotional wounds. When loss, rejection or sorrow has injured our capacity for nurturing and self love, Rose oil brings a sweet and gentle comfort, binding the “heart strings” from the heart to the mind. Rose oil’s psychological properties lie mainly in its effect on the mind, the center of our emotional being. Rose oil calms and supports the heart and helps to nourish the soul

4. Treat your mom to an at home spa session. DIY (do it yourself) bath soak (with lavender essential oil and a cup of sea salt), moisturizing body lotion (with her favorite lotion and add 3 drops of rose, 2 drops of orange and 1 drop of lavender essential oils) and some Goddess Tea (see recipe below)!

5. Invite your mom to enjoy a special seasonal tea blend, created just for her.

The Goddess Tea Recipe
Add (one teaspoon per cup, plus one “for the pot”) each of any (3) of the following loose leaf teas:
~Rose buds
~Lavender buds
~Orange peel

Measure the amount of fresh water into the saucepan and place over medium heat. Heat the water until it just comes to a rolling boil. Over-boiling removes too much oxygen, imparting a flat taste to the tea.

Add the tea to a warmed steeping pot. Immediately pour the boiled water over the loose leaves; cover the pot.

Steep three to five minutes for most teas; longer, to taste. Also be sure and steep the herbs longer for the teas made from sticks, twigs, roots or berries, as well as, herbal infusions.

Ready to serve? Pour tea through a strainer, into each cup. Serve!

6. Consider making her a unique “soundtrack” in honor of who she is. Choose and create music that reminds you of your mom!

7. DIY, do it yourself and create an extra special and unique gift basket designed just for her. Remember, the look of abundance is the key. OR choose from one of our many extra special and unique gift baskets designed for every occasion, celebration and budget!

8. Honor your mom with the gift of crystals. Below is a list of great stones to honor the Goddess

Amethyst: The stone of spirituality and dream recall. Used for contentment and meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares. Most effective on the Brow and Crown Chakra. Amethyst contains the grounding color of red with the energy of blue, which is expanding, spacious and flow of peace. Amethyst is the color that you see in the sky as twilight transitions into night. Amethyst takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place.

Angel Aura Quartz: awakens awareness. It’s iridescent rainbow coloring is hypnotic and helps us to instill peace, tranquility and a feeling of contentment. This stone helps to bring you into a higher realm, where it is easier to meditate, contemplate and communicate with your guardian or spirit guide facilitating conscious contact with angelic teachings, channeling higher knowledge and understanding. It’s powerful and protective combination is most associated with our Guardian Angels.

Azurite: Referred to as the jewel of wisdom or Stone of Heaven. Azurite symbolizes insight and discovery. It is said to increase psychic abilities. Azurite activates the Brow and Throat Chakra for more assertive communication and alertness. It allows for quite, deep access to the subconscious and as a seeing stone offers access to other times, places and lives. Therefore, it is a great stone to assist in astral travel. This great balancer helps those who talk too much and allows for those who to be expressive when they have a tendency to hold back.

Moonstone: :This stone honors the Goddess in all women. This stone helps women (and men) to be more comfortable with their gentler feminine/yin receiving side. This stone is also an excellent remedy for overly aggressive females or for men who need to connect to their more feminine/emotional side. Its connection to the moon has been documented for centuries. Because of its shimmering, glossy nature its color plays off the light as does the moon. Like the moon as it waxes and wanes, this reflective stone allows us the lesson that everything is a part of the cycle of change.. Moonstone is considered the stone of new beginnings. Moonstone is most famous for balancing our emotional states.

Pearl: In tune with emotions, water, and women, especially pregnant women, pearls are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbing by nature, this mineral absorbs thoughts and emotions and because of this, must be used with caution. If you feel excessively negative while wearing a pearl, it will hold that energy until it is cleansed.

Phenacite: Also spelled phenakite, is a powerful, loving, healing, spiritual stone. It is believed to be one of the highest vibrational crystals yet discovered. The clearer the stone, the more intensely it opens the Third Eye, Crown Chakra and Transpersonal Chakra as a white light channel. Hence, its aura clearing abilities are phenomenal! This stone ignites clairvoyance/spiritual communication, meditation, astral travel, as well as life journeys. Helps one to map out a pathway within the dimensions. Energizes meridians and the healing of other stones. It is a powerful crystal for clearing and activating the Chakra.

Titanium Quartz: Quartz is infused with titanium and additional metal oxides to form one of the most precious crystals on the planet. It increases life force and vitality, attuning to the highest attribute of the Crown Chakra. It’s rainbow colors have been shown to stimulate the entire aura body! An exceptional stone for creativity. This quartz removes blockages and enhancing the flow of creativity due to its intensely visual colors. It has been used for increasing intuition and therefore an exceptional stone for promoting clairvoyance as well as all forms of “seeing”.

Rainbow Opal is the result of diffracting light and water. Rainbow opals are considered a sign of hope. A symbol for bridging the gap between your ego-self and your true self or your unconscious. It is a symbol of happiness. The world is full of color and happiness, if you choose to open your eyes and find it. If you want to see the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain as the world is a myriad of color.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, loving, self-love and emotional balance! Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra. It is a soft, gentle, soothing stone that warms the heart center. Stimulates love and tender appreciation of all things. Helps diffuse negative stimuli and uncomfortable memories. Helps us discover the ability to love ourselves and makes us more open to other people. It is of particular value in helping us to forgive ourselves, hastening self-acceptance. Helps us realize that all change is important, even difficult change.

9. Create a collection of scents that your mom may enjoy, or those aromas which remind you of her.

10. Pay homage to a mother that has passed or you cannot be with at this time, by lighting some incense and saying a prayer or some special words to honor her.


Heartwings Love Notes 930 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Heartwings says,” Your satisfaction is truly up to you to take.”

Do you take satisfaction in what you may have accomplished? Or do you tell yourself you could have done whatever it was better, or done more? Most of us have a critical voice inside that will not let us take satisfaction in what we may have done, even though we may well deserve it. That critical voice can originate early in life from a parent, a teacher, or a boss. Now it has become a part of us, and it robs us of the joy we might take from our satisfaction. To feel satisfied may actually take courage, the courage to admit we have done something worthwhile.

It is easier to take satisfaction from small accomplishments. My mother used to find it very satisfying to hang up a basket of laundry on the clothesline in her back yard. When she finished, she’d stand back, sigh, and then smile as she beheld the washing flapping in the breeze. It gave her a feeling of accomplishment. I understand how she felt. When I have done some cleaning, or tidied a bureau drawer, I get a similar feeling. The good thing about these small tasks is that they can be done relatively quickly, providing instant joy, yet even they are subject to that critical inner voice.

I have encountered that niggling voice all too often in the past, especially when it was connected to a major accomplishment. I have also learned from it to stop, recollect my effort, and remember to pat myself on the back. When you feel good about what you have accomplished, it is vitally important to pat yourself on the back. That unkind voice might tell you not to. It is not a voice from the heart but one from the past. The person voicing those words may have felt it was unwise to praise you for fear you would rest on your laurels and grow lazy. My mother’s mother passed that attitude on to her.

Many years ago, I taught myself to play my guitar. Proudly I played my mother a song I had just learned. “That was nice,” she said, ‘Now when will you write your own songs?” To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Though eventually, I did write my own songs, it wasn’t because of what she had said, but perhaps in spite of it. Praise by oneself for oneself is an important act of love. The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others. The more grateful and appreciative we are of our own efforts, the more we can enjoy those of others.

May you take satisfaction in your accomplishments, even the small ones.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS Have you learned to quiet that inner critic and find satisfaction in what you do? I hope so! Tell me about it, I so love to hear from readers-you make my day. I promise to answer you, even if it takes a while.

Llewellyn’s Spell A Day

To Share Love with Someone You Care About
May 10, 2020 by Ari Mankey

As we grow older, we often find ourselves separated from those we care about on holidays like Mother’s Day. Here’s a way to send them a magickal hug to let them know they are in our thoughts.

Start by placing a picture of your mother (or other loved one) on your altar’s pentacle, along with an item that connects them to you (such as a gift they’ve given you). If you happen to have a piece of rose quartz handy, place that on top of your pentacle too. Pentacles are magickal gateways, and placing at least two of these items upon it should connect you to your loved one.

In order to share the love you’re feeling, sprinkle rose water (or rose petals) upon your loved one’s picture. They should be able to feel your feelings and thoughts as you do this and will know that you care.
Self-Care Bath Spell
May 09, 2020 by Laura Tempest Zakroff

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the number nine rests with the Hermit. The Hermit reminds us to take care of ourselves and to retreat from the world now and then.

For this spell, gather these ingredients:
* 2 tablespoons dried lavender
* Approximately 4 leaves of sage (fresh or dried)
* 1 teaspoon sea salt
* 1 teaspoon honey
* A cotton satchel or tea bag to hold everything

Place the ingredients in the satchel in this order, saying:

Lavender to calm my body,
Sage to clear my mind,
Salt to cleanse my spirit,
Honey to soothe my heart.

Next, add the satchel to your bath or place it in the shower stream and enjoy!
Shoot for the Stars Spell
May 08, 2020 by Thuri Calafia

Today is a great time to dream big about our goals and our future, as the sun’s strength is waxing and the moon is just past full. What is it that you’ve always wanted? No dream is too big on a bright spring day like today!

Allow the energy of your most treasured goal to fill you as you visualize yourself living within that dream. Light a candle of the color that best represents your goal, and build energy by chanting:

To the brightest stars
now, my aim is true,
For I’ve given my all and
I’ve paid my dues,
So the best of everything
now comes to me,
By the grace of the gods!
So mote it be!

When the power peaks, visualize gold and silver sparks falling from the stars, entering your body, and merging with your own energy, making you stronger, more powerful, and more capable of reaching those stars! Let the candle safely burn down completely, knowing that you can and will achieve your goal.
Full Moon Scrying Spell
May 07, 2020 by Cerridwen Iris Shea

Beltane is opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, and this full moon, so close to Beltane, is excellent for scrying.

Use a scrying mirror or a dark bowl filled with water. Safely light a purple candle and lilac incense. Turn out the lights in the room and close the curtains. Make sure you will not be interrupted for at least thirty minutes.

Follow your breath to relax.

Focus softly on the scrying tool. Breathe. Let the images form in the glass or water. If you have a specific question, ask it. Otherwise, simply observe.

When the images fade, write them down in your magical journal before you forget, then extinguish the candle (or let it burn down). Ground by placing your palms on the earth. Feel any excess energy flow out, and the stability of the earth beneath you. Pour out the water somewhere outside.

Attune to any dreams or experiences that connect to the images, and meditate on them for interpretation.
Pomegranate Wishing Spell
May 06, 2020 by Kate Freuler

The pomegranate appears over and over again in mythology and is considered a mystical fruit. Some say it has the power to grant wishes when eaten.

Cut open a pomegranate and remove the seeds one by one. Place them on a plate in a shape or pattern representing your wish. Some ideas include a dollar sign for money, a heart for love, a spiral for spirituality, or an X for protection. Focus on the seed design and imagine that your wish has already been granted and how you would feel to have what you desire. Let that feeling flow from your heart center into the pomegranate seeds, filling them up with power. Then eat the seeds one by one, all the while holding onto the feeling of realizing your goal.

Know that your spell is working as your body absorbs the mythological powers of the pomegranate.
Primp My Ride
May 04, 2020 by Melissa Tipton

Taking time to cleanse and clear your preferred mode of travel, be it car, bike, shoes, etc., is a powerful way to remove obstructions to forward movement in your life.

Start with a physical cleaning. Declutter, vacuum, and wash your car; wash your bike and oil the chain; clean or polish your shoes. Then use your energetic cleanser of choice, such as sage smoke or spray, copal or sandalwood incense, Reiki, a salt water sprinkling, etc. For added oomph, put a cleansed quartz crystal (cleanse the crystal by placing in a bowl of salt overnight; discard salt) in your car or tie a quartz pendant to your bike or shoelace.

Charge your mode of transportation with the following:

I charge this/these (car/bike/
shoes, etc.) to be a vehicle for safe
travel, always taking me to the
right place at the right time.

Happy travels!
A Makeup Spell for Emotional Balance
May 05, 2020 by Raven Digitalis

Regardless of your sexual or gender identity, procure a bit of makeup for this spell. Whether it’s eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, or something else, you will be applying this makeup as a private magickal act. This is not about appearance.

Begin by calling your guides and guardians however you see fit. Visualize yourself surrounded by a white flame of purification. As you apply the makeup to your eyes, say:

My vision is purified; I see myself and
others with greater clarity and ease.

Apply makeup to your lips and say:

I speak clearly and wisely;
my intentions and views are
lovingly communicated.

Feel free to take this a step further by applying makeup to your ears and forehead to invoke clarity of mind and perception. Follow your intuition!

After washing off the makeup, declare:

My emotions are balanced,
purified, and clear!

Incorporate any additional affirmations or spoken spells as you see fit.


Quarantine Dreams—or Nightmares? Tips for Restful Sleep.
10 Remedies for a Good Night’s Sleep
By Margaret Boyles

How is your dreamworld? After being quarantined at home for a few weeks, some folks have reporting “quarantine dreams” and nightmares. What are nightmares, anyway? Let’s check in with our “night life” and 10 tips for a restful night’s sleep.

I’ve had nightmares occasionally wake me at night—usually just before awakening for the day. They rarely feature any narrative content, such as an event or sequence of events with real people in real landscapes. They would just come on as a frenetic jumble of dynamic phantasmagorical, images, often in garish colors.

I stumble down for my morning coffee, relieved to be awake; but the sensation remain for some time. The nightmares did taper off, mostly because I realized I had to accept them as normal during this time of chaos, change, and uncertainty.

Chats with family and friends, combined with daily forays into social media, confirm that lots of people are also having nightmares they’re willing to share.

The sense of camaraderie, often accompanied by injections of hilarity, helps remove the anxiety.

So, what are dreams?

Dreams are somewhat of a mystery. We used to believe that dreams were hidden desires or suggested ways for self-improvement. Today, we know that dreams do have a purpose but it’s not to send us messages (which is not to say that we can’t reflect on dreams’ meanings and have healthy conversations).

Dreaming is more of a way that the body mediates memory consolidation and mood regulation. It’s important to get our sleep as being sleep-deprived means we dream less which then affects memory and mood.
What are nightmares?

True nightmares are a different beast. They are related to a trauma, anxiety, or stresser.

An article in Psychology Today offers a succinct summary;
Some researchers call [nightmares] “threat rehearsals,” where we rehearse the possible threats we encounter in real life; other researchers say that people are working through upsetting events of the day.

I don’t have any credentials in psychology, but really, why not both? I feel as if my nighttime brain is preparing to respond to tomorrow’s challenges, while simultaneously trying to process the stresses of the day that just passed. Some of us are lacking our normal support mechanisms: interactions with co-workers, workouts at the gym, shopping trips with friends, getting together with family or friends.

We’re also beset by worries that many of us have never or rarely experienced: Are our loved ones safe? How can I shop for basic food and household supplies safely? What alternatives are there when I’ve run out of (toilet paper, flour, etc.) Will things ever return to normal?

Common sense suggests that sleep disruptions, nightmares, anxiety, and other forms of psychological distress may result.

10 Remedies … For A Good Night’s Sleep

Some remedies medical/psychological experts suggest for managing all these new forms of stress include:

Focus on positive elements of their day immediately before bed; catch yourself if you start ruminating.
Maintaining a daily routine, involving household chores, at-home work schedule, exercise, and consistent bedtime and getting-up times.
Staying away from news updates,TV, Internet, and mobile devices for at least an hour before bedtime.
Eating as well as possible, given the challenges of getting access to all the foods you’re used to. It’s difficult, but resist the urge to gobble junk food to make yourself feel better.
Setting aside one hour a day for yourself, when you do something specifically to take care of yourself. Curl up with a book. Take a hot bath, or maybe a nap. If you play an instrument, play your favorite music. I’m with 88-year-old former TV newsman Dan Rather, who tweeted:

I’ve been thinking about self care in these times. For me, few things beat a hot soak, something the ancients in societies around the world figured out. Last night, I was in a bit of a mood. I came out of the tub ready to wrestle an alligator. What approaches are you using?

Finding ways to maintain emotional equilibrium. Some people discover or rediscover spiritual practices like prayer or meditation, and practice anger management by learning to let go of minor irritations and blaming or lashing out at others.
When you wake up, do not dwell on disturbing images from a nightmare.
Start the day with a brief meditation. Deep-breathing exercises are always available. Here’s a good tutorial.
Get outdoors to reconnect with nature; nature has its own healing mechanism.
Finding a way to have fun. It may be as simple as bringing out the old board/card games, doing a jigsaw puzzle, setting up an indoor fitness challenge. Maybe start a new home improvement project that doesn’t feel like work.

If you find yourself spinning out of control despite taking measures to protect your emotional well-being, please consult a trusted medical professional. Medical and psychological teleconferences by phone or video-conference are beginning to take the place of office visits, often covered by health insurance.

I love the idea Juliette Kayyem introduced in her article in The Atlantic, of living with the virus each day as our “now normal.”

My friend Jonathan Walton, the dean of Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity, has described our time hiding from, mobilizing against, and then living with the virus as the “now normal,” the simple effort to live each day as if it were typical, knowing that the next day will bring a new round of uncertainty. Our reentry will be slow. There could be another wave. Adaptive recovery is going to last a very long time—and it will not feel normal at all.

Here’s to our now normal—and a good night’s sleep for all.


A Life of Learning
by Madisyn Taylor

Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul.
Life is the province of learning, and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives is the reward of existence. As we traverse the winding roads that lead from birth to death, experience is our patient teacher. We exist, bound to human bodies as we are, to evolve, enrolled by the universe in earth school, an informal and individualized academy of living, being, and changing. Life’s lessons can take many forms and present us with many challenges. There are scores of mundane lessons that help us learn to navigate with grace, poise, and tolerance in this world. And there are those once-in-a-lifetime lessons that touch us so deeply that they change the course of our lives. The latter can be heartrending, and we may wander through life as unwilling students for a time. But the quality of our lives is based almost entirely on what we derive from our experiences.

Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul, as well as the intellect. The scope of our instruction is dependent on our ability and readiness to accept the lesson laid out before us in the circumstances we face. When we find ourselves blindsided by life, we are free to choose to close our minds or to view the inbuilt lesson in a narrow-minded way. The notion that existence is a never-ending lesson can be dismaying at times. The courses we undertake in earth school can be painful as well as pleasurable, and as taxing as they are eventually rewarding. However, in every situation, relationship, or encounter, a range of lessons can be unearthed. When we choose to consciously take advantage of each of the lessons we are confronted with, we gradually discover that our previous ideas about love, compassion, resilience, grief, fear, trust, and generosity could have been half-formed.

Ultimately, when we acknowledge that growth is an integral part of life and that attending earth school is the responsibility of every individual, the concept of “life as lesson” no longer chafes. We can openly and joyfully look for the blessing buried in the difficulties we face without feeling that we are trapped in a roller-coaster ride of forced learning. Though we cannot always know when we are experiencing a life lesson, the wisdom we accrue will bless us with the keenest hindsight.


American Scene
by Stephen Halpert

Tommy’s mom called him to come in for supper. She tousled his blond head and said, “go wash your hands and get the germs off them.”
“That’s what you always say.” His hands looked clean to him.
“Your father will be home soon and I want you to be ready to sit down with us for supper.”
“I am,” the seven-year-old said.
She sensed that belligerent nature doubtless inherited from his father’s side.
Her voice rose. “Go wash your hands and face, now!”
Reluctantly he trudged into the downstairs bathroom and turned on the light. That’s when he saw the tiny black speck on the side of his thumb. As he put his hands under the water, it jumped onto the plastic soap dish.
“What’s for supper?” His father asked coming home from work. Later, as they finished, he said, “Today they announced there’ll be no promotions in our department.”
“Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere?” She said.
“Do you want to move?” He asked.
“If it comes to that,” she said, although she wanted to stay where they were. “We’re young! Your career is what’s important not so much where we live.”
Tommy piped up. “I don’t want to move. I don’t want to lose my friends.”
“That won’t happen,” his father said. “We’ll be fine.”
Later David went into the downstairs bathroom. Checking the bottom of the soap dish he saw that the speck seemed bigger. On its middle there was a little orange dot the size of a crumb.
He decided not to tell his mom about the speck. She’d just throw it away. He looked at his new pet. “She’s always talking about germs outside,” Tommy grinned. “That’s where I found you, so I’ll call you Germ.”
As the days passed Tommy noticed his parents seemed more worried than usual. Most days, dinner time was pretty quiet. Neither of them said much. They hardly touched their food.
Maybe their appetites already moved away, he thought. As time went on, even when they did speak, they disagreed about practically everything.
After three weeks Germ had grown. ” I’d better hide you in my room. You’re getting bigger.” He started upstairs with the soap dish. “My mom says everyone has to eat so they can to grow! I wonder what I should feed you?” He removed the soap and hid the dish on a shelf at the back of his closet. He considered what he was doing his first scientific experiment. What that experiment was exactly, he wasn’t sure.
One day his father came home from work. He hugged Tommy’s mother and Tommy saw tears in his eyes. “Starting next month, the entire department’s been laid off,” he said.
“I guess that’s it then,” she said. “I’ll get the house ready to sell.”
Tommy perked up. “Why can’t you ask God for your job back so we won’t have to move?”
“I doubt that God has any experience helping people keep their jobs,” his dad said. Then he smiled. “Nice thought though.”
“”If he made it rain that long like in the Noah’s Ark story, why can’t he get you back your job?”
After dinner he went upstairs and checked in on Germ. He watched it slide around the soap dish. “You must be getting very hungry, got to find you food,” he said. He went downstairs.
“What do germs eat?” he asked his father.
Caught unaware and feeling particularly morose he looked at his son and said, “District Managers!”
“Especially the one who jettisoned your father’s department,” his mother added.
His father sighed.
Several days later David asked his mom “Can we go see daddy at work?”
“Sure,” she said. “Why not! Let’s surprise him and take him out for lunch.”
David extracted Germ from the soap dish and enticed his creature into a matchbox. By now it had grown tiny feet and was the size of a small red ant. Tommy noticed teeny wings on either side of the orange dot. He grinned proudly.
As they walked toward his father’s office David saw the sign District Manager on an open office door. Inside was an empty cluttered desk. “Oh good,” he thought lagging behind his mom. “Now you can eat!” He opened the matchbox and watched Germ fly into the office. Then he smiled and caught up with her.
Several days later Tommy’s father said. “Weird stuff at work. The District Manager’s in the hospital. Apparently, his skin turned orange, and he appears to be delirious from time to time.
The good news is that he’s been replaced and the new guy has rescinded his order to lay off my department. We’re all saved.”
I wonder what he came down with?” Asked his mother.
“Apparently some rare germ with no known antidote.”
“Really,” she said. “I hope the poor man recovers and doesn’t stay orange all his life.”
Tommy listened carefully to their conversation. “Maybe God made him orange,” he said.
Both parents looked at him and smiled.
After supper Tommy went outside to the edge of the driveway where he liked to play. There in the outskirts of a puddle he saw another infinitesimal black speck with an almost invisible orange dot. Avoiding it, he played elsewhere.
From that day on every time he came inside from playing, he always made sure to carefully wash his hands.


You Are The One You Are Waiting For
by Madisyn Taylor

Ultimately, you are the one.

We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus to guide us on our path. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, finding the right person at the right time can really help. However, it is important to realize that in the absence of such a figure, we can very safely rely upon ourselves. We carry within us everything we need to know to make progress on our paths to self-realization. The outer world serves as a mirror. Or to use another metaphor, our inner world has a magnetic force that draws to us what we need to evolve to the next level. All we need to do to see that we already have everything we need is to let go of our belief that we need to seek in order to find.

The path of the spirit is often defined as a journey with a goal such as the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In this metaphor, a person begins a search for something they want but do not have and then they find it, and there is a happy ending. However, most of us know that getting what we want only makes us happy for a moment, and then the happiness passes until a new object of desire presents itself. Joy is a permanent aspect of our inner selves and is not separate from us at any point. We do not have to travel to find it or imagine that it resides only in the body of another. In fact, what the best teachers will do is point out that this very precious elixir is something we already possess.

So when we find ourselves on our path, not knowing which way to turn and wishing for guidance, we can turn to ourselves. We may not know the right answer rationally or intellectually, but if we simply ask, let go, and wait patiently, an answer will come. The more we practice this and trust this process, the less we will look outside ourselves for teachers and guides for we will have successfully become our own.


Crystals for Your Plant, Flower and Vegetable Gardens
by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.~

If you have ever seen a Kirlian photo image of a plant or vegetable, you will see how these living herbs pulse with a beautiful aura. The integration of crystals along side nature’s bounty can be a wonderful benefit for growth and regeneration. By placing these minerals at the base of any plant or burying them along side your vegetables, they can bring an added sense of encouragement and even spirituality to your hard work.

Minerals Used In The Garden

Agate (Moss): is a transparent stone that has inclusions of minerals that make it look like the stone has foliage in its matrix. This pretty stones can make a decorative border around any plant or flower bed.

Agate (Tree): is a mineral, which occasionally resembles trees branching out with icicles. This stone has been used in gardens and work fields to assist in relieving infestation. It can be used to energize and protect house plants.

Boji Stones: are actually a registered trademark of stones discovered in Colorado. The appear smooth on one side (female), while others have small protrusion on one side (male). These pair of stones are many composed of pyrite and palladium and have been used to facilitate growth and encourage telecommunication between plants.

Jasper: has been used by agricultural associations, farmers and growers of herbs, plants and flowers as the stone of transformation and transmutation. It appears to facilitate the communication with the plant world in order to enhance gardens, terrariums and crops of any kind.

Fossils: are the organic materials that have turned to stone. Minerals incorporate into the cellular structures of animals, bones, insects, shells and wood, filling in the spaces and are often found with inclusions of other plants or animals. Fossils are a stamp from the past that can be used to adorn any garden, indoor/outdoor potted plants. Their high mineral content is said to supplement any type of plantings.

Garnet: is a mineral that grows in plate-like or wedge shaped form and has been used in grids (see below) to encourage growth.

Quartz: is considered solidified light and oxygen. Quartz encompasses a large family of stones and crystals, all of which are made up primarily of silicon dioxide, one of the most common and most important substances in the world. This mineral is found over 2/3 of the earth and can be used in many ways throughout your garden. Create beautiful borders. Bury a few quartz points facing upward next to your potted plants. Lay some clear quartz tumbled stones along side your flower garden. Use an elixir (see below) of quartz and water your plants with them. Make a crystal grid (see below) around your field or plant beds to encourage growth, harmony and transform energy.

Tourmaline (Green): is a healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones. It is used to help achieve balance in all areas. Botanists, herbalists, farmers and gardeners have all used this stone to increase the effectiveness of an herb’s healing properties. Green tourmaline is said to hold the “essence of the plant kingdom” within it and is used to conduct energy between the earth and the plants for smoother transitions during growth.

Creating A Garden Grid

A ‘Grid’ is a way to arrange the stones in a sacred geometric pattern. They are then consciously ‘activated’ by connecting a ‘line of Light’ between the stones so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are constructed. Those of you who are sensitive to energy will be able to tell immediately that there is a shift of energy in the area where you construct a Grid. Depending on which stones you choose, there will either be a gentle shift… or a very tangible one.

Creating a Sacred Space

We live and work in a variety of environments. Many of these environments have a specific function to fulfill that can be consciously and energetically supported. The current attention on Feng Shui and similar ‘getting the energy in the room just right’ techniques have shown that we, as a society, are becoming more aware of how our immediate spaces can either be harmonious or disharmonious to our goals. Constructing a Crystalline Grid in your garden or an environment that supports the function of the area is yet another way to contribute to the overall energy flow.

You may to add a Grid that supports harmony in your garden or a general feelings of love and comfort. There are no right or wrongs. Choose the space. Familiarizing yourself with the various metaphysical properties of minerals can be very helpful to you as you make your choices. You can get a nice list of stones you may want to use and then use a pendulum to figure out which ones would be the most effective for you.

The first thing to do is develop clear intent of the purpose of your grid.

Hold your crystals in your hands at heart level. Say a prayer of intention or affirmation that will program these stones to work their highest good for your garden.

Place them in a formation.. Consider using sacred symbols around your plant or garden such as a star, a circle, a cross or a square. Save one crystal before placing it into the earth.

To connect the grid lines, start by pointing the last crystal toward the first stone you laid down. Holding it a few inches above the grid, draw a line of energy, that connects each crystal you have laid out. Once you have traced these energy lines over your stones, plant the last crystal in your hand into the earth.

Making Crystal Elixirs

Crystal concoctions or elixirs are the recipes of the past. It is recommended to place clean stones or crystals into clean, clear distilled water and place it in the morning sun through the day and into the night of a full moon for 24 hours. This allows the (male) sun energy and (female) moon energy to reflect through the water and into the crystals therefore charging the water with this vibrational force of light and color.

After 24 hours, place this elixir into a dark glass bottle and use it to water your plants, flowers and vegetables.

Quartz crystals such as clear, rose, amethyst, citrine and smokey all respond very favorably to a water and light remedy method. They also offer a complete light spectrum within them. The best for healing.

Top 10 Ways To Make A Crystal Garden

1. Choose crystals that will work for your appropriate situation.

2. Choose crystals you are drawn to.

3. Program crystals to their greatest and highest good

4. Place in a grid around plants, shrubs and trees.

5. Plant elixir water can be used to enrich your garden.

6. Use crystals as a border around your plants or herbs.

7. Blend sand (high in quartz crystal content) with potting soil.

7. Envoke the elements by coordinating your garden with crystals associated with each season and direction.

8. Enhance plant food with crystals by placing them in the food 24 hours before use.

9. Cut flowers and potted plants make great gifts. Include one of your garden crystals with the gift.

10.. Enjoy the work you have created!


Infused Water Recipes and Benefits
by Lindsey Toth, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian, Swanson Health

Water Infusion Recipes – Photo of lemon water and cucumber water with mint.

Flavor-infused water is making waves in a big way. In fact, water in general is a hit these days, with bottled water sales outpacing soda in the US for the past couple of years.1 And one famous, Michigan-based seltzer brand has more than doubled their profits in the same time span.2

While choosing water may be better for our health and our waistlines, buying prepackaged water isn’t good for the environment since it takes at least 450 years for plastic bottles to degrade, and Americans throw away about 1,500 aluminum cans per second.3,4 Some flavored waters sold commercially have additives that may not be so good for you, either.5

Here’s a better way to get your daily H2O—make your own infusions! Whether you like yours flat or bubbly, your options are endless. And you’ll get a nutritional boost from using only natural ingredients. Plus, it’s easier on your wallet to make infused water yourself and it only takes a little fruit to get big flavor!
What is Fruit-Infused Water vs. Fruit-Flavored Water?

It may sound like the same thing, but there are a few critical differences between fruit-infused and fruit-flavored water. The differences are in the calorie count, flavor and appearance.

What’s Infused Water?
Infused water is made by adding chunks or slices of fruit and other natural ingredients to water and letting it sit for a few hours so the flavors can infiltrate the water.

What’s Flavored Water?
Flavored water is made by adding juices or extracts to water.

While both of these options are tasty, infused water usually has fewer calories because the fruit stays intact, imparting flavor but keeping most of the juice inside the fruit. Since fruit juice contains natural sugars, thus calories, you’ll get more calories if you squeeze the fruit to flavor your water. But you may get more nutrients that way, too!

Infused water can also taste a little different from flavored waters, even if you use the same fruit for both. When you infuse water with fruit versus squeezing the fruit and using the juice to flavor the water, the rind or skin of the fruit also provides some flavor, especially with citrus fruits. Citrus peels lend a bright and tangy zing to infused water.

Since the fruit pieces can stay in your infused water while you drink it, you get a fun splash of color along with your flavor, so don’t be surprised if someone asks about the delicious-looking concoction in your water bottle!

How to Fruit-Infuse Water

The first step to making infused water is to choose your flavors! But don’t limit yourself to fruit. You can add herbs, spices, edible flowers, and even vegetables to your H2O infusions.

Fruit-Infused Water
Citrus fruits, berries, apples, pears, mango, pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, cucumber, you name it! You can use practically any fruit in water infusions.

Vegetable-Infused Water
Celery, carrots, and fennel can all be used in water infusions.

Herb-Infused Water
Rosemary, mint, basil, parsley, cilantro, and thyme make great additions to infused water.

Water Infusions with Spices
Try adding cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, cloves, or vanilla bean.

After you have your ingredients, rinse them thoroughly and slice into smaller pieces so the flavors will infuse your water more quickly. You can leave smaller berries whole if you want, and keep the skins on the fruits, depending on your preference. You can use many spices whole (like pairing cinnamon sticks with green apple slices), chopped (like adding chunks of ginger to a peach infusion) or mix in a pinch of powdered herbs or spices (like adding a pinch of cayenne to lemon-infused water). See below for more recipe ideas using herbs and spices.

Next, add your ingredients of choice to a water infuser, or you can use large-mouthed glass bottles or jars with lids. Pour in some filtered water, cover the jars and put them in the fridge. Some ingredients need a couple of hours to impart their flavor. Citrus will be detectable almost instantly, though berries and herbs take a little longer.

Once you’ve finished drinking your infused water, you can refill the container with more filtered water and reuse the ingredients, but the flavor won’t be as potent the second time around.

Water Infusers

Although they aren’t absolutely necessary to have, infuser bottles or water infusion pitchers are great, especially if you plan to use herbs that you might accidentally swallow while drinking—like basil leaves or small berries. There’s nothing wrong with eating the ingredients, of course, but loose ingredients can be a choking hazard if you aren’t expecting to swallow them.

Water infusers work a little bit like teapots or tea infusers. A basket-like container within the bottle keeps the flavor-contributing ingredients separated from the water while still letting them mingle.

You can also use a smaller infuser, such as a mesh tea infuser, to infuse a smaller amount of water, like 32 ounces (4 cups), with fresh herbs like ginger or basil.

Healthy Water Flavoring

The best infused-water recipes use natural ingredients, in flavor combinations you’ll love, to help get you drinking more water! Most homemade infusions with natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs are worlds healthier than store-bought flavored water, for both you and the environment. Many commercially available flavored-water drinks contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that aren’t 100% natural or nutritional.5 There are options with no artificial additives or other ingredients, like added sugar, but why not just make your own healthy water flavors at home by infusing your water with fruit, herbs, and spices, or adding your own natural fruit juices and extracts. Here are some recipes to try at home.

Fresh Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Citrus Fruit Blends
Add slices of citrus fruits, like lemons, limes and oranges for a boost of antioxidant vitamin C. You can even add them in colored stacks so you have a citrus rainbow in your glass!

Cucumber Water
Choose cucumber to add a refreshing flavor to your water and help keep you hydrated.

Berry Infused Water
Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals for help against oxidative stress.

Blueberry Citrus Infusion
Add blueberries and orange slices for a unique, zingy flavor combination.

Cherry Peach Perfection
This cheery blend of peach slices and cherries is the perfect sip for spring.

Mango Water Infusions
Mango goes well with so many flavors! We like combining it with either strawberries or oranges.

More Infused Water Recipes

Combine organic herbs, healthy spices and fruits for unique flavor infusions, like watermelon and basil, peppermint and blackberry, pear and cinnamon, ginger and peach—here are even more water infusion recipes that include herbs and spices below!

Cayenne & Apple Cider Vinegar
Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and a splash of organic apple cider with mother from Swanson Health, which contains beneficial enzymes, minerals and acetic acid. Read 30 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for more ACV recipes.

Lavender & Lemon
Give your lemon water a new twist with a sprig of fresh lavender!

Mint & Berries
Toss some mint leaves and sliced strawberries or blackberries into your bottle for a refreshing infusion.

Basil & Watermelon
These two flavors go together spectacularly—it’s the perfect water infusion for a warm summer day.

Jalapeño & Strawberries
Try combining a few jalapeño slices with strawberries for a spicy and sweet infusion.

Cinnamon Apple Water
Slice some apples and toss in a cinnamon stick to make your water evoke the comfort of apple pie.

There’s no way you’ll get bored with your daily H2O when you have so many flavors to try. You can even get your children involved to come up with their own fun flavor combinations. They’ll be inspired to drink more water and get a mini culinary lesson, too!

Share your favorite water infusion recipes below! Also, boost your H2O IQ with Water for the Win: Benefits of Water, Plus 5 Water Infusions to Try, and check out the rest of Swanson Health’s A-Z Guide to Modern Wellness.


1 Americans Are Now Drinking More Bottled Water Than Soda. Fortune.

2 Bears Are Betting LaCroix Is Too Bubbly. The Wall Street Journal.

3 How Long Does It Take a Plastic Bottle to Biodegrade? Postconsumers.

4 Americans Throw Away 1,500 Aluminum Cans Per Second. The Good Human.

5 5 Hidden Dangers of Flavored Water. WellnessNova.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, May 10, 2020
by Georgia Nicols

“These are the shadows of things that have been.” Charles Dickens wrote these words in 1843. By the end of this week, four planets will be retrograde – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. (In reality, they always move forward in space; but in astrology, relative to Earth, they appear to be moving backwards.) Until Nov., there will be a sense of the past influencing our lives. Remember that everything that happens has both negative and positive aspects. One positive reality about these hard times is there are many more opportunities to practice kindness and generosity. And isolating at home has given new meaning to the idea of dressing for dinner.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This week you continue your focus on money, earnings, possessions and your assets in general. This is because despite the fact that you’re an adventurous warrior, you are always concerned about your security, which is a good thing. When you get down to basics, the most important thing to know is where your bed is at night. Because lucky Jupiter is at the top of your chart now, you have divine protection! Therefore, do not worry. This particular blessing comes along only once every 12 years and for you, it’s for this whole year! Enjoy a chance to reconnect with siblings, relatives and neighbours because this will give you a warm feeling in your tummy.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This continues to be a powerful time for you because the Sun is still in your sign, where it will stay until Wednesday, May 20. This is nothing to be dismissed. The Sun is in your sign for only four weeks each year, and this is always your best chance to re-energize yourself and feel rejuvenated. Meanwhile, two planets are in your Money House. It looks like you might decide to purchase something beautiful that you have been thinking about for a while. Some of you will also have a chance in the near future to explore travel that was delayed or postponed. Looking good!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Until Wednesday, May 20, when the Sun enters your sign for the first time in a year, you will continue to be low profile and stay in the wings. You’re happy working alone or behind the scenes; but you’re no shrinking violet because your ruler Mercury (plus Venus) are both in your sign now, making you talkative and sociable – even charming. Meanwhile, Mars is moving to the top of your chart, arousing your ambition! This is a strong influence and it occurs only once every two years, and when it does, it lasts for six weeks. Therefore, act on your aroused ambition. Get something done that matters.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You are warm, emotional, nurturing person. And lately, you have a stronger than usual desire to reach out and contact with friends or members of groups. Act on your instinct to talk to others whether in person, by phone, online, Facebook or zooming because you need this emotional reinforcement right now. Maybe you need to nurture? Maybe you need to comfort someone? You like to be needed. Some of you might be in contact with a secret love from your past. (You devil.) Enrich your involvement with others because as much as you need to be in contact with them – they will feel happy and gratified to be in contact with you.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

You have 10 more days to enjoy the Sun at the top of your chart. (This happens only once a year for four weeks.) It’s a blessing because it creates an illusion whereby others see you in flattering terms! They do not see your failings or flaws. Quite the opposite. They admire your talents! This means you don’t have to work to live up to anyone’s expectations because from their point of view, you have already succeeded. Obviously, this is the time to advance your agenda and make your pitch! Go after what you want because doors will open for you because you look like success waiting to happen. (Applause sign.)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You are a fact junkie. (Who knows more trivia than you?) In some ways, you have enjoyed the last few weeks because there’s been so much buzz about so many things – so many opinions – so many insane ideas – jaw-dropping events and the adventures of coping with a new way of being. This is all grist for your mill. You have 10 more days of having the thrill of discovering new ideas and meeting new contacts. The only downside is that with Mars moving opposite your sign for the next five weeks, you will be easily annoyed with partners and close friends. If you express your criticism – things will get worse. (You know this, it always does.) Consider this a personal challenge for cultivating patience, which is a virtue.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Good news! While some of you are busy with essential jobs, and others have their hands full with kids and homeschooling; nevertheless, many of you are schlepping around home in your robe while in isolation. And even though you are such a social sign, you find it easy to lay around for three days doing nothing. The good news is that this week Mars will start to energize you and inspire you to work hard and get all kinds of things done. Oh yeah! You’ll be PowerPoint on steroids until June. Not only will you be busy, efficient and productive, you will strive to get better organized in every aspect of your life. (Gasp.) Marie Kondo ain’t got nothing on you!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You must deal with your low-energy factor for about 10 more days, and then it will disappear and you will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Oh yes. In fact, your creative urges are starting to percolate on the back burner, which means that until about mid-June, you’ll want to express your creative talents! Set up that easel. Pick up that guitar. Grab those knitting needles or do whatever it is you do to feel your creative juices flowing! In this same window of time, you will enjoy fun activities with kids. You will also want to explore sports in any way possible. You will also find it rewarding to be in contact with relatives, siblings and neighbours. Yea, get the scoop.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

For the next 10 days, your energy to work hard and get better organized will continue. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished! Do be aware that this week, as Mars changes signs, it ushers in a new kind of increased activity and chaos on the home front. Visiting relatives or residential moves or repairs or renovations will suddenly make demands on your time and your patience. This unexpected activity might also create tension with family members. Fortunately, with Venus opposite your sign now, you will handle this with aplomb. You’ll be so cool, you’ll even where your shades in the shower.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

This lighter, fun-loving, more playful time continues for the next 10 days, which is great for you. This same influence makes it easier for you to relate to kids and romantic partners. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus promote warm relations with coworkers and colleagues, so in this respect, you are blessed as well. Nevertheless, a subtle shift begins this week. Mars moves into the part of your chart that influences your everyday life and especially your communications. It will encourage conflicts because you will be opinionated! It makes you want to “sell” your ideas to everyone. Lighten up. (This influence lasts until mid-June.) Oy! But you will be productive doing mental work.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Home, family and your private life continue to be your focus for the next 10 days. This influence, which has been at play for almost a month, has helped many of you who are working at home. It’s been easier for you to accept the “confinement.” (Which is a lot considering how freedom loving you are.) Starting this week, a new influence will creep into your life that makes you want to work harder than ever to earn money. And for many, this same influence will make you want to spend money, because you feel that what you own represents your personal worth. Don’t go crazy with this impulse and do keep your receipts and paperwork. Meanwhile, both Mercury and Venus sweeten your life in a playful way, which is a blessing.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

It’s been frustrating in some ways for you if you have been confined at home because in the last month, you’ve been more restless than usual. You want to get out and about. You want to interact with others and ideally, you want to travel or take short trips – all of which might be impossible. Beginning this week, Mars will be in your sign until June, which is a mixed blessing. The upside is that it boosts your energy in an amazing way. It will make you work hard to further your own interests and assert yourself with others. You will definitely be a fighter for your own rights and even the rights of others. You’ll have more physical energy and zest for life! But — you could be too pushy and come on too strong. Keep this in mind. Be nice to the little people.


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