GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 3 – 10 May 2020! Thanks for reading!


Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Remember dear humans, fresh air, sunshine, and communing with nature is the best medicine. It is good for our immune system. It also lifts the spirits and it breaks up the monotony of “social distancing!” How are you doing?

The NEW MOON always rises at sunrise
And the FIRST QUARTER at noon.
The FULL MOON always rises at sunset
And the LAST QUARTER at midnight.
~The New Orleans Mistic
Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again
Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.
Dates of this calendar were devised by Robert Graves, 1895 – 1985

Goddess Month of Maia begins 4/18 – 5/15
18: Celtic Tree Month Saille (Willow) April 15 to May 12
What’s Happening in May?

May 1st: Beltane

May 1st: May Day!

May 5th: Cross-Quarter Day

May 6th: National Nurses Day

May 7th – Full “Flower” Moon, at 6h. 45m

May 10: Mother’s Day


The Moon Phase: WAXING MOON

Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)
Goddess Aspect: Maiden
Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona
Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiration, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.)

Perform magic on waxing moons to attract a new quality or behavior, to increase the light within, to attain personal and spiritual growth and greater awareness. The quarter moon suggests a period of overcoming obstacles and continuing on the path to growth.


Biddy Tarot Card of the Week
by Brigit | Biddy Tarot

The card drawn for this week is The World.

You are glowing with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfillment, and completion. Now, the World card invites you to reflect on your journey, honor your achievements, and tune into your spiritual lessons.

If you haven’t quite reached this point of completion, don’t worry, you are very close. Express gratitude for what you have created and don’t rush into the next big thing. Allow yourself to celebrate your journey thus far.

Ask the Tarot: What is coming to completion?


Heartwings Love Notes 929: The Beauty of Springtime

Heartwings says, “The loveliness of spring lifts hearts and spirits.”

Outside my bedroom is a maple tree. Maple tree blossoms dangle from the tree’s branches and I watch them every day as they grow. I enjoy observing the tree all year round, but especially in the spring when it goes through so much activity. When the sun shines, the little green blossoms make a filigree design that graces the no–longer bare branches. When I go outside, gazing up I see how the trees in the little wood beside our building paint their leaf buds against the blue spring sky. So inspiring!

Though our usual destinations-supermarket, P.O., library, and so forth are not available now, we do need to run the car. We found this out the hard way when we wanted to drive it, and it wouldn’t start. According to our mechanic, letting the car sit and run wasn’t giving the battery enough “juice” to start up after days of idleness in the parking lot. Somehow time had gone by without our notice, and since we weren’t going anywhere, we didn’t think of running the car.

However, this has turned out to be the perfect month to take the car out for some exercise. There are trees everywhere with flowers radiating beauty even when the sun isn’t shining. The yards and streets of our town are filled with blossoming branches. The duty of driving around to exercise the car has become a joyful experience. The lovely gardens in front of people’s houses, as well as our public buildings, are another treat to see. I must be extra mindful not to get distracted when I’m driving.

While it is true that I would have enjoyed the trees and gardens regardless, the fact that they are my reason for going out greatly enhances my appreciation of them. Recently, my heart rejoiced to see another maple tree. the tiny fan of brand-new leaves was just emerging beneath the small green flowers. The leaves shone with their newness, reaching for the sunlight like the hands of a little baby. Nature is such a wonderful comforter in these times of stress.

As spring advances. may you be aware of the beauty around you and be thankful.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

PS Are there special delights of spring you might like to share with me? I would be so happy to hear from you and to know what they are. Your emails are special to me and I will always answer you, though it could take a while.


Llewellyn’s Spell A Day

Panacea Charm
May 03, 2020 by Tess Whitehurst

To support physical healing from any injury or ailment, for yourself or a loved one, empower a clear quartz in bright sunlight. (On a cloudy day, bathe it in the light from a candle flame.) Then, with ribbon, tie it into a scrap of green flannel, along with a pinch of dried calendula, a pinch of dried yarrow, and a whole clove of garlic. Hold the charm in your right hand and invoke Panacea, the goddess of universal remedy, by saying:

Panacea, I invoke your all-encompassing power to cure and to heal. Please bless this charm with your power, and restore me (or the name of a loved one) to
perfect health. Thank you.

Feel the charm pulsating with Panacea’s radiant, enveloping power. Keep the charm near you (or instruct your loved one to do so) until the desired healing has occurred. Then release the contents to a moving body of water and discard the flannel and ribbon.
Renewing Your Bond with the Land
May 02, 2020 by Charlynn Walls

The land is green and life is abundant again. Now is the time to reaffirm and renew your bond with the land. This can be especially important if you are in a new home or if you have created a garden and you need to establish a connection that creates a give-and-take and bonds you to the land.

You will need to be outside in the space that you want to create a connection with. Taking off your shoes and kneeling on the land will allow you to place your hands on the soil and create a good connection. Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Listen to the land that surrounds you and breathe in that energy. As you exhale, push your energy into the land. Do that give-and-take several times. When you find that it is hard to know where one ends and the other begins, that is when you know the connection is complete!
A Beltane Purifying Spell
May 01, 2020 by James Kambos

Beltane is a good time to purify and cleanse your life of excess emotional baggage or problems. For this ritual, you’ll need your cauldron, white paper, and a red ink pen.

Begin by building a small ritual fire in the cauldron. Hold your hands over the fire and feel its energy. Then write any problems or issues you’d like to get rid of on the paper. Read what you’ve written out loud. Tear the paper into small pieces and toss them into the cauldron. Watch the flames consume the paper, destroying your problems and cleansing your life. As the smoke rises, say:

Beltane fire, burn,
Beltane fire, purify,
Carry my problems away
until they reach the sky.

After the ashes have cooled, sprinkle
them on the ground as an offering.
Bringing in the May Spell
April 30, 2020 by Thuri Calafia

In many Witchcraft traditions, Beltane is April 3o, or May Eve. To enhance and bring these bright, loving energies into your life, first take a small blade or wooden pick and inscribe and then anoint a purple candle with symbols of passion, ardor, and love. You can use a simple oil, such as olive, which has been blessed previously, or if you have another oil you prefer, such as an essential oil, dress your candle with that by tracing the symbols you carved.

Safely light the candle and focus on all the things you like about yourself, how special and unique you are, and what you have to offer to love. Allow your imagination to wander, and don’t scrimp on the praise.

Stand in the shape of a star, with arms and legs extended in a stance of receptivity and healthy self-esteem. Now focus on those energies and qualities in others that you wish to draw to you. Chant the following nine times:

To me, to me! Energies of passion
And truth and love in accord.
May love find me shining
and standing strong
That my tribe will find their way home.

In the coming days, stay open and receptive to the new people who come into your life. Even if someone isn’t your usual type, you might be surprised at what you’ll learn about them, the world, and yourself. Blessed be.
Seed Blessing
April 29, 2020 by Susan Pesznecker

Spring is the perfect time for a seed blessing ritual. A few days or weeks before the ritual, shop for or select the seeds you wish to use. Choose a full-sun day for the ritual. Just after sunrise, fill a treasured or blessed bowl with a bit of garden or potting soil, then set the seeds or packets in the bowl. (Wrap loose seeds in a bit of tissue.) Holding the bowl in your hands, face east, lift the bowl toward the sun, and intone:

Blessed sun and mother Gaia,
Hold these seeds close to your breast.
Fire and earth bring fertile life,
Air and water inspire the rest.

Leave the seeds in the direct sunshine until sunset (if your home area is too hot to leave them in direct sun, use a sunny window), then tuck them into a corner of your altar space until it’s time to plant them.
Miracle of Spring Spell
April 28, 2020 by James Kambos

The miracle of spring is all around us now. What was once a mist of green on the trees has turned into a leafy canopy. What was once a bare stem now bears flowers. Let this season of growth inspire your spellwork. This spell will help any wish come true. You’ll need a pale green candle and a holder, paper, and a pen.

First, think of your wish and write it down. Then light the candle. As you sit before the candle, speak your wish aloud, then say this charm:

Trees are in leaf, flowers
bloom, buds swell.
Let the life force of nature feed my spell.

Let the candle burn for a while, then snuff it out. Repeat this spell three nights in a row. Hide your wish until it comes true, then discard it. Use the candle again for other growth spells.
A Spell for Releasing the Past
April 27, 2020 by Devin Hunter

As the day begins, the moon is in Gemini, bringing up memories from our past, both good and bad. Cast this spell to release any people or experiences from the past that you might be holding onto, and reclaim your power. You will need a piece of paper, a pen, a fire or fireplace, and something to smudge with afterward.

With the paper and pen, write out in detail what the memory is and how it has affected you, and list the names of the people involved. Next to the fire, read aloud what you have written, then say three things that you can do in the present to release the energetic and emotional ties to the memory.

After you have done this, toss the paper in the fire and say:

I choose to be free, I choose to forgive.
Unburden my heart for as long as I live!

Smudge yourself afterward to finish the working.


Crystals for Enduring Change
by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

Change is inevitable. Our lives are made up of the building blocks of change. Change creates the person we must grow to be. Change happens for a reason. That reason is to allow us possibilities we may not have seen in the first place. This can be traumatic or it can be less so.

The single most important point you can make about change is that in most cases it’s not what faces you that’s the problem, it’s how you react to it.

How you react is determined by how you perceive a particular change. The Chinese word for crisis is “weiji”. Two characters that separately mean danger and opportunity. Every problem we encounter in life can be viewed that way. It is a chance to show that we can handle it. Changing the way you think, can change a life of stress and discomfort to a life of challenge and excitement.

Change shows itself in many forms. The move to a different career, by choice or not, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, the move to a new home or simply the change in the weather and how we feel. It is important to embrace the transition!. Struggling, kicking and screaming and dragging your heals will only prolong trying to control the uncontrollable. Learn to recognize strengths you may have overlooked. Embrace optimism and reform your old belief system.

Crystals for Change:

–Bloodstone brings the ability to adapt to change more easily.

–Carnelian is grounding and shows us how to understand change as it
happens around us.

–Chrysanthemum Stone bring equilibrium to changing situations

–Chrysocolla allows us to accept change with calmness and serenity It
makes for smooth transitions.

–Larimar gives us the ability to “go with the flow”. It is a heart soothing stone that brings awareness to change..

–Malachite is a great stone to have, which encourage change to occur.

–Mookaite (Jasper) helps to emphasize the flexibility with change and
encourages new experiences.

–Moonstone makes one conscious of the fact that all things are part
of a cycle of constant change.

–Rose Quartz assists in the acceptance of change that is necessary.

Treatments for Change

Carry 4 of the above stones with you in a pouch, pocket or purse.

A “Change” gem essence can be created with rose quartz, malachite and chrysocolla. Mist over the entire aura. Take 8-10 drops under the tongue every 4 hours.

Laying of Stones: Place Rose Quartz at the Heart Chakra. Use Malachite and Bloodstone at the Heart Chakra. Lay a piece of
Chrysocolla at the Throat Chakra. Chrysanthemum Stone and Cerussite can be placed at the Root Chakra, at both hip bones or between the legs.

Emphasis on the Heart Chakra. This chakra helps us to embrace a changing world. It allows us to love and accept change as it passes our way. When the heart chakra is open it allows us freedom to be ourselves and to accept change that will keep us open and aware. This balance of openness to change and accepting it freely, gives us an even stronger ability to then follow our heart’s desire without fear.

Crystal Elixir: Make up a crystal elixir with bloodstone and larimar. Add sunflower oil and rosemary essential oil. Massage this oil onto the Heart Chakra in a circular motion. Apply this elixir to the pulse points on the wrist, neck abdomen and top of feet.

Meditation with Clear Quartz: This stone shows us clarity of change and sees us through the other side Meditate with this stone in your dominant hand or both hands together. Place the stone in front of you or meditate in a circle of clear quartz.


Wisdom Of The Owl
by Madisyn Taylor

Owls are patient messengers, bringers of information and the holders of wisdom, capable of seeing the unseen.
For as long as humankind has recognized animals as teachers, wise men and women have recognized traits worthy of respect in both wild and domestic creatures. The cultural and spiritual significance of certain animals transcends geographical boundaries, unifying disparate peoples. Not so the majestic and mysterious owl, which has over many millennia served as the focal point of numerous contradictory beliefs. Though owls have been regarded with awe and fascination, they have also inadvertently served as agents of fear. Since owls are nocturnal, human-owl encounters tended to occur at night and likely when the bird was swooping silently down to earth to grapple with prey. Yet even as some shied away from the owl, calling it an agent of darkness, others recognized the depths of awareness in beautiful owl’s eyes.

In the classical Greek tradition, an owl could often be found perched on the shoulder of Athena, goddess of wisdom, while owls could ward off bad luck in Roman lore. It is in Native American mythos, however, that the owl attains its own unique identity. Owls are patient messengers, bringers of information and the holders of wisdom, and they are capable of seeing the unseen. With their keen eyesight, they can glance into the soul to discern meaning and motive, and they are totems of truth. Unlike our distant forebears, we may never encounter an owl in the wild, but we can nonetheless internalize the wisdom of the owl by attuning ourselves to its most venerable qualities. Fully integrating the medicine of the owl into spiritual existence is a matter of considering how we might open ourselves more fully to the wisdom that can be found in the larger universe.

Should you find your efforts blocked as you commune with the owl, remember that it was not always revered as an icon of wisdom. This denizen of the nighttime has overcome many prejudices in its long association with humankind. To reveal those hidden elements of the self that impact your life for better or for worse, you must often make your way through the darkest parts of your soul as if you yourself are the nocturnal hunter. There is indeed darkness both inside the self and outside the self, but like the owl you can transcend it by drawing nourishment from the insights you receive when you penetrate it.


Acknowledging Our Pain
by Madisyn Taylor

Sometimes the motivation to help others may be an extension of a deep desire to heal a wounded part of ourself.

Some people seem called to help others, often from very early on in their childhoods, responding to the needs of family members, strangers, or animals with a selflessness that is impressive. Often, these people appear to have very few needs of their own, and the focus of their lives is on rescuing, helping, and healing others. While there are a few people who are truly able to sustain this completely giving lifestyle, the vast majority has needs that lie beneath the surface, unmet and often unseen. In these cases, their motivation to help others may be an extension of a deep desire to heal a wounded part of themselves that is starving for the kind of love and attention they dole out to those around them on a daily basis. For any number of reasons, they are unable to give themselves the love they need and so they give it to others. This does not mean that they are not meant to be helping others, but it does mean that they would do well to turn some of that helping energy within.

One problem with the rescuer model is that the individual can get stuck in the role, always living in crisis mode at the expense of inner peace and personal growth. Until the person resolves their own inner dramas, they play them out in their relationships with others, drawn to those who need them and often unable to acknowledge their own needs or get them met. In the worst-case scenario, they enable the other person’s dilemma by not knowing when to stop playing the rescuer and allow the person to figure it out on their own. However, if the rescuer finds the strength to turn within and face the needy aspects of their own psyche, he or she can become a model of empowerment and a true source of healing in the world.

Some signs that you or someone you love may need to rescue the rescuer within are inner burnout from overgiving; underlying resentment; an inability to admit to having needs of one’s own; and an unwillingness to be vulnerable. Help comes when we allow ourselves to admit we need it, acknowledging our humanity and our wholeness by acknowledging our pain. The understanding we gain in the process will naturally inform and inspire our ability to help those in need to do the same.


The Telephone
by Stephen Halpert

Karen and Pete loved the old Cape. The price was right and they jumped at it.
Pete loved the stone fireplace, hearth and wide pine floorboards. Karen fell in love with the slope of the roof, the original fluted glass window panes, and especially the antique crank telephone built into the wall of the kitchen. She lifted the receiver, heard only silence, laughed and hung up.
“Just for looks,” she said. “Unless you want to install a land line in it.”
But Pete shook his head. “We couldn’t do that. Historic relics must be preserved. It’s a part of the house. Besides we’ve got our cell phones.”
During the next two weeks the Cape was totally refurbished and brought into the 21st century. They moved in a month later. Though married for close to five years living in the Cape prompted them to feel like newlyweds.
“Ours,” Pete said feeling manly and responsible. He wandered from room to room with a new found swagger.
“Ours,” Karen agreed knowing that here was where she would raise her family.
Just then the phone in the kitchen rang.
It was a different sort of ring, more the sound of a bicycle bell than a phone. She was making pancakes. What kind of a joke is this? She thought, picking it up.
The silence gave way to garbled sounds. Karen held the earpiece away from her and stared at it. Then an elderly female voice said. “Karen. Is that you? This is Aunt Mae.”
Karen’s stomach lurched, her face reddened and she almost dropped the receiver.
“But you’re gone, Aunt Mae. For a long time now.” Her voice sounded shaky and small.
“What are you saying dear?”
‘”That you’re dead,” she sputtered. Tears filled her eyes.
“Of course not,” Aunt Mae said. “Women who cook never die. We just go to a bigger kitchen.”
The line went dead.
She hung it up and rushed into the den. Pete was at his computer contemplating etrades on the net.
She told him.
He stood up, hugged her and gently stroked her head. “Sounds like there’s more stress in moving than either of us realized.”
“I’m not stressed,” she said firmly.
“Of course not.” He stroked her hair. “Maybe your imagination got the better of you. You know, one of those waking dreams.”
“I wasn’t dreaming!” Her voice rose. Then she clamped her lips, turned and opened the ‘fridge.
They had supper, or he did. She had lost her appetite and decided to turn in early.
Pete kissed her. “I’ll clean up in here,” he smiled. “Oh, what a wonderful home we have!” Then he kissed her again and she went to bed.
Several minutes later the bicycle bell ring sounded. Pete frowned, looked at the phone and reluctantly picked up the receiver.
“Pete? That you?”
He gulped. “Uncle Joe? It’s you?”
He heard a familiar laugh. Then the smell of his uncle’s cigar filled the kitchen. “I’ve only a moment. Tomorrow before noon pick up twenty-five thousand shares of Amalgamated Concrete. You can afford it! You’ve got that much in savings.”
Pete wondered what was going on. He knew the stock. It was a loser.
“I don’t think so, Uncle Joe.” His hands trembled. Was he speaking with a ghost? His uncle had been dead for…he’d lost count of the years.
“Listen to me,” Joe said sternly. “You make that buy tomorrow before noontime. Don’t disappoint me.” The line went dead.
Pete felt dizzy. His body began to shake; his teeth chattered. He poured himself a drink. Then he went to his computer and looked up Amalgamated Concrete. The stock listed for a dollar a share.
Karen was sleeping when he came in. Still shivering, he climbed out of his clothes and into bed beside her. This was just too strange.
The following morning Pete told several of his buddies at work about his stock tip. They laughed. Despite this and feeling like a fool, at eleven thirty he emptied their savings account and bought twenty five thousand shares of Amalgamated.
At Noon the acquisition was announced. A Saudi Prince thought Amalgamated was the way to go. The stock split at sixty to one.
Pete called Karen and shared the good news. “Make a reservation at Thai Palace,” he said. He left work early, bounced into the cabin and swept Karen up in his arms. Then he presented her with the bouquet of American beauty roses. “What’s up?” He asked. “You’re not smiling.”
She hugged him and started to cry. “I think I’m losing my mind. That phone rang again. It was Aunt Mae. She said now that we’re rich it was a good idea to put on a deck.”
“Maybe after we get back from that vacation you’ve always wanted,” Pete said. “Now let’s go have dinner.”
From time to time, at special occasions like the birth of a child, the old telephone would ring and a familiar family voice would share something helpful. Pete and Karen cherished these moments and grew to look forward to their rare occurrence. One day after several children they realized they had outgrown the Cape and with their burgeoning family, reluctantly moved to a bigger, more spacious Colonial.
They had to leave the old telephone behind. Karen often wondered if it ever rang for the newly married couple who had bought their old home.


Can’t Get To Your Favorite Coffee Shop? DIY Cold-Brew Iced Coffee!

Another cold brew coffee post? Really? To my credit this post was originally published in 2014 and was desperately in need of a picture refresh but also I’d like to consider myself an OG cold brew coffee drinker.

This step-by-step article will walk you through the process of making it at home #coldbrew

First of all, I love coffee. Nothing new here. But my stomach doesn’t love coffee so much. Back when cold brew first came on the scene (I’m looking at you 2010-2012), my ears perked up when I heard that cold brew coffee is less acidic and can do wonders for anyone who is sensitive to the acidity of coffee. Hi! That’s me! C and I were living in NYC at the time and luckily were living in a place where cold brew was becoming increasingly popular…and expensive. Our weekly grocery budget for 2 people was $50 (seriously!) and one meal out so there wasn’t a whole lot of room for a $4-$5 cup of cold brew. I became determined to master cold brew. The only problem? All the tutorials online involved industrial sized containers and equipment a 21 year old broke post-grad definitely did not own. And so I took things into my own hands and that’s how I mastered the perfect cold brew coffee process.

Today I’m walking you through the process step-by-step. Let’s jump in…

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

The name pretty much says it all, but essentially cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed using a cold water process rather than heating it up. Coffee grinds are left to soak in water for 12-24 hours to absorb the coffee benefits rather than having it released in boiling water. Why might one want to cold brew their coffee? For a couple of reasons:

1. It’s less acidic – heading up the coffee beans releases more acidity, however when the beans are not heated that acidity is not released making it easier on your digestion.

2. It’s stronger – this cold brew makes a concentrate so it’s STRONG. You can dilute it or get a serious buzz. Up to you!

3. It’s cold – DUH. The summer is hot – make sure your coffee is cold and why not get the benefits of cold brew instead of throwing that day old hot coffee in the fridge?

What do you need to make Cold Brew Coffee?

No industrial equipment required here. You’ll need just a few jars or containers (mason jars work great!) and a few other items to make this cold brew coffee recipe.

-1-2 large jars (make sure they have a wide mouth which is easier for pouring)

-a nut milk bag or several pieces of cheesecloth

-At least 1 cup of quality, coarsely ground coffee beans

-a wooden spoon, for stirring

-filtered water

How Do You Make Cold Brew Coffee?

Let’s get to the cold brew making process…

1. Measure out 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee beans. Make sure beans are coarsely ground (if getting from a coffee shop ask it to be ground for french press) as it will make it much easier to strain.

Step 1: Grind Beans for Cold Brew Coffee

2. In a large jar or jug combine the coffee grounds and water. Stir and then cover and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours (or longer if you plan ahead!).

Step 2: Combine ground coffee and water for cold brew coffee

3. After it’s “brewed” for at least 12 hours, remove from the refrigerator and strain through two layers of cheese cloth or a nut milk bag into a large bowl or jug.

Step #3: Strain DIY Cold Brew Coffee with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth

4. Add several ice cubes to a glass, add pour cold brew over ice.

Step #4: pour cold brew over ice

5. Add in any other ingredients such as milk, sugar or add-ins listed below.

Step #5 for DIY Cold Brew Coffee: Add milk to cold brew over ice
Cold-Brew Add-Ins

Cold brew coffee is strong. Definitely stronger than regular coffee. I usually drink mine with a bit of milk. Here are some suggestions of what to add:

1. Homemade Almond Milk – always a classic!

2. Homemade Oat Milk – Haven’t tried oat milk? Now’s your chance. It’s easy to make and tastes great with coffee.

3. Add a splash of cold brew to this Iced Golden Milk Latte

4. Spice things up a notch with this Iced Horchata Latte

Step #4: pour cold brew over ice

Prep Time: 2 minutes Total Time: 12 hours Yield: 5 cups 1x


1 cup good quality ground coffee beans
5 cups water
Ice cubes (I freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray)
optional: milk, sugar, spices
supplies: large jug or jar, cheesecloth or a nut-milk bag, wooden spoon


In a large jar or jug combine coffee grounds and water.
Cover and let sit for at least 12 hours (or longer) in the refrigerator.
Remove from the refrigerator and stir with a wooden spoon.
Strain coffee through two layers of cheese cloth over a large bowl or jug or use a nut-milk bag (that’s what I use).
Add several ice cubes to a glass and pour 1 cup of iced coffee on top.
Add in milk, sugar or mixings of choice.
Store iced coffee in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Start cold-brewing your own coffee for the best iced coffee ever! This easy step-by-step recipe tutorial makes cold-brew iced coffee in 12 hours! #coldbrew #coffee

~An Elite CafeMedia Food Publisher


Share Your Rant or Story of Abuse or Exploitation
What have YOU kept silent about?

NEW CONTACT INFORMATION: Please send to If you previously submitted a contribution but did not get a response from me, please resend.

Hello Friends, Fans and Colleagues,

I hope this finds you healthy and staying safe. Perhaps this call for submissions will give you a welcome distraction. It might even be an act of self-healing.

I’m gathering research for a publication about how we are conditioned to normalize abuse and exploitation – at home and in families, by the Church/religion, government, employers, academia, in cultural biases, the military, corporations, etc. I’m including all manner of abuse and exploitation perpetrated in institutions or social constructs where we are beaten down and told to accept it, it’s normal, or it’s just the way it is.

Just some Examples —

Bullying. Women’s inhumanity to woman. Verbal Abuse. It can be anything from domestic violence to employers forcing workers to perform unlawful acts or work in unsafe conditions. It can be corruption, willful ignorance, failure of the media as the Fourth Estate. Gaslighting. Pharmaceutical companies keeping unsafe drugs on the market. Destruction of the oil and gas industry. Ideologies that harm. Marginalization. Colonization. Testing drugs on people without their consent.

It can be unacknowledged or ignored discoveries in Academia. Racism, sexism, homophobia. Election fraud, gerrymandering or profiteering. Cities turning off poor people’s utilities in a pandemic or poisoning their water supply. Failures of elected officials, violating the public trust or criminal neglect. Pedophilia in the Church or abuse of nuns. Environmental destruction. Abuse in a cult. Dereliction of Duty. Destruction of Cognitive Immunity. Criminal Negligence. Manufacturing Consent. Social Murder.

There is no shortage of abuse and exploitation all over. Only we hardly see it anymore. We’ve become numb. We’re in denial. Or we wear blinders. We sign NDAs. It’s something that happens to others. What is it we keep quiet about – for whatever reason?

What have YOU kept quiet about?

Here’s where you can be involved if you feel inspired or need to vent.

Send me a very short write-up of your personal experience or knowledge of abuse or exploitation. This is not an anthology. I’m not looking for an essay. I’m looking for short snippets or excerpts. If I choose your write-up it will be in the book, anonymously.


Account must be concise, accurate and true — see example below. It could have happened to you or someone you know or be a news article.

No more than 500 words (Snippets and excerpts, not essays)

More than one submission is great!

Send it to me at:

SUBJECT LINE: Abuse Submission

No attachments or websites to cull from – don’t send them!

Deadline: Memorial Day

Provide your email address and phone number.

Don’t name any specific names or corporations.

If you’re citing a public official by name, there needs to be a citation to substantiate the act.

Here’s an example:

I worked for a company in Tulsa for two decades, with never a write-up or reprimand. Suddenly the climate changed. I was expected to break the law and work in unsafe working conditions without complaint. My former employer would never put these directions in writing. I was afraid if the company were caught in the act, my employer would deny his orders and leave me hanging out to dry. I was 50 years old when this happened. Where was I going to go and get hired at my current rate of pay and benefits? I felt I had to suck it up. I worked in fear everyday.- Sarah, Tulsa

After curating three anthologies, which was like herding cats, if these instructions are not followed your submission won’t be considered. Please understand I’m setting these boundaries for my own sanity. EmojiEmojiEmoji

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Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, May 03, 2020
by Georgia Nicols

We’re staying at home, for everyone’s good, but it’s tough. First there was novelty, funny jokes and clever videos. Then the frustration of living in each other’s faces. Then boredom, angst and ultimately depression. But it’s encouraging that Saturn is in Aquarius. It was in Capricorn from 2018 until the end of March promoting worldly power, status and authority. Saturn in Aquarius is different. It bodes well for science, social justice and a concern for impartial truth. Yes, Saturn will return to Capricorn in July until mid-Dec.; but after that, Saturn will stay in Aquarius until 2023. Let’s take a look at what this means, because regardless of how you might feel – you do have a future. It’s okay to buy green bananas.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This week you are focused on earnings and cash flow and how to nail a new income stream or perhaps a new job? This could be successful; keep working on this. Since 2010, you have been more focused on your career and outer achievements. Also, from 2010 to 2012, it was not an easy time for partnerships and relationships. (As well as 2014!) Opportunities in higher education, the media, publishing, medicine and the law were solid in 2015 to 2018. After that, you had a chance to shine! And yes, this wonderful window of achievement is still operating for you. Identify what works. Let go what doesn’t work. Work with what you’ve got.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This continues to be a powerful time for you while the Sun and Mercury are in your sign. This week you might want to improve your appearance as well as your education and knowledge of the world. This will be wise and timely because even though you were busting your buns around 2010 to 2012-13, since then you have come far! Between 2015-2018, things were challenging because debt was heavy and you had to get along with less. But 2018 was a game changer. Since then, you have been preparing for the “big-time,” which will arrive in 2021. Therefore, learn a new language, get further education, get new skills, in other words, you get performance ready! (“How do I dress for success?”)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Things are hit and miss. With Venus in your sign, you’re charming and diplomatic. You enjoy schmoozing on line – whatever. However, the Sun and Mercury are hiding in your chart, which means you’re happy to keep things low key. Around 2008-2011, you worked hard to create a home base for yourself. Then around 2012-2015, you were busting your buns at work. In the last few years, many of you have received less from your partner or external sources, and this has thrown you back on your own two feet. The result of this is you’re learning how to be independent and take care of yourself. Fortunately, this year, goodies and favours have started to come your way! This will continue, so keep your pockets open!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

For the last few years, partnerships and close relationships have been challenging. (And that was before lockdown. Oy!) Fortunately, things have eased since Jupiter entered Capricorn this year. Prior to this time, you were busting your buns at work from 2015 to 2018. But hey, you got a lot done. In fact, in 2019, many of you got a better job or improved your existing job. Glory Hallelujah! Take note that next year, in 2021, things will come easily to you, especially in material terms. It will be relatively easy to get a loan or a mortgage. You might inherit. Your partner might earn more. You actually have much to look forward to! Meanwhile, enjoy interacting with friends on Zoom or social distancing on backyard decks. (“Where can I pee?”)

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

The Sun is still at high noon in your chart along with Mercury, which makes you look great in the eyes of everyone, especially bosses and VIPs. Don’t hesitate to spout your views because others will listen. The not-so-good news is that fiery Mars is still opposite your sign, which make you annoyed with partners and close friends. (Be patient.) You have worked hard in the last few years, especially since 2018, because you have had a lot on your agenda, perhaps to the extent it was overwhelming. Fortunately, this year brings opportunities to improve your existing job or get a better job. Likewise, you can improve your health! Partnerships will be cozy in 2021. Smoochie boochies!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You have lots of energy to get things done. If you’re still at work, you’re hustling! If you’re working at home or doing your own thing, you have energy. Venus at the top of your chart guarantees smooth relations with parents and bosses. Nevertheless, you’re restless. You want change and stimulation! Many of you went through a change of residence or jobs around 2012 to 2015. Following that, for the next few years, you worked to stabilize your home base. Since then, many of you have had increased responsibility with children. Others have dealt with serious concerns with love affairs. In the year ahead, you will work hard and improve your job (or get a better job).

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You feel playful and flirtatious this week. (Do with that what you will.) You gave up stuff and did some downsizing between 2008 2010 so that you could begin an entirely new cycle around 2010. A new world! Many of you had residential moves and job changes between 2015 in 2018 when things were uncertain and you had to go with the flow. In the last few years, your primary aim has been to improve your home and solidify your base so that you feel secure for yourself and your family. This is a good year to make home improvements or buy things to make your home more attractive. Some of you might explore real-estate opportunities. If so, you will profit.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Please get more rest and sleep because your energy is flagging this week. However, while the Sun is opposite your sign, this is your chance (perhaps the best all year) to have an objective understanding of your style of relating to those who are closest to you. It’s tougher to kid yourself. (Which we all do.) Increased activity and chaos at home are challenging; however, the placement of Jupiter at this time in your chart boosts your optimism and makes it easy to take a positive point of view about everything. This is your saving grace. Next year, you have great opportunities to improve where you live or find better digs. It will also be a good year to explore real-estate opportunities.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You’re in work mode, which is why you’re accomplishing so much! You are hands-on at work or with anything you choose to do. You’ve also got moneymaking ideas percolating in the back of your mind. Relations with partners and close friends are sweet because fair Venus is opposite your sign. Admittedly, Mars makes you forceful in your communications with others. This continues to be a great year for you to boost your earnings or increase your wealth and your assets. This will be good timing because in the next few years, you are looking at a residential move or a change of jobs or both. Start packing your bags.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Despite whatever difficulties you are undergoing, this is a lighthearted, playful time for you according to your chart. In the bigger picture, you have divine protection this year because lucky Jupiter is in your sign. This blessing is also giving you a more positive attitude about everything, which is why you have been a source of strength for others. Right now, you want to earn money because you’re spending it! No worries because next year in 2021, you will increase your assets and feel richer. Your health is favoured now but go easy on the sweets. (A balanced diet is not a cookie in each hand.)

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Home, family and your private life continue to be your main focus. Family discussions are taking place along with home repairs. Fortunately, with fiery Mars in your sign, you have the energy to pull this stuff off. Furthermore, the placement of Venus in your chart now promotes good relations and fun, lighthearted activities with kids. This year has been a time of downsizing and letting go of people, places and possessions. You’re clearing the decks because next year you might strike off in a new direction. One thing is certain, things will be positive because lucky Jupiter will be in your sign for the first time in 12 years. Yay me!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Despite the restrictions that you are undergoing, this is a harried, busy time for you. Many of you are taking short trips. You’re also conversing with siblings and relatives. This is why you feel mentally and physically busy! Fortunately, things at home are smooth because Venus introduces a nice vibe. In fact, you will enjoy redecorating projects and making things look prettier. Something is gnawing at you in the back of your mind. Don’t let this overtake you. In many ways, this is a popular time for you, which means you will have meaningful talks with friends and groups (online or over the back fence). Embrace ambitious goals!


Weekly Horoscopes Beginning Sunday, 03 May 2020

If you`re born within cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you`re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You`re in the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don`t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Not only is your ruler Mars in Aquarius, which accents togetherness, that is, everybody from friends and neighbours to colleagues; but, also, events are focusing on teamwork. True, as an impatient and sometimes headstrong Aries, listening to others` views or waiting for them to come up with ideas is no fun. Yet, they`re not only introducing a few worthwhile ideas, you`re actually beginning to enjoy their company.

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly around feeling bored and unable to find pleasure in anything, you need something new and exciting to stimulate your mind. You`re tired of the same boring routines. Your partner or another member of your family will play an important part in your life. New projects you will want to get involved in will demand concentrated effort and hold out the prospect of excellent rewards. Shared activities with loved ones, helps weave a deeper bond of togetherness now.

It might seem that certain individuals are determined to wallow. Their gloom could affect you on Monday. That feeling surely won`t last however. Mars, your ruling planet, first makes contact with Pluto (think passion) and then, on Wednesday, makes aspect with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Aries has a justified reputation for risk-taking. The temptation to do something differently will surely be great; and yes, before the weekend you could be firing on all cylinders. Though true you will be sailing through uncharted waters, you might also be aware that you are incubating an idea that will have considerable mileage once the clouds clear.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Alliances between the Sun, and both the ideas planet Mercury and inventive Uranus, in Taurus have led to amazing, if unsettling, encounters. Since changes seem unavoidable, you`d like decisions made swiftly, so you`ve time to establish a new routine. However, not only is there still lots to learn, with Thursday`s Full Moon bringing a range of emotional matters to a head, you`ll have plenty of dramas to discuss.

After this week`s events you will be left with little doubt that your lucky star could be in the ascendant. An unexpected offer that comes your way will take you by surprise but yours is not to reason why. Just make the most of your good fortune, while you can. Positive energy surrounds you and you are ready to take the bull by the horns to issue an ultimatum in a close relationship. This seems to be the best way to get straight answers.

You could astound others. They might wonder if you`ve lost the plot entirely on Monday. Yet as early as Tuesday, and having listened to your thoughts, others might want to know more. By midweek it should be obvious that you`ve taken the reins. In fact, you may be the glue that is bringing a few people together. This group could go on to do great things. True, anticipate being questioned over and over again – most likely by a Scorpio who needs to know that you`ve thought things through. Amidst all this, your research and ability to husband resources will surely be commented upon.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Recently, you`ve wondered if certain individuals haven`t kept discussions going as a way of avoiding commitments. While, initially, their strategy was amusing, you`re impatient and eager to move on. Before you do, invest time in discovering what`s behind those enthusiasms. What you learn will reveal that these delays aren`t just serving their purposes but are giving them a chance to explore options you, too, would find interesting.

Take stock of your situation if you`re feeling restless. You want to do something useful but you aren`t sure exactly what. Unless you discipline yourself by making some definite plans and sticking to them, nothing will be achieved. Arguing with a friend about what the future may hold will be a waste of time. Besides, you have your own special aims and aspirations. If anyone is trying to convince you a relationship is not worth bothering with, follow your instincts and ignore such biased advice.

You may be stopped in your tracks and need to apologise or give way. Backtracking in order to secure a working partnership may be necessary. With this issue out of the way however, and renewed contact with someone who`s worked in your industry or who has been quietly researching options, by Wednesday you incubating a new plan seems likely. True this might require displacement or even a move. It might also be something that is impossible to put into motion just yet. These plans are not idle thinking however and could yet form the foundation for a project that begins at the end of the year. Note that next week, first Saturn, then Venus in your sign, and finally Jupiter each arrive at their stations. These are not roadblocks but indicators of another cosmic storm. Before pushing ahead, you may need to put in place a safety net.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

You`ve undoubtedly recognised that certain once-straightforward arrangements are unsettled and will remain so for some time. However, you`ve also been hoping discussions about others would achieve enough of an accord you can relax. While things are unlikely to make sense until mid-month, when fabulous planetary activity brings plans and events together magnificently, conversations around Thursday`s Full Moon should help relieve some of the pressure you`re experiencing.

You want to make as much progress as possible in business and personal affairs, but everything seems to be held up and delayed. A rival will try to outperform you but patience and persistence will keep you moving forward. Someone`s memory seems to be playing tricks on them. No matter how hard you try to remind them of something they said or did in the past, they won`t admit to it. It might be a case of their not wanting to. Keep at it and you`ll probably catch them out.

Though you may be aware of the need to tighten your belt even further on Monday, you might also glimpse possibilities for collaboration which, after the Solar Eclipse in your sign next month, have considerable value. This week`s Full Moon accents the research and development area of your solar chart; and yes, it is time to give this your full attention. Go creative. You`re good at this. Even if you simply rearranging a desk or paint the inside of a cupboard, you could make all the difference to your work scene and outlook: so, preparing for the next stage of your career journey. This will most likely require partnership. It`s not hard to imagine you considering making firm agreement before the end of May.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Certain important plans or projects won`t come together until mid-month, when the brilliant planetary setup triggers events well worth waiting for; and until then? If you intend to make the best of these, you`ve some serious decluttering to do, in terms of existing plans but, just as much, certain once-rewarding activities or alliances that are taking up too much time yet giving little back. Consider saying farewell.

You`ve always been generous and giving.. You might decide to buy a gift for someone you love for no reason other than you feel like it. You want to give them a token of your affection and although this will be quite unnecessary, it will mean a lot to your partner. Organising a community event, a thanksgiving or a neighbourhood support group will be a good use of your leadership ability. You are the leading light in a project and people will club together to offer support and encouragement.

It`s just possible that you could have a change of heart – or at least express doubts about a decision taken a few weeks ago. The weight of this may be proving just too heavy. In a sense, this is just one challenge amongst many. Fact is that yours is one of the Fixed signs and that you operate best when you have a clear goal. Under present cosmic conditions that may not be possible. Being flexible will be necessary. That should prove an easier attitude to develop midmonth. For now, though all is anything but lost: support could come from where you least expect it. In fact, by Friday, you may be wondering how you`ve done without this input for so long. It`s entirely possible that forging this key alliance will make all the difference to your year.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Having invested lots of time improving on existing plans but, also, exploring intriguing new ideas, you`ve more to do than you have hours in the day. Theoretically, you should cut back. Yet you`ve lots yet to learn, so should continue exploring. By midmonth you`ll know what will work and what to say goodbye to. For now, be aware, you`ll benefit from everything you do and everybody you meet.

Keep a watchful eye on money.. A partner`s online extravagance is causing you some concern. You have worked hard for the financial benefits coming your way and you need to be sure that someone close doesn`t just fritter it all away. You will make quite an impact on the world around you with your talent, practical ideas and steady effort. A job you find reasonably easy to do looks incredibly impressive to those around you. People will praise your contributions.

There is little doubt that those of your sign can turn worry to an artform. Yet you know the negative side of this: the impact on your physical health can be considerable. It`s essential for you to have support. This is where friends born under the Fixed signs of Taurus or Aquarius could step in. With their input, you might yet turn what appears to be an insurmountable difficulty into a more manageable hurdle. True, cosmic conditions are unlikely to improve in the short term. This though, should give you space to work on ideas that have been incubating for months and to develop your strengths.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Being told you`re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you`re juggling a range of ideas, offers and options as appealing as they are overwhelming. So, discovering certain of these aren`t as good as you hoped will clarify what, and who, merits more attention. Be aware, however, this is about cutting back not making final decisions, at least just yet.

An online conference, Facetime or Zoom session may not be as tricky as you were expecting. You will get to see some people in a new light when they let emotion get the better of them. Someone`s angry outburst will make you realise something has got to change. Discussions with a talented professional will be enlightening. After devoting many hours to a complicated project, you will feel the need to unwind and a cosy twosome end to the week will suit you down to the ground.

The cosmic weather will change next week but perhaps not for the better. Libra has a good reputation for developing strategy. Knowing that even chillier wings are on the way, you could take stock this week, harness resources and strengthen your position so that you maintain balance if storms hit next week. Note that Venus is now in another of the Air signs, Gemini. Its prolonged stay in that sign in 2020 should serve you well if you choose to undertake a course of study. Indeed, pursuing a course of study that concludes in early August could yet be your best way forward. It might even be that a research group formed midweek proves something to be proud of.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

There`s a difference between practical matters coming together, as they have been and will do this week, and you being happy about the direction they`re going. While some arrangements make sense, you`re still uneasy. You`ll discuss and deal with these, but things probably won`t come together until around Thursday`s Scorpio Full Moon, when both facts and your own frequently unsettled feelings come to a head.

A relative will try to talk to you before you make any hard and fast decisions. They want to know your thoughts about some plans they have for the future. Some of these may sound far-fetched and you can`t imagine they`ll ever get off the ground. Be diplomatic as you tell them so. You will want to make a start on new creative ideas.. This is your chance to get out of a rut or to make life more interesting and exciting. You`re ready to take on a fresh challenge.

It might feel as though you`ve been ambushed. The fact that someone is clearly changing their mind and altering course might initially cause dismay. Yet within hours you could yet see a silver lining. True, anger and irritation might surface. This though, may be essential fuel to propel you forward. By Thursday you will likely be unleashing your charm once again. This, together with your considerable artistic skills could make all the difference to a presentation. Away from thus, it might be as well to set aside some time to consider your very considerable strengths and determine how best to deploy these should the cosmic weather take another turn for the worse next week.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Patience isn`t usually your strength, so you may need to muster a steely side of your nature to sidestep pivotal decisions until mid-month, when the Sun superbly aspects both Pluto and your ruler Jupiter. This not only reverses setbacks; it also indicates sudden breakthroughs; and now? Invest your time in recognising, and getting rid of, arrangements that are costing you dearly but going nowhere fast.

You haven`t had much luck in contacting a friend who is overseas. You`ve sent e-mails, made phone calls and have done everything you can think of to get a message to them. They`ve been having the same problem in trying to get in touch with you and they`re the ones who are likely to succeed first. You`re about to see the end of a responsibility that has been time consuming and demanding. Don`t be surprised if you are praised to the hilt for this impressive achievement.

With the arrival of Uranus in Taurus last year, unexpected disruptions have no doubt shaken your world. Add to this that Uranus is now passing through an area of your solar chart associated with health matters and these too may have your attention – and not simply because of the pandemic sweeping the world. It might be as well to anticipate further developments. These need not be in the negative sense. Indeed, with the Sun now moving towards its trine with your ruling planet, Jupiter, all could change to the positive midmonth. We surely have to hope so. This week an altered routine could finally pay dividends. A strategy about which you were doubtful just a few weeks ago, could now pay off and lead to interesting discussions that make clear you are now a valued member of a team.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

In late March your ruler Saturn made a temporary move into unconventional Aquarius, triggering a cycle of exciting and, mostly, unexpected ideas and offers. While you`ve pursued some, others remain to be explored. Do so now, while you can. True, as an earth sign, you want to know what you`ll get for your efforts. In this case, it`s experiences, many beyond anything you`ve imagined possible.

You intuitively feel that important things will be happening in your life now. Obey a powerful hunch about a work situation. Your intuition is preparing you for an exciting opportunity that`s heading your way through a friend of a friend. The financial picture is generally stable but there is room for improvement. That`s why you are listening to the money talk that`s going on around you. Through this, you will hear of a great investment opportunity.

What you have learnt in recent weeks is surely invaluable. True you might not have wanted to learn any of this! Now though, you are likely in unique position. Note that since 2008, Pluto has been passing through your sign. You have doubtless had cause to reinvent yourself several times over. The process won`t complete for a couple of years yet. Now though you can show true mettle and expertise. It`s probable that others need your guidance.. Bearing in mind that next week will probably prove highly dramatic for reasons quite beyond your control, ensuring that you`re on top of your game and, midweek especially showing that you have researched something thoroughly, should put you in prime position and at the helm ready for any storms next week.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

As much as you enjoy a lively exchange of ideas, you avoid heart-rending confessions or dramas of a similar nature. Except now, in a range of settings, you`re being drawn into exactly such conversations. This is timely, because you`ve been downplaying certain potentially troublesome, if not upsetting, matters. Discuss and deal with these now, while you can without further drama. You won`t regret it.

Making good use of your skills, knowledge and special abilities will help you succeed. Chances are that you will be taking on a leading role in a project that isn`t new. This venture has proved slow in getting off the ground and with your help, it will start to make some progress. Don`t let gossip and scandal distract or influence you. Decisions you make should be based on fact and not what you hear. Is someone stretching the truth for their own gain or amusement?

By early next week, Mercury will have left the very base of your solar chart and it will be time to turn your mind to research and development. For now, asset management is crucial. This is more than just about finances.. Having perhaps had a therapeutic clear out, you may now be ready to store and catalogue. At whatever level, ensuring that treasures and prizes are given proper recognition would be a useful way of spending these next few days. You might also, midweek, give thought to who should have custody of these in the long-term. With Mars making special aspect to one of your ruling planets, Uranus, midweek, it may be that you prompt others to think differently too. Yes, a degree of black humour may be needed, but you could yet, in your quirky way, deflect negative energy.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

On occasion, somebody you know and trust will scold you for having ignored a worthwhile offer or idea. While, partly, it was that Piscean tendency to be spacy, you also weren`t interested. However, the move by fiery Mars into Pisces on the 13th heightens your passions. For now, consider long cherished but as yet unrealised dreams.. Once you`ve got Mars in your sign, they could become reality.

You will be relieved by the ready willingness others are showing to fall in with your plans and ideas. A substantial amount of progress will be made due to you not having to put up with any opposition. A little online retail therapy will be a lot of fun. A Taurus friend or relative has a birthday coming up soon. You have a great idea for a gift for them but you may have to shop around for a wee while before you find exactly what you are looking for.

It`s very likely that next week (beginning Sunday, May 10th), will prove a week of high drama. It is arguably imperative then that these next seven days are spent anchoring and securing. All that should be possible given the Sun`s transit through one of the Earth signs. It is well recognised that your sign is one of enormous sensitivity. It`s possible you will sense the winds of change blowing before others realise just how intense these are likely to be. It may be helpful to make a list of priorities. Amongst these should be determining which skills you`d like to acquire in the next couple of years before Jupiter reaches your sign. In short, before early August, you might wish to determine exactly which courses of study would now be helpful.

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