Pandemic Potpourri



There suddenly seem to be lots of useful and lovely meditations available, just when we need them most.  Here’s  a beautiful prayer to Hecate:

Summoning Hekate’s Fire-Breath

Hail Hekate Ergatis, Energizing Soul of the World.
Hail Hekate Pasikratea, Queen of the Universe.
May your breath relieve me of all that blocks my way,
Reducing me to my truth and power.
As I breathe in your fire-breath.
During these days when the day equals the night,
May I understand the balance of my own life,
That the darkness and the storms
Yield to the winds of change,
Ushering in a new season.
Hekate Enodia, my road
May be a challenging,
But as I breathe in your fire-breath,
I am reborn.

Perhaps now, more than in “normal” times, every time that we wake up and see the morning light, we are reminded what a blessing that is.  David Whyte  has…

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