Do cats think we’re cats

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

How can we tell if cats think we’re cats, if the cat can’t tell us what they’re really thinking?

But they can, without words. By understanding the feline behavior, you can tell whether cats think their owners are large cats, or if they realize humans are not like them.

Do cats think we're cats?

Cats mew to people, but not to other cats. However, their kneading and purring and rubbing against their humans can indicate that they treat us like foster mothers. But in the animals’ world, a foster mother doesn’t necessary have to be from the same species.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats because they realize we’re different in so many ways. We speak to them in a human language that is so much different than feline language. We walk on two. We’re slow and large and hairless.

Cats don’t think we’re other cats any more than they think mice and birds are…

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