Do cats watch TV?

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

What do images on the TV screen mean to cats? Do cats watch television?

My Amiga loves sitting on my lap while I watch TV, but that’s just because she likes being on my lap. Cats usually don’t pay attention to images on the screen. Evolution never required cats to notice odorless images without breadth and depth. There was no TV in the wild.

However, cats may pay attention to fast-moving small items on the screen, or they may react to the chirping of birds. That’s when your feline might start watching TV, when the TV speaks to the cat’s hunting instinct. Now that’s something the cat can understand. Of course, it also depends on the cat’s personality.

Cats don’t watch TV the way we do. Cats don’t keep up with the story unfolding on the screen. Cats also don’t see the same color on the TV that we humans…

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