Can cats read minds?

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

Cats behavior can indicate an ability to read people’s minds. I had a cat who always seemed to know when I wanted to take him to the vet or force a pill down his throat. He’d get this suspicious and alert look in his eyes, and his body would stiffen. And the endless questions is: all right, can cats read minds, yes or no?

Cats are much more sensitive to our feelings than we give them credit for. Cats study us closely. You can see it in their direct stare, the way they survey their humans. They don’t need human language to know what we’re planning to do. Their ability to understand and put things together is better than any language, because words can lie, but the feline instincts can’t.

So, how does your feline know you’re going to force a pill down its throat, or put it in the…

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