Which pet is better, cats or dogs

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

Are cats better pets than dogs, or maybe dogs are better pets than cats? Should you get a cat or a dog? The answer to this debate varies from one person to another, and probably depends on the individual preferences and personality. Both dogs and cats are very popular pets, although dogs seem to be more popular. Here are 6 reason why cats make better pets than dogs and 8 reasons why dogs make better pets than cats.

Here are 6 reasons cats are better pets than dogs

  • No need to walk your cat Cats either stay in the apartment or go out independently.
  • Cats are independent by nature No need to worry about their mental state if you go aboard and leave them with a sitter. They won’t miss their owners as much as dogs.
  • Cats may be cheaper They’re smaller than most dogs and eat less, and sometimes…

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