Promises #midnighthaiku

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Wishes on the wind

Ephemeral promises

Made and forgotten


Meant in the moment

Without true dedication

Tradition withers

The tradition of tying pieces of cloth to a tree, especially when it grows close to a holy or healing well, is an ancient one. The strips of cloth are usually called clouties (or clooties). They were once strips of fabric, dipped in the water of the well and tied to the tree. The idea was that as the fabric rotted away, so would the ailment.

Please have a care if you are tempted to tie your own cloutie to a tree. The fabrics originally used were made of natural fibres and would quickly disintegrate. Most modern ribbons and fabrics have some element of synthetic fibre and will not do so: they remain and cause harm to the tree as it grows.

The two photos above were taken in Cornwall on…

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