Odin’s Steed…

France & Vincent


We have to travel far and wide before we can comprehend this story,

but in psychological terms ‘Loki’ is straightforward enough.

He represents the shadow side of the personality.


In the Myth Cycle as a whole,

Loki’s binding brings on the destruction of the world,

but at this stage of the story he is introduced to us in all his ‘glory’.


Given free rein in this way, Loki advocates a hazardous

solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem for the Gods.


When this looks like going awry he manages to save the day,

 and brings a much needed boon to the Nine Worlds,

in the wake of a costly transgression of oath.


‘Solemn oaths were broken

word and bond

and binding pledges

which had passed between them.’


The shattering of the Rock Giant’s skull,

after he has previously been granted safe passage in Asgard,


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