Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

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img_5952Away from the herd, by Eva Kosmos on Deviant Art

2020 brings us six eclipses — two solar and four lunar (full list in footer) — and the first of these arrives this coming weekend at the time of the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer.

On January 10th, we will experience a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, defined by TimeAndDate.com as the movement of the Moon through the “faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow” and notes that this type of eclipse is often mistaken for a normal Full Moon. The Penumbral Eclipse begins at January 10th at 17:07:44 UTC and ends January 10th at 21:12:19, coinciding with the arrival of the January Full Moon at 19:21 PM UTC in the sign of Cancer.

Full details of the eclipse can be found on TimeAndDate.com, including an interactive eclipse map available for any location and global lunar eclipse visibility.

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