Whitby Weekend: Fantastic beasts

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

What we had really come to see at St Andrew’s church had very little to do with the church itself, except that many of the carved, tenth-century stones had been found, used long ago as building blocks within its walls. It seems almost criminal to think of such fabulous work being opportunistically ‘quarried’ from the surrounding landscape, but we know so little of the local story. The stones, though nominally Christian crosses, are carved with scenes of mythology and of the hunt… and they are classed as Viking.

The Vikings were invaders from Scandinavia. Their early incursions were short raids, but in the winter of 850, the army stayed in Britain and, over the years, their strength and presence grew. It is possible that the iconography of these eleven-hundred year old stones was seen as simply too pagan for the builders of the church. Or just inappropriate. Or perhaps it…

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