Contrary Appearances…

France & Vincent


Most traditional mythologies, the world over,

treat of a ‘Divine Brew’ or intoxicant.


The Greek Gods and Godesses had their ‘Ambrosia’,

The Vedic Indian Divinities their ‘Soma’, and so on…


In many instances this liquid,

for such it invariably is,

was also, in part, responsible

for maintaining the divinity of the Gods,

or, looked at another way, for conferring

that divinity in the first place!


Small wonder then, that Odin is so keen

to retrieve ‘Kvasir’s Blood’ and that

he alone should have been tasked with the quest…


This very specialness, though, may occlude

the fact that its constituents are

very ordinary or everyday;

spittle, blood, honey…


We are not talking plutonium,

or uranium, or even gold, here!

But we may as well be…


Which in turn might make us think

that if these substances are so ordinary


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