Trick or Treat Tree – #poetry – #witch – #Halloween

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

The crows were squawking, as loud as could be
My sister and I, were hiding, by the old tree
The witch, with her lantern, looking all around
I whispered to sister, “Now don’t make a sound!”

“I know you’re here” said the witch to the air
“I sense your presence, I feel your despair!”
Silly old hag, surely you couldn’t know why
Two little girls would want, on you, to spy

But the witch did know, and it was plain to see
Sister and I were trapped, no way to get free!
The vines from the tree, slithering like a snake
Wrapping themselves around us, no way we could break

It seems we were tricked, by our own curiosity
Caught in the woods, no treat, this monstrosity
We knew we overstepped, but what could we do?
So we jumped out from behind, and simply yelled, BOO!

“What a treat!” said…

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