Rain Sounds at Night

Good Witches Homestead

There is a trail on Clydel Mountain that is said to lead to a collection of old stone pools. These luminescent wellsprings of elemental magic provide an increase in vitality to those who drink from it. Wildlife in the surrounding area has been reported to give off a similar arcane glow.

FOREST AT NIGHT – Crickets Owls Rain Wind in Trees – Relax Study Sleep De-Stress

For centuries, people have attached symbolism to owls. Some believe they’re wise, while others sense doom with their very presence.

As a child, Kellie Phillips couldn’t make herself look at owls. Their call and presence scared her.

A Lakota, Phillips was taught that owls are messengers. They themselves are not bad, but they often bring bad messages.

“You don’t know what the message is, but it is a heads up. It’s saying look out for yourself or your family,” she said.

“It’s not a…

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