Unguentum Venenum: A Flying Ointment | Coby Michael Ward

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The infamous witches’ flying ointment is a quintessential representation of the beliefs surrounding medieval witchcraft.  Its status is right up there with the broom, the cauldron and the familiar spirit.  Diabolic ointments containing poisonous ingredients were a hot topic of debate in the witchcraft trials and were used to support theories on both sides.  They remain a part of modern witch lore and popular culture.  In the series, Salem (2014-2017), Mary Sibley and her sister in arte, Tituba use oil to render their physical bodies catatonic while traveling to their Sabbat.  In the 2015 film, The VVitch: A New England Folktale, an old-hag living in the woods is depicted rubbing herself with what is assumed to be the rendered fat of the infant she kidnaps to put herself into a trance state.  These are just a couple of recent examples that show the sexual and diabolical associations present in…

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