Preparing for Flight: Techniques for Ritual Entheogens | Coby Michael Ward

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Using Plant Spirit Medicine to Enhance Spiritual Practice

Entheogens bring us into the presence of the Divine.  They bring the Divine within or allow us to “fly” to spiritual dimensions to access wisdom.  Whether we are traveling in spirit or Spirit is traveling to us is an arbitrary distinction, since we are all part of the same whole.  Everything already exists in the same point, an eternal present within the divine mind.  Time and space are a construct, and working with ritual entheogens lowers the veil that maintains this sense of distinction.

There are many ways in which plant spirit medicines can facilitate personal gnosis, spiritual experiences and ritual mindset.  They work in a variety of ways.  Some help with mental clarity, memory, and focus which can be useful for long arduous rituals with many components.  They help us in our studies, our mental processing and remembering what we learn…

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