Sunflower Lore

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COMMON NAME: sunflower
GENUS: Helianthus
SPECIES: H. annuus-grown for seed and flower
FAMILY: Compositae
BLOOMS: summer
TYPE: annual
DESCRIPTION: Characterized by its height and size of the flower, the sunflower has earned a welcome place in the summer garden. Many varieties on the market now offer diversity in color {even a white sunflower!}, size of the flower, and plant height. Dwarf plants grow only 15 inches tall.
CULTIVATION: Extremely heat and drought tolerant, most sunflowers can easily exist under conditions unsuitable for growing many other garden flowers. Although the shorter strains can be grown in poor soils, the taller varieties need moderately rich soil and regular watering. They will also need staking. Sow seeds outdoors where you want them to grow. Depending on the size plant you are growing, thin the seedlings to 24 to 48 inches apart.

These towering plants, beacons of light and warmth, have been loved and worshiped for many centuries. The…

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