Mythology and Folklore of Deer

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In many European mythologies, the deer was associated with woodland deities. Two tales of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the wilderness, tell of her wrath and retribution visited upon those who trespassed into her domain. By controlling the weather she kept King Agamemnon’s fleet bound for Troy confined to port, to avenge the killing of a stag sacred to her. Another hunter, Acteon, used a stag’s pelt to sneak up on Artemis whilst she was bathing in the forest. As punishment for seeing her naked, she changed him into a stag and sent him back into the woods to be hunted down and killed by his own hounds. Other woodland goddesses, such as Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis, were similarly associated with deer and their perceived qualities of gracefulness and swiftness.

Stag's head

In Irish mythology, Finn mac Cumhail, the legendary leader of Ireland’s heroic band of warriors known as the…

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