Keeping the connection with the Earth alive


Keeping the connection with the Earth alive

Connecting with the Earth while living in the city can be really challenging. Many of us, for one reason or another, find ourselves living apart from Nature in urban, artificial environments. However, keeping the connection with Mother Earth/Nature alive is vital for our holistic well-being. In spite of distance, we are truly never apart and it’s up to us to feed this connection and our love for Her. Here I list some of the things that help me keep the connection with Mother Earth alive in my day-to-day life:

  • Indoor plants – If you can’t go to Nature, bring Nature to you. By surrounding ourselves with indoor plants, we are forging a connection with Mother Earth. Even in a small apartment, we can have lots of them. Not only they are a great decor for our home, as they cleanse/purify the environment, both physically and energetically. Remember that even a

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One comment on “Keeping the connection with the Earth alive

  1. I have a truly deep understanding with Mrs. Nature, however she still has not given me her e-mail address?

    Plants are the greatest, nonetheless I always seem to not have luck with keeping them alive..

    Hugs an kisses chris

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