GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 3-9 June 2019


Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed.
The NEW MOON always rises at sunrise
And the FIRST QUARTER at noon.
The FULL MOON always rises at sunset
And the LAST QUARTER at midnight.
~The New Orleans Mistic


Dark Moon — Time to Rest
New Moon — Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon — Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon — Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon — Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon — Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon — Time to Rest Again

Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Goddess Month of Month of Hera begins 5/16 – 6/12
Celtic Tree Calendar: Uath (Hawthorn) May 13 to June 9

Current Moon Phase: New Moon
The beginning of a new cycle.

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking. Workings On This Day Are For Starting New Ventures, New Beginnings, Love, Romance, Health Or Job Hunting.

Keywords for the New phase: Beginning, birth, emergence, projection, clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action. During this phase the new cycle is being seeded by your vision, inner and outer.

Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. VISUALIZE your goals for the 29.6-day cycle ahead. New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting.

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So mote it be!!


Each And Every Day A Feast Day!
Embrace It!!!


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GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine. Living in the Washington, DC suburbs, she attended LDS Seminary, Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity, since 1999. She is a current board member of the Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, charter member and former counsel and board member of The Order of the White Moon. A scholar of ancient mysteries, Doula, Reiki Master, Herbalist and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. and former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. Alternative Religions Educational Network. She has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of the Esoteric.

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GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Moon Day Hail Luna! Hail Mani! Energy: Female Ruler: The Moon Magicks involving the subconscious, healing, emotions, love, spirituality, healing wounds, children, small animals, women’s mysteries,mothers, sisters, female partners, wives, instincts
Today’s Magickal Influences: Agriculture, Domestic, Long Life, Medicine,
Travels, Visions, Theft
Today’s Goddesses: Luna, Selene, Diana, Re, Gaeleach, Ida, Artemis [Whom The
Greeks Associated With Bast], The Witches, Yemaya, Erzulie, Bast
Incense: Myrtle
Perfumes: White Poppy, White Rose, Wallflower
Monday – Wear pearl, moonstone, or crystal. Use an emerald for amulets.
Color of The Day: Silver, Grey, White
Colors for Tomorrow: Red
Candle: White
Cooking on Monday will improve magics for creativity, insight, maternal
nature, and Goddess-related efforts. ~Quote from Magickal Martha

Hail Tyr! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Tyr’s or Tiu’s Day! Day of Mars, Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw (from whom it is named), Tuisco,. Magickal influences are: Passion, courage, aggression and protection, vitality, passion, ambition and raw, unabashed power. Mars energy makes the mind acute.It is lucky to meet a left-handed person on any day except Tuesday – then it’s an ill omen. A superstition from areas of England that were ruled by the Danelaw, because the day is named for Norse God Týr who sacrificed his right hand to bind the Fenris Wolf. #FolkloreThursday

Tuesday – Wear a ruby, star sapphire, or emerald. Use topaz for amulets.
Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Destination, War, Courage, Surgery, Physical Strength
Be cautious-especially while traveling.
Today’s Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu,
Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman
Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli
Incense: Lignum Aloes, Plantain
Color of The Day: Red
Colors for Tomorrow: Yellow
Lucky Sign: Tuesday Is The Lucky Day For Aries
Candle: Red
On Tuesday, cooking up a hearty meal featuring carrots, peppers, and garlic (all Mars foods and spices) to empower yourself for victory and success!
Hail Odin! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Woden’s or Odin’s Day
Energy: Male Ruler: Mercury – Rules healings, the mind – Use for magick
involving mental issues, learning, higher education, addictions,
communications, travel, young people, messages, perception, self-expression,
artists, poets, and writers
Wednesday – Wear amethyst, star ruby, or lodestone. Use turquoise in amulets.
Today’s Magickal Influences: Conjurations, Predictions, Knowledge, Writing,Eloquence
Incense: Cinnamon, Cinquefoil
Perfumes: Sweetpea, Lavender, Mastic, Frankincense, Cloves
Color of The Day: Yellow, Grey
Colors for Tomorrow: Purple, Indigo, Blue
Candle: Yellow
Lucky Sign: Wednesday Is The Lucky Day For Gemini And Virgo
Today’s Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya,
Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette, Sekhmet, Hathor
GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Thor’s Day Hail Thor!

Energy: Male

Ruler: Jupiter

Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Luck, Religion, Healing, Trade And Employment,Treasure, Honors, Riches, Legal Matters,
Use Growth, Expansion, Prosperity, Money, Business, Attracting attracting more of what you have.

Thor’s Day – Wear sapphire, cat’s eye, or carnelian. Use sapphire in rituals.

Today’s Goddesses: Juno, Hera, Kwan Yin, Mary, Cybele, Tara, Mawu, Mlaba Mwana Waresa, Ishtar, Nuit

Color of The Day: Purple, Indigo, Blue

Candle: Purple, Blue

Colors for Tomorrow: Green, Light Blue

Perfumes: Stock, Lilac, Storax, Aloes

Incense: Nutmeg, Henbane

Lucky Sign: Thursday Is The Lucky Day For Sagittarius And Pisces

Hail Freya! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Freya’s Day
Energy: Female Ruler: Venus – Rules lovers and pleasure, affairs of the
heart – Use for magick involving love, peace, beauty, gentleness, women’s
problems, healing, protection, lovers, ease, pleasure, affairs. Resolve
quarrels today!
Friday – Cast love spells on Fridays. Wear blue robes and use turquoise, ruby, emerald or cat’s eye.
Today’s Magickal Influences: All Love Matters, Friendships, Affection,
Partnerships, Money, Sex
Today’s Goddesses: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wedo, Eve, Venus,
Freya, Frigg, Diana, Aset [Isis], The Witch Of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique
Incense: Saffron, Verbena
Perfumes: Stephanotis, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris
Color of The Day: Light Blue, Pale Green
Candle: Green
Colors for Tomorrow: Black
Lucky Sign: Friday Is The Lucky Day For Taurus And Libra
Saint Jegudiel represents Friday
Hail Loki! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Saturn and Loki’s Day
Day of Seatere, Seater, and Saturn and of Loki, the Norse god of tricks and
revelry. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, whose Magickal influences are:
longevity, endings, and homes. Saturday comes under the influence of Saturn.
Saturn’s influence directs our attention toward routine chores, customs, and
conventional traditions. Saturday is a good day for furthering our ambitions
through perseverance, patience, responsible action, and a sense of purpose .
Saturday – Wear turquoise, labradorite, or diamond. Use amethyst.
Saturday is a good day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving
spirit communication, meditation, psychic self-defense, binding, and
locating lost things or missing persons.
Today’s Goddesses: Ops, Rhea, Tellus Mater, Gaia, Eartha, Ge, Tonantzin,
Asherah, Anath, The Shekinah, The Matronit, Mary, Gula, Herodias, Oddudua,
Today’s Magickal Influences: Duties, Responsibilities, Finding Families,
Works Of Magic, Buildings, Meditation, Life, Doctrines
Today’s Energies: Female – Rules obstacles, overcoming blockages – Use for
magick involving overcoming limitations, the elderly, endings, deaths,
blocks, constrictions, and those restricting you.
Incense: Pepperwort, Assodilious, Black Poppy Seeds, Henbane, Lodestone,
Perfumes: Hyacinth, Pansy
Color of The Day: Black
Colors for Tomorrow: Orange, Gold and Yellow
Lucky Sign: Saturday Is The Lucky Day For Capricorn And Aquarius
Candle: Black
Hail Sunna and Sol! GrannyMoon Says Today is: Sun Day
Energy: Male
Ruler: The Sun
Rule health, prosperity, leadership, joy, and protection – Use for magick involving happiness, prosperity, joy, healing, protection, power,
leadership, ego, authority figures, fathers, husbands
Today’s Goddesses: Sunne, Frau Sonne, Aditi, Igaehindvo, Amaterasu, Arinna,
Izanami, Ochumare
Sunday’s Magickal Influences: Health, Healing, Confidence And Hope, Prosperity
Incense: Dragons Blood
Perfumes: Heliotrope, Orange Blossom, Cloves, Frankincense, Ambergris, Musk, Myrrh
Sunday – wear topaz, sunstone, or diamond. Use pearl in crafting talismans.
Color of The Day: Orange, Gold
Colors for Tomorrow: Silver, Gray, White
Lucky Sign: Sunday Is The Lucky Day For Leo
Candle: Yellow


Llewellyn’s Spell A Day

Juno’s Spell
June 01, 2019 by Dallas Jennifer Cobb

June is named for Juno, and the first day of each month is dedicated to her, the Roman queen of the gods. The daughter of Saturn, wife and sister of Jupiter, and mother of Mars, Juno knows a lot about successful relationships. The goddess of marriage, love, and partnership, she is also the guardian spirit of all women.

Invoke Juno’s protection and blessing. Draw a warm bath and add seven drops of rose essential oil. Light a candle. Close the door. Bathe reverentially, massaging the fragrant water into your skin. Petition Juno:

“I implore thee to protect and guide me,
Bless my mind, spirit, heart, and body,
Help me maintain and build my wealth,
Grow fertile gardens,
relationships, and health.”

Extinguish the candle when you are done with your bath. As you dress, know that like the rose oil, Juno cloaks you in protection and blessing. Repeat this spell, as needed, on Juno’s day, the first of each month.
Spell to Get Rid of a Deadbeat
May 31, 2019 by James Kambos

Has your college roommate landed on your doorstep and he won’t leave? Or does your brother-inlaw flop on your sofa for five days and guzzle all your beer? Get rid of these moochers with this spell.

You’ll need a piece of paper, a pen, a ritual knife, and some salt. When possible, go into a quiet room and write these words on the paper:

“You who won’t pay your fair share,
You whose presence I can
no longer bear,
You who’ve overstayed
your unwanted stay,
Be gone, be out, be on your way!”

Next, point your ritual knife in their direction and quietly speak the words aloud. When done, sprinkle some salt over the words and crumple the paper. Throw it in a trash can away from your home. That should send the deadbeat packing! They’ll soon leave.
We Will Burn No More
May 30, 2019 by Najah Lightfoot

On this day in 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. She was burned as a heretic for her unwavering belief and conviction that she could speak directly to God, which was considered heresy in her time. As Witches and Pagans, we can deeply empathize with being persecuted for our beliefs and still grieve for those who were burned at the stake for practicing Witchcraft and falsely accused of heretical acts.

Light a white candle and stand beneath the stars. From your heart, speak your truth to those who have gone before, for those burned at the stake. Tell them you are living proof that they did not die in vain. Sprinkle dried roses on the ground in a circle, and allow your candle to burn out inside the ring of roses. Once the candle has burned out safely, let the wind carry the roses away.
Celebrating the Oceans
May 29, 2019 by Barbara Ardinger

Celebrate the great planetary oceans with this spell. If you live close to the ocean, go to the beach. If you live near a river or stream that (eventually) flows into the ocean, go to it or put a map of it (showing its mouth) on your altar. If you live inland, spread a map of the oceans on your altar. On top of the map, set “seawater” in the biggest, bluest glass bowl you can find. Put toy fish in the bowl if you want to, and little sailboats, too. Then make a wreath of real flowers and leaves (nothing artificial) and stand beside the water or before your altar. Sing this song:

“Great Neptune rules over the ocean,
Yamanja rules over the sea.
O, you who have care of our waters,
Bring back your clean water to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Bring back your clean water to us.
Set your wreath afloat on the water.”
Plant Spirit Connection
May 28, 2019 by Devin Hunter

Spring is in full swing and the time has come for the plant kingdom to reign supreme once again. The veil that separates the world of the green ones and our own is thin, making it a perfect time to reach out and meet some new allies.

Spend some time in nature today or with a plant that you have been wanting to spiritually connect with. Reach out with your consciousness and find the vibration of the plant/environment and then allow it to harmonize with your own. When you feel the energy become harmonious with your own, ask that it reveal to you the spirit associated with that vibration. Allow the presence to manifest in your mind’s eye and then proceed to introduce yourself and discuss your related magical goals. When you are finished, make an offering of milk and honey to the spirit.
A Toast to the Fallen Warriors
May 27, 2019 by Storm Faerywolf

Memorial Day in the United States is devoted to the fallen members of the armed services. This spell calls out to their spirits to ask for protection, for as they served in life, so do many of them serve from beyond the veil. You will need a piece of unlined paper and a pen, flowers in a vase, three candles (red, white, and blue) and holders, and a beverage in a cup for offering.

On the paper draw a large pentacle representing the five branches of the armed forces. Put this and the flowers on your altar, then place the candles and holders in the center of the pentacle. Light, in order, the red, white, and blue candles while saying:

“By valor,
By innocence,
By justice,
Let the light of freedom shine,
And let the fallen be nourished and fed.”

Make your offering of a beverage to the spirits. Ask them to protect your house and family. Allow the candles to burn down safely.
Starting a Magickal Journal
May 26, 2019 by Blake Octavian Blair

This is the anniversary of the death of Samuel Pepys in 1703. He was a member of the English parliament and navy; however, he is best known for the diary he kept, which was later published.

We can apply Pepys’s legacy to our personal spiritual practices. As a part of our practice, most of us keep a spiritual journal. If you already do so, today is a good time to consecrate and prepare or start a fresh one. If you do not yet keep a magickal journal, today is an opportunity to begin.

Take a blank journal and your favorite anointing oil or holy water, and stand before your altar. Hold the book to your third eye, beam your intent for the use of this journal into it, and then say a dedication of your choice while anointing the book down its spine. Place the journal on your altar to charge, then make an entry!


June New Moon
by Ruby

A Time Of Communication
Here’s some information on the potent New Moon cycle for the month of June 2019.

The New Moon occurs on Monday, June 3, 2019. This is a rather lovely energy for spiritual expansion, creative endeavors, and anything artistic. The New Moon energy starts up a few days prior to it peaking, so if you receive some sort of message, sign, or ah-ha moment, make sure and jot it down, as there can be some important messages coming in during this time. Have a little faith and take safe risks with any ideas, plans, or goals that you are feeling.
Under so much energy of the Twins Sign of Gemini, we should be improving our communication skills by listening to others and enjoying their points of view, rather than trying to find some other answer. Re-evaluate your communication social skills like on social media platforms, by asking yourself how much information you actually take in and communicate in a friendly, non-threatening way. It’s a time to listen to your gut instincts and follow your intuition, as all sorts and kinds of communication is in the spotlight. Under this potent Gemini energy, it’s an opportunity to make very important changes in our lives. And since under this particular New Moon the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in the sign of Gemini, that’s three times the power and energy to work with.
The June New Moon is in the sign of Gemini, so this is an especially strong time for all you Air Signs, so Aquarius, Libra, and of course Gemini. But also all you Scorpio Sun Signs can have some good luck in your relationships now. But whatever sign you may be, all of us have a stronger sense of awareness during this New Moon cycle. Our power of telepathy is strong, and so you may sense the people close to you or around you more clearly, so what they are thinking and feeling.
During this New Moon cycle, feisty Mars makes a tense opposition to expansive Jupiter, which can put out a strong vibe of sexual chemistry between people period. This means we are attracted to each other more so than usual, but if it’s not something sexual it can also heighten our attraction to each other, which just makes it easier to get along. But you might start feeling wildly passionate about someone or something, so go ahead and take a chance and see what happens. This is a strong time for success in relationships and around jobs or work.
It’s time to come up with a plan, and for jotting down all your ideas, plans, and future goals you keep thinking about. Under the lunar energy of the New Moon in Gemini we have a boost of extra confidence, and since New Moon’s are the best time of the month for new beginnings and for Setting Intentions, it’s a great combo to call upon the Cosmos for a new beginning of your very own.
Make sure and do any New Moon Energy work, like making our Wish Lists or burning Bay Leaves while the Moon is still in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign the New Moon occurs under. Never Set Intentions when the Moon during its Void Cycle, so you have until later in the morning Tues, June 4th. This gives you plenty of time to make your Intentions clear with the Universe about your future plans and goals.

New Moon Times On June 3

” Eastern Time, 6:03 am
” Pacific Time, 3:03 am
” Central Time, 5:03 am
” Mountain Time, 4:03 am

If you are in a different time zone, please look it up.
To order a One Question Reading with me about your future and what’s coming up next in your life, please message me or email me to schedule a session.

Have a Blessed New Moon


Heartwings Love Notes: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Heartwings says, “Gardens come and go, yet gardening goes on forever.”

Of a recent Saturday, we were out and about checking the yard sales. While Stephen was perusing the items displayed there, I fell into a conversation with the person in charge. She had grown up in Grafton and spoke of how much had changed in the years she had lived here. I agreed. Although we have lived here only thirty years, we too have seen many changes. This got me to thinking about how it was then compared to how it is now.

It is truly said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Even though the items in the stores are different, the shops still exist. The garden I began at the first home we lived in in Grafton, has with its various owners undergone many changes, yet in its current form it still exists. I have had many gardens in my life and all of them have evolved in their own ways. Now though I no longer plant, weed and harvest from an actual garden, I still in a certain way tend to one of another kind: my life has become my garden.

Many years ago I had a dream in which I was both a garden and its gardener. This has become a kind of metaphor for how my life has evolved. Those I love and tend could be said to be similar to plants that grow and thrive as I care for them. Too, over the years of my life like any perennial I have grown. I am my own garden as I care for this body the best I can, though sometimes I neglect it and then like any garden deprived of proper nourishment, I suffer for it.

As once I studied how to make my garden grow at its best, so now I try to learn what best nurtures me and those I tend. At times I weed out what no longer belongs and at times those I have tended outgrow their place and transplant themselves elsewhere. Or like other plants, they outgrow their earthly existence and move on. My life like my garden provides me with wonderful opportunities to learn and grow and I try to take advantage of them. What matters is that I do whatever I can with whatever resources I have to be a good gardener, and that I stay awake and aware to what works best to make my gardens grow.

May you keep what is good and weed out what no longer serves you in the garden of your life.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert, Tasha Halpert <>

P. S. If you would like to share anything you have learned or grown by, I would just so enjoy hearing. Your emails make my day.


The Power of Staying Positive
By Madisyn Taylor

Positive thinking dramatically increases your chances of success in any endeavor.

Our thoughts are not simply ethereal pieces of information that enter our minds and then disappear. The words and ideas that we think can shape our lives and drive us toward success and happiness or failure and distress. How you think and feel can have a profound effect on your ability to recognize opportunity, how well you perform, and the outcome of the goals that you’ve set for yourself. When you maintain an optimistic outlook and make an effort to harbor only positive thoughts, you begin to create the circumstances conducive to you achieving what you desire. You feel in control and few of life’s challenges seem truly overwhelming because it is in your nature to expect a positive conclusion. An optimistic mind is also an honest one. Staying positive does not mean that you ignore difficulties or disregard limitations. Instead, it means spending time focusing only on the thoughts that are conducive to your well-being and progress.

Positive thinking dramatically increases your chances of success in any endeavor. When you’re sure that you are worthy and that achievement is within your grasp, you start to relax and look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. You are more likely to imagine positive situations or outcomes and disregard the thoughts related to giving up, failure, or roadblocks. What the mind expects, it finds. If you anticipate joy, good health, happiness, and accomplishment, then you will experience each one. Thinking positively may sound like a simple shift in attention – and it is – but it is a mind-set that must be developed. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, try immediately replacing it with a constructive or optimistic one. With persistence, you can condition your mind to judge fleeting, self-defeating thoughts as inconsequential and dismiss them.

It is within your power to become as happy, content, or successful as you make up your mind to be. Staying positive may not have an immediate effect on your situation, but it will likely have a profound and instantaneous effect on your mood and the quality of your experiences. In order for positive thinking to change your life, it must become your predominant mind-set. Once you are committed to embracing positive thinking, you’ll start believing that everything that you want is within your grasp.


How to Prepare Gem Essence and Crystal Elixirs

What You Need

1. A glass container filled with about 12 ounces of water. If you are
going to be placing your essence outside be sure to cover it. Any
container you use should be cleaned well.

2. Distilled water is preferable because it’s free of mineral content.

3. One or more crystals, which should be cleansed in salt water
before being used. If you’re going to make an essence, which combines
more than one crystal, you can put them in the same container.


Enjoy a peaceful meditation for a few minutes before preparing your
essence. Focus your intention on what you are achieving. It’s usually
not a good idea to prepare essence when you’re pre-occupied,
agitated, angry or upset.

1. If the temperature is above freezing you can put the water
outside. Leave it there for 24 hours (it doesn’t matter if you leave
it there longer). If it’s below freezing put the water in a sunny
place in your house.

2. Take the crystals out of the water with clean tongs. Pour a small
quantity of the water into a one-ounce amber dropper bottle. This is
considered the mother tincture. If you are not alcohol-sensitive put
in a teaspoon of brandy to preserve it or put it in the refrigerator.
(During cold weather this isn’t necessary. The brandy is mainly for
the purpose of preserving this tincture for a year). Store the
remainder of the essence in the refrigerator.

3. I recommend taking 8 drops of the essence under the tongue 3-4
times a day. It is best to take it before, rather than after, a meal.
How long to take the mixture is up to what you are treating and how
you feel.

4. To use this tincture externally, fill a 4 oz spray bottle or
mister half full with plain distilled water. Then fill the other half
of the bottle with the tincture you have made. Turn the bottle over a
few times to blend the tincture and distilled water together.

5. Spray over yourself or patient. Hold the bottle about a foot away
from yourself and mist your aura energy around you.

6. Gem essences are safe enough to use with children, pets and
plants, too.

Gem essence work in harmony with the body by interacting with our bio-
sheath and are natural and self-adjusting. When crystals are
activated by natural sunlight, they transfer their vibrational
signature into the water, creating a remedy that is safe, effective and
used in conjunction with all modalities of healing.

Stones not to be used
Never use stones that can flake off into a tincture. Avoid using
stones in the Mica family. Avoid using soft stones that may leach
powder or stones that are porous. Avoid using dyed stones.
To use these softer stones, you can certainly use the double boiler
method and place a glass bowl with the stone only (no water) within
another bowl with water. The sun transfers the energy from the stone,
into the water in the bowl beneath it.

How to Prepare A Crystal Elixir

What You Need

1. A glass bottle with a roll on top or perfume spritzer.

2. Sunflower, safflower, jojoba, canola oil are good to use because
they are either light oils or are very stable oil (jojoba).

3. A crystal, which should be cleansed in salt water before being
used. If you’re going to make an elixir, which combines more than one
crystal, you can put them in the same container. These crystals will
stay in the bottle with the ingredients.

4. You can also consider using the appropriate herbs in this elixir.
Lavender, chamomile, thyme, basil, orange rind, lemon rind, rose buds
are all great choices depending on what you are making the elixir
for. You can also choose these same or other scents in essential oils.

Basic Preparation

Enjoy a peaceful meditation for a few minutes before preparing your
essence. Focus your intention on what you are achieving. It’s usually
not a good idea to prepare essence when you’re pre-occupied,
agitated, angry or upset.

1. Add your crystals to the bottle.

2. Add the oil, about 3/4 full. Add the herbs, if you wish.

3. Place the mixture in the sun for 2-3 hours. The sunlight will
charge the oil with the crystal vibrations and enhance the oil with
the herbal energies.

4. Bring it back indoors. We often reiki-charge the oil or you can
hold the oil at your heart level and say a positive affirmation or
intention for using your elixir.

5. If you are adding essential oils, add them at the very end.
Turn the bottle over a few times when you are ready to use it. Roll
the elixir on your pulse points at the wrist, neck, top of feet and
two inches from the groin on either side.
Stones not to be used

Stones not to be used
Never use stones that can flake off into a tincture. Avoid using
stones in the Mica family. Avoid using soft stones that may leach
powder or stones that are porous. Avoid using dyed stones.
To use these softer stones, you can certainly use the double boiler
method and place a glass bowl with the stone only (no water) within
another bowl with water or oil. The sun transfers the energy from the
stone, into the water in the bowl beneath it.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.


Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit


Being Your Own Village
By Madisyn Taylor

Sometimes we need to be our own village by utilizing all of our skills and learning more.

Simple survival requires us to be in possession of many skills. The pursuit of dreams requires many more. Most individuals rely on the support of a village, whether peopled by relatives or community members, to effectively address the numerous ways we need assistance. This can mean anything from asking favors of acquaintances and leaning on loved ones for support to paying a skilled artisan to handle specialized tasks. However, each human being is born with the capacity to be their own village. We embody many roles throughout our lifetimes, all of which are representative of our capacity for self-sufficiency and self-determination. In different moments in our lives, we are our own counselor, janitor, caregiver, cook, healer, teacher, and student. Our willingness to joyfully take on these roles grants us the power to maintain control over the direction our life’s journey takes.

In times past, human beings learned all of the skills needed for survival. Today, the majority of people specialize in a single discipline, which they hone throughout their lives. Thus, many of us feel uncomfortable standing at the helm of our own existence. We question our ability to make decisions concerning our own health, happiness, and welfare, and are left feeling dependent and powerless. But the authority to take ultimate responsibility for our lives is simply a matter of believing that we have the necessary faith and intelligence to cope with any circumstance the universe chooses to place in our path. Proving that we can each be our own villages through action enables us to accept that we are strong enough to exist autonomously. Cooking, cultivating a garden of fruits and vegetables, undertaking minor home repair, or adopting a healthier lifestyle can help you reassert your will.

Being your own village does not mean embracing isolation, for a balanced life is built upon the dual foundations of the inner and the outer villages. Rather, being your own village is a celebration of your wondrous inner strength and resourcefulness, as well as an acknowledgment of your innate ability to capably steer the course of your life.


Stephen Halpert

The Dancers

The dance marathon at The Armory in Providence in 1942 began amidst grand excited expectation. Fifteen couples between the ages of thirty and fifty stretched and flexed on the dance floor before the recorded music began. The rules were simple: fifty minutes dancing; ten minutes rest. The last couple standing wins.

“Do you see the soldiers?” Vivian Wayland asked her husband Pete. She patted her permanent wave and straightened her dress. “Some of them look so sad like they know they’re not coming back.”

“Don’t talk that way,” Pete said. “They’re what stands between us and Hitler.”

She frowned. “It’s not fair they’re entering.”

“Why not? I see no reason why a soldier and his woman shouldn’t have a chance to win some prize money.”

“But they’re bigger and in better shape than the civilian men.”

Pete gave her an odd look. “Last time we entered we placed second. That fifty we won took care of things for a while.”

“But then there weren’t soldiers competing. Just us everyday people.”

“Let it be,” he said. “It’s the couple over there that makes me nervous. Last time she and some boy outlasted us and took home the hundred.” He pointed to a thin, unhealthy looking woman with gaunt features. “She looks like some sort of strange witch.”

Vivian looked where he was pointing.” Maybe more like a ghost or even a a vampire.”

“To me she looks like she came back from the dead.”

Vivian laughed and patted his shoulder. “You’re put off by string beam women.”

Pete put his arm around her and squeezed. “I would hope you’re glad.”

Vivian’s friend Gilda Crosby, who worked at the Armory, stopped by Vivian and Pete. She leaned in conspiratorially.  “Did you hear about the statue of Roger Williams?”

Vivian stuttered. “More people saw it move?”

Gilda’s voice lowered to a whisper. “It’s said to have gotten got off its platform and stomped around Prospect Terrace, digging up the loam and saying things in Latin no one understood.”

“Don’t talk that way,” Pete cautioned. You don’t want them taking the two of you to the funny farm.”

“I only asked because people all over the East Side are talking about it.” She smiled at Vivian.  “Good luck tonight.”

Someone blew a whistle. Then a 78rpm record began playing Glen Miller’s In the Mood. Like robots the couples took their positions and moved their feet slowly.

It was early and the regulars knew to take it slow. After all, some of these dance marathons lasted late into the early morning hours and the key to winning was endurance.

“There they are, over there, see?” Vivian pointed to the gaunt woman.        Her dark eyes were heavily massacred. Pete nodded. “She’s not dressed up like you are,” he said proudly. “Nothing especially matches, her droopy ruffles and those wide slacks…”

Tonight her partner was a young soldier. He looked too thin for his frame. His eyes were lowered; his bony hands grasped her shoulders. They seemed to take turns leading, but Pete noticed she was mostly the one in charge.

“Just like last time,” Vivian shook her head. Only the soldier’s different.”

“Who do you suppose she is.” Pete asked. “She’s not one of our crowd.”

Vivian shrugged. “I don’t know and I don’t care.

“That doesn’t sound like you.”

“She knocked us for the first prize. She didn’t really dance like we’re supposed to, just clung to him like she’s doing now and shuffled around. It’s not fair.”

“Be careful,” Pete said. “She’s got a look in her eye and I wouldn’t want us to be on her bad side. Her kind of look means trouble.”

But Vivian was determined. “Maybe for you but not for me. I want to have a looksee.” She guided Pete in their direction.

The woman and her partner paid no attention to any of the other couples on the floor. It was as though they were dancing in their own secret world. When the bright strobe swept across the hall they’d almost disappear.

A bell announced the first break. The women trailed one another to the lavatory as did the men, going in the opposite direction.

But that couple remained taking seats in the darkened shadows.

Back on the floor Vivian whispered to Pete. “They didn’t drink any water. Like last time,” she said. “Don’t you think that something’s up with them?”

“Probably.” Pete rested his nose against her shoulder. He breathed in her sweet gardenia scen, and reached down to caress her hips.

Vivian wriggled. “Don’t get any funny ideas,” she said.  “We’re here to win some money, not to get lost doing anything else. Move your head or you’ll mess up my dress.”

Reluctantly he shifted his hand back to her waist and started to close his eyes. The strange couple moved closer to them. An icy chill ran through him. They were both so pale. Could they be ghosts>?  Why would they need the prize money?. “Don’t the dead get free drinks?”

“You’re mumbling,” Vivian said.

Pete blinked and saw that the woman and her thin partner had moved off.

By midnight there were only three couples left standing. Vivian and a weary Pete, an Italian couple from Federal Hill, and the gaunt woman and her equally strange looking young dance partner.

Vivian led Pete closer to them and spoke: “You two took it last month. How about giving us a chance this time?”

The woman looked at them and hissed out a word Pete couldn’t quite catch. Then her partner grinned a dreadful skeleton  like smile.

Pete shivered. “Back off Viv, she means business.”

“So do I,” Vivian said, louder than necessary.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

Silently the couple swirled around Pete and Vivian, faster and faster.

Vivian’s head spun. “I’ll be sick,” she said. “Oh my God I’m going to lose it.”

“Close your eyes.” Pete held her and tried pulling away from them. The woman’s red eyes glared into his. Then he heard a sickish laugh and they vanished briefly and reappeared on the other side of the now deserted hall.

The couple from Federal Hill dragged themselves away. Vivian eyes widened. She tottered on her feet. Gilda rushed over and led Vivian to the ladies room, sadly disqualifying them again from top prize money.

Outside Vivian and Pete walked slowly to their Packard. It was parked up the hill near the statue of Roger Williams on Prospect Terrace. Behind them and moving closer was the weird couple who for the second time had won first prize.

“Don’t make a scene,” Pete urged Vivian. “Just let’s get to the car.”

But Vivian had other ideas. Intoxicated by stress and need for sleep she whirled around and confronted the odd pair. “Who are you?” She cried.

The young man said nothing. The woman thrust her claw like fingers toward Vivian and moved toward her, her teeth bared in a feral hiss.

Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound. Roger Williams turned around and stepped down from his podium. He stomped up to the woman and her partner. She froze in place and screamed. The statue clutched them both in his great stone arms and flung them over the fencing down onto roof tops on Benefit Street. Then he turned, stomped back to his pedestal and climbed back up.

Vivian and Pete looked at each other, mouths gaping.

“Did that really happen?” Vivian said. “Gosh, did I really see that? Did you?”

Pete shook his head. “We both did, at least I think we did.” He scratched his head wearily. “Tell you what, we’ll know for sure if next time they don’t come back.”


Weekly Horoscopes beginning Sunday, 02 June 2019

If you`re born within cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you`re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You`re in the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don`t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

For ages you`ve intended to discuss and, where necessary, tackle issues involving family or domestic problems and, possibly, conflicts with your activities out in the world. While these are pressing, something else has always come first. However, on Tuesday, Mercury joins your ruler Mars in accenting these matters, triggering timely if not urgent discussions. Once things are clearer, you`ll know exactly what to do.

If you want to get ahead you may have to bend a few rules. This might mean treading on a colleague`s delicate toes and it`s not something you feel good about. At the same time, they have held you back for too long now. Something you hear about a recent event will puzzle you. Someone`s words don`t ring true. A friend or neighbour is trying to get you to talk about something you`d rather not discuss.

A New Moon doesn`t always bring a fresh start. However, it is probable that in your case, new people moving into the block or at work, will leave you feeling as though you are turning a corner. On top of that, midweek, Mercury joins Mars and the lunar node in Cancer. At that point, your environment -particularly living conditions – is likely to needful attention. Given that this little grouping opposes both Saturn and Pluto still transiting slowly over the career point of your solar chart, it`s likely that you will either be bringing work home, or feel that work is becoming a second residence. Balancing the two could be this week`s challenge. On top of that, and very likely midweek, you may be asked to consider a forming an alliance, which, though it would require you ceding some control, could be long-term beneficial.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Stunning links between your ruler Venus and both practical Saturn and Pluto indicate both past efforts coming together and sudden offers or opportunities. Still, as a cautious Taurus, you`ll want solid facts. Mostly, that`s possible but, in a few, it`s either plunge in or bypass them all. Since things this good don`t come your way often, you`ll say yes now, and gather those facts later.

A dilemma is linked with your rising concern over a career or environmental issue. You feel your efforts aren`t good enough. Rest assured; you`re doing a whole lot more than some other people around you. This is a great time for romance. One of Cupid`s arrows is bang on target and a new relationship will soon begin. Having fun with someone who shares your interests will reap emotional rewards.

There is considerable accent on financial matters this week. By the time that Mercury joins both the Moon and Mars in Cancer midweek, it may be important to you to assess a budget and put in place fresh constraints should that be necessary. Those of your sign tend to have natural financial acumen. True, this doesn`t work hundred percent of the time. Broadly though, you know how to buy for quality (not necessary quantity) and the long term. This ability is enhanced by certain bargain-hunting talents.. These should be working at their best over Tuesday and Wednesday which would also be the optimum dates this week for selling. One way or another, the next seven days should find you involved in asset management and giving careful thought to savings and how these can be protected.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Although Monday`s Gemini New Moon brings a timely fresh perspective, and on a range of situations, some won`t be immediately clear. Focus on whatever insights make sense first, discussing issues or, where necessary, taking action. Intriguingly, what you learn in the process may help unravel other, less clear cut, concerns. Certainly, by the week`s close, you`ll have resolved several issues and at least understood a number of others.

Thoughts in the back of your mind will start to take definite form. You`re reluctant to share your ideas but do you have to be so independent? Problems you are going through won`t seem half as worrying if you share them with a friend. Teamwork will get results. You will achieve more through working with a partner. Plans will largely turn out as you are expecting although there may be one or two little surprises. These won`t cause any inconvenience.

Monday`s New Moon is in your sign. Just a couple of days later, the Moon then moves on with your ruling planet, Mercury, to join Mars in neighbouring Cancer. As is likely to be the case for many signs, protecting long-term interests and adjusting cash flow where necessary will likely take priority. It might also be that there is a restructuring element to what`s going on in your working life. Whilst this might seem painful – especially if a root and branch approach is required, it might also be that this provides the signal for you to venture out of your comfort zone. It may be that one working period of your life is complete and that once you`ve recovered from this, opportunities to explore new directions will increase.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

A number of pivotal matters simply aren`t yours to deal with. Letting go won`t be easy. However, your time`s best spent reviewing what doesn`t work, needs serious thought or, perhaps, must go. Decluttering may be fashionable; but the more you say farewell to now, the better prepared you`ll be for the exciting, and life-changing, events triggered by the Cancer eclipsed New Moon, in early July.

Conflicting egos and aggressive people hold you back and limit your options. You and a colleague or neighbour can`t seem to agree on anything. It doesn`t matter who is at fault, if you don`t climb down from your high horse, no one else will either. Take the mature approach and suggest a compromise. Someone wants to share a secret with you but you aren`t interested in their private life and you don`t feel comfortable about discussing intimate matters.

The week begins with a New Moon in neighbouring Gemini – and yes, this does suggest possibilities for fresh thinking and discussion. However, there is considerable emphasis on your own sign from Wednesday. It`s then that both the Moon and Mercury join Mars already in your sign. This little grouping will be exactly opposite the two planets Saturn and Pluto. Whenever there are is opposition there is also attention. It may be that property matters have your complete and undivided attention and that you won`t be in a position to follow through on some of those New Moon ideas. Whether or not you`re restructuring, revamping or even considering a major move, the need to get to grips with the value of what you already own and what options are available look set to increase. Indeed, by the Solar Eclipse in your sign at the beginning of next month, a key decision could be made. The good news is that this is likely to come on the back of significant developments at work – making clear opportunities for you to expand and use your nurturing talents to allow a job to grow in such a way that it is both emotionally and financially satisfying.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

If you haven`t already realised it, you`re being forced to recognise your stubborn streak and, in certain crucial situations, overcome it. Review those where you`ve been cornered into giving in; most needed a serious rethink anyway. Now, however, you`re battling to keep cherished arrangements as they were. Here, too, you`re unaware of glorious possibilities and will be until, at minimum, you explore those options.

You really could do with a holiday. To get the break you are hoping for, you may need to double your effort to finish an important job. Alternatively, you could ask for help. There are plenty people who would be happy to lend a hand. Someone is prying into your business and wants to know your plans for the future. Mask your real intentions clear or they could steal your ideas before you get a chance to put them into practice.

A New Moon usually signals a fresh start. It`s probable though, that around Monday`s you`ll still be looking backward. Constrained – perhaps by finances or general responsibilities, – looking forward might not seem like much of an option. The good news is that this situation should change before next weekend. In discussions before Tuesday evening you may be reminded of a talent or ability that was obvious when you were very young but which has never been fully explored. The fact that this is resurfacing but that you might as yet not know quite how to put it to good use ought not to be thought of as a negative. Indeed, it`s very likely that soon this ability will be recognised and valued. This week may be all about you being taken by surprise by your efficiency in this direction – which might have implications for property or asset management.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Yes, you must discuss, and finally deal with, several persistent problems. However, they`re more complex than you think. The trick is to tackle them in stages and, for now, focus more on the people involved than the actual situations. You`ll soon realise that, actually, certain individuals are short of facts or just plain stubborn. The solution? Forget logic and resort to being charming. It will achieve wonders.

You will come up with an unusual solution to a domestic problem. Put creativity into making changes around the house. Use your imagination and you won`t be the only one who is delighted with the results. Confusion over a financial matter needs your urgent attention. Money that is expected will be delayed or there may be a dispute over the amount. A friend who fails to deliver on a promise disappoints you.

Monday`s New Moon is the annual one accenting your aims and objectives. A New Moon implies a fresh start. However, as is the case for many signs presently, before moving forward it`s likely necessary to look back over your shoulder and ensure that tasks that need to be tidied up, have been. There`s strong possibility of increased contact either with those who are very highly but unusually qualified or who live and work in other countries. Either way, you could be stretched to think differently before next weekend; and yes, it`s possible that others are right in discussions midweek that you need to stop bringing up the past. They might state clearly that you need to put a time limit on dealing with this and apply yourself to present-day trends and demands.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

When you sidestepped potentially troublesome facts recently, they seemed minor so unlikely to upset anybody. However, things are moving swiftly and now these are crucial. Forget about diplomacy. Tell everybody about your error in thinking, apologise, then start discussing possible solutions; and be uncharacteristically forthright, if not blunt. You be amazed how swiftly you`re able to turn what were those seriously worrying matters to your advantage.

Your family and friends are wondering where you get all your energy from. Suddenly, you seem to be getting through tasks in half the usual time. You`re in the kind of mood that gets everything done quickly and efficiently and yet it doesn`t feel like you are pushing yourself very hard. A new friend is encouraging you to turn a dream into reality but this is easier said than done. Despite their promise to help you, their enthusiasm will quickly wane.

This promises to be an interesting week. Not only is there a New Moon in another of the Air signs on Monday, but by mid-week, both the Moon and Mercury will have joined Mars at the apex of your solar chart while Saturn and Pluto continue their stately journey across its base. This complicated tug-of-war could manifest as you feeling pulled in two very different directions. On the one hand there are career gains to be made whilst on the other, there are family responsibilities and long-term obligations. Balancing these will likely be exhausting. Note however, that you might not need to look too far for support. It`s very likely that within the family there is recognition that in shoring up your career, everyone benefits. Perhaps the real dilemma this week is working out which tasks should take priority and which could be delegated elsewhere.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

After struggling with complex situations and equally difficult individuals, things are going well. So, well you`re uneasy. While your caution is understandable, there are superb links between Venus, which accents both money and those worrying alliances, your ruler Pluto and Saturn. This not only accounts for things falling into place but suggests that, for once, the progress you make really will be trouble free.

An argument is preying on your mind. You don`t want to fall out with a friend or neighbour and now is the time to make an effort to bridge the gap between you. As it is, you could need each other more than you realise over the weeks ahead. A spurt of action behind the scenes is inspired by the need to clear a few jobs out of the way. Once you get a chance to stand back and look at all you have done, you will be pleased.

You are likely right that it`s time to put a fresh foot forward; but yes, before you can, it may be necessary to do a brain dump. This week should prove excellent for tests or examinations. You might want to get these into the past as soon as possible so that you can focus instead on fresh interests that have emerged since early March and which are now gathering strength; and yes, it is possible that an alliance is forming and will bring benefits to both parties. It wouldn`t be so surprising if the issue of travel was raised before the weekend. Though resistant to move much out of your comfort zone, you might agree before the weekend that at least one journey is essential if only to either pick up or be free from a legacy.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

As a fire sign, you think and move swiftly. While, mostly, that`s an asset, currently, your speedy pace could cause confusion if not serious problems. The issue is the amazing but irritatingly slow-moving arrangements you`re currently exploring. Rush into plans and by midmonth, you`ll run into problems. Take it slowly, and when those serious issues arise, you`ll be well informed, yet flexible enough for the necessary rethink.

A short trip won`t go as expected and you will wonder whether it was worth the hassle. Check that someone is in before you decide to visit them. A friend might already have a visitor when you arrive at their place and this will be someone you never wanted to see again. So, contact people first and let them know your intentions. Be sure you don`t let a secret slip, due to the clever way your boss or a senior colleague starts to question you. Someone is relying on your discretion.

Monday`s New Moon is in your opposite sign. It would be understandable if you thought that this marked the beginning of a fresh alliance. It`s perhaps rather more likely that if that does develop, that it will be gather pace more quickly after Venus moves into Gemini in a week`s time. For now, there may be intense irritation with a colleague or partner whose lack of clarity as to what it is that they want to achieve drives you crazy. Of course, it`s always possible that they feel that you ought to be clearer about what it is that YOU want. At either the financial or emotional level, it would be wise to take stock midweek and, if necessary, adopt a root and branch treatment to make improvements. The more focus you show, the more others may be willing to do the same.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Facts are facts. However, now and until the end of July, even seemingly simple ideas or arrangements will change, and often. Astrologically speaking it`s no surprise. First, there`s the current dynamic planetary setup. Then there are July`s two eclipses, the last on the 16th in Capricorn; and Mercury is retrograde, too. So, for now, forget that careful planning become a philosopher; live one day at time.

Casual conversations in the workplace will give you the idea of starting on a new health program. It shouldn`t take long before you see the benefits of an improved diet and exercise regime. Your determination and decisiveness will get results. What spurs you on is the knowledge that your achievements will benefit other people as well as yourself. This will also make up for some temporary tension being felt in a working relationship.

Though you may be tasked with a very new challenge at the start of the week, as early as Wednesday it should be apparent that it`s essential to understand past decisions in order to make progress. It is perhaps also the case that a partner or close colleague will require extra support – perhaps because of developments in their families. Whatever, before Friday you could be very much overstretched. The fact that others are leaning on you and almost demanding that you maintain a calm and controlled response to situations where you too may be emotionally affected, threatens instability. It might be wise to plan something for the weekend that allows for blissful relaxation and the restoration of harmony.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

Even simple plans won`t last but, instead, will go through several versions before anything lasting can be organised. Understand that, and you`ll focus on the big picture and forget about painstaking details. This, then, frees you to explore ideas or offers as intriguing as they are sudden. While, obviously, you won`t pursue them all, many are so exciting you`ll take a chance. You`ll be glad you did.

You`re looking to the future and you are all for change for the better. A strong desire to make some improvements could see you making sweeping changes in your work or home. You`re ready to move on towards a more progressive future. A money muddle needs to be sorted out sooner rather than later. There`s something of a mystery surrounding a large figure you can`t quite account for. There`s every chance an error has been made which will be easily rectified.

Monday`s New Moon is in another of the Air signs. There are at least three of this type in every year and each marks an opportunity for fresh thinking and approach. What`s slightly different on this occasion, is that others may be in such a flap over developments that you too are left flustered by midweek. It`s said that those of your sign are rather like hard-boiled sweets with very soft centres! Your detached and controlled approach might be much appreciated over on Monday and Tuesday but, by Wednesday that more sentimental side will surely come through. Whilst there is nothing that you can do about the life cycle, riding an emotional wave could make it difficult for you to concentrate on work matters. You might, perhaps, deflect some energy by ensuring that you make dietary adjustments to ensure optimum state of fitness whilst coping with this cosmic squall.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

While being let down by others is upsetting, disappointing those to whom you`ve made promises or commitments is worse. Yet, in every case, these changes are both timely and inevitable. So, first, apologise briefly and sincerely. Then move on to explore better or, alternatively, completely different options. Not all will work but each will prove amazingly informative; and those final arrangements? Probably not until late June.

You`re being hit with problems from all directions in your attempts to get a project off the ground. At times it will feel as if you`re banging your head against a brick wall. Why not put aside anything that isn`t going well until later in the month? When you return to them, you will be able to overcome stumbling blocks more easily. Social gatherings will be fun but you need to balance time spent with friends with spending time alone.

A new moon suggests a fresh start. Monday`s accents the very base of your solar chart: your assets department. It may be time to give these a spring clean. Of course, this task might be thrust upon you if you`re dealing with legacies, estate planning or other people`s finances. You might also, under these conditions, find better utility deals and perhaps even streamline at both the domestic and office level to create more space. It would be understandable if all of this proved to be an exhausting process. Yet it may be necessary before you can truly move on. Note that at the beginning of next month there is a solar Eclipse in another of the Water signs. Preparing for that might well require dealing with old paperwork, and archiving. All this though, could put you in touch with those who enjoy tidying up loose ends and who`s enthusiasm for order rubs off on you.

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