The Fine Art of Detachment

Awakening the Witch

One of the most difficult skills for me to develop as
I work on increasing my magical abilities is detachment from the results of
spells. It’s a skill one must master to receive the desired results, and with
good reason. If one is constantly worried that a spell will not work, it sets
up a resistance to it and the synchronicities required to deliver the results
fail. It makes a lot of sense. Doing magic requires a faith in the deity or
entities invoked, a faith in one’s own ability, and the knowledge that the
universe is looking out for us because the universe is awesome like that. The
worry does nothing to help that along and it causes suffering.

Unfortunately, I have a learning disability that
causes me to overthink everything and it sets my mind in a feedback loop
similar to obsessive compulsive disorder. I needed a little…

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