Spring Cleaning! The Magical Besom – Gather Victoria

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Happy Spring Equinox!  Blue skies and blossoms, what a day to welcome the official coming of spring!

Spring cleaning is a ritual deeply rooted in the lore of the Vernal Equinox, a time to purify the home of stagnant energies and prepare it for the vitalizing energy of spring and summer. And no spring cleaning could begin without the creation of the sacred broom, the besom. Not meant for everyday use, these magical tools were used to sweep out the old and sweep prosperity and happiness back in. Besoms were considered so powerful that making a wish when a new broom was first used would cause it to come true.

Small bells were often added to help clear energy with their tinkling sounds. It was traditional to name your besom and consecrate it in a special ceremony. Afterward, the besom was used to “sweep finish” each room after it is cleaned…

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