A Fairytale for Grownups!

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie ~ Authors


Our Little Green Friend

I went with Jaye to meet the strange little fellow she had found at the bottom of our garden yesterday. Sitting beside him, I wondered if he could speak.

He looked real to me.

‘I may be small, young lady, but I’m not deaf. I can hear your thoughts. They’re very noisy.’

I apologised, asking who he was.

‘You can call me Toby.’

I asked that he refrain from reading my thoughts, that I would rather speak with him.

He agreed. Immediately my thoughts burst back into action. He looked like Mr Mushroom Head. The longer I looked at him, I thought he could be Merlin in a new form. I swear to God he winked at that thought.

‘I need a favour, ladies. ‘

‘Anything,’ I said, believing him to be Merlin, come for a visit.

‘I need to stay a while until the covering…

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