December 24th is National Eggnog Day! / #NationalEggnogDay #ChristmasEve

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Here are today’s Five Food Finds about Eggnog

For a serving of eggnog (one cup), you will be consuming approximately 342 calories. Of those calories, 167 are from fat.

Traditional winter eggnog  with milk, rum and cinnamon, sprinkle

The word eggnog comes from a Middle English term meaning a small, wooden, carved mug used to serve alcohol.


Gelatin can be found in some eggnog, though it is typically cream, milk, sugar, eggs, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Eggnog became popular in America around the 18th century when it made its way across the Atlantic Ocean, though there is debate exactly when and where it originated.


It is difficult to find eggnog year round. It typically becomes available around Thanksgiving. Sales for eggnog drop tremendously after the New Year’s holiday.

alton-brown-eggnog1809 Kit Carson, American frontiersman, was born. When he died May 23, 1868, his last words were supposedly “Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili.”

1826 ‘Eggnog Riot’ at West…

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