December Gemstone: Turquoise

Good Witches Homestead

Every stone and crystal has different metaphysical properties depending on what book or website you look to—so when I make my bracelet formulations I go through all the books I can find looking for properties that are mentioned multiple times in different cultures. The property that pops up the most is the one I use—and with turquoise, it’s luck and good fortune.

Here in the United States many of us think of chunky Native American Jewelry when we think of turquoise, but it has been used for thousands of years in many areas of the world, for many different things. The name itself is French for “Turkish stone”—as turquoise was brought to Europe by way of Turkey, where soldiers adorned their horse bridles with it, believing the stone had powers to make the horses surefooted, thereby preventing falls. In Tibet, it is believed that giving a piece of green (rather…

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