December 13th is National Popcorn String Day!

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Here are Four Steps of How to String Popcorn on a Christmas Tree:

Make at least one large size bowl of popcorn.


Thread the needle without cutting the thread from the spool.


Start stringing one popcorn at a time by inserting the tip of the needle into the center of each piece.


Carefully hang the garland onto your Christmas tree.


Today’s Food History

  • 1779 The Smithfield Cattle and Sheep Society held the first Smithfield Show in London. It is now the leading agriculture show in the UK.
  • 1827 John & Peter Delmonico opened their first restaurant in New York, Delmonico & Brother Cafe at 23 William Street.
  • 1838 Pierre-Marie-Alexis Millardet was born. A French botanist, he saved the vineyards of France from total destruction by the grape phylloxera, a small greenish-yellow insect which sucks the fluid from grapevines. He did so by grafting the French vines on American rootstock…

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