Rose in Winter

Every summer I make full use of the delicious and fragrant Apothecaries Rose that blooms heartily for a few short weeks, providing dozens of incredibly scented flowers.  This year I dried a plethora of them but also made a rose liqueur with the petals, soaked in alcohol and local runny honey – and it turned out delicious, heady with the scent and flavour of rose, a great pick me up for a chilly winter day when you wonder if summer will ever return.  The below two recipes feature rose prominently for those of you who would like to have a go!


Rose Liqueur With Dried Petals


Plenty of good quality, highly fragrant dried rose petals

Local runny honey

Vodka or brandy


This is so very easy to make!   Simply pile the petals into a kilner jar and pour over enough alcohol to cover the petals, with about an…

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