Rosehip Recipes for Incoming Winter


Here in the valley, the days are drawing in, sunlight has that glorious golden syrup hue to it, and the wind is becoming chillier and more playful.   Sunrises and sunsets are a thing of real beauty, and the stars are more and more visible as the days and nights go on.   November is, for me, the start of rosehip season, and a few days ago I spent a happy and rather blustery couple of hours rummaging in the hedgerows for the first rosehips nipped by frost, making them softer and much easier to cook.  Avoiding the thorns takes a certain amount of skill, especially on a windy day, but luckily enough I managed to avoid taking a mark from the roses this time and came home with a good bag full of fresh rosehips.  This time I made up a big batch of rosehip syrup with them, adding plenty of…

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