Herbs of the Moon

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The vibrational impact of the Moon not only affects the tides within our ocean, it also greatly affects the tides of our blood, our subconscious, our emotions, and intuition. The plants associated to the Moon act principally on all the major fluids of the body (water and blood), stomach and overall gut. The primary action of fluids within the body is to regulate, nourish and eliminate. Much of our digestive activity, and “gut feeling” greatly influence our mood and emotional body.

The Moon is known to house our intuition and our emotions. Astrologers look at the Moon’s position in a natal chart to understand the part of one’s being which is most vulnerable, including the emotions which we nurture and protect. Important lunar transits and aspects to the natal Moon (the moon’s placement in your birth chart) may indicate vulnerability to certain health issues. Some examples could be difficulties with the…

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