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Like humans, herbs have complex personalities. They grow and develop under cosmological influences just as much as we do, they favor and thrive in certain environments, they have a nervous system and feel as much (and more!) as we do. And, just like us, some of us thrive under certain astrological transits, while others don’t. Roses, for example, thrive under certain Jupiter and Venus transits, and just like some of us, we might manifest a soulmate under Jupiter-Venus transits as well! So, it’s no coincidence that Roses, with a medicinal landscape known to boost the heart and blood, along with providing dopamine and aphrodisiac properties — prosper under this transit.

The archetypes within each constellation and planetary body are said to contain complex patterns of energy, that give the origin to our personality. Therefore the astrological configurations that exist when we are born are that which create…

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