Energies of the super blue blood moon

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

On January 31st there is going to be a super blue blood moon, which is quite a rare event, and will have many energies that you may want to bring into your working. The super blue blood moon is the meeting up of 3 different interactions between the earth, moon, & sun. This Trinity of interaction can be a very good time for many different magickal practices, that will be able to use this energy in order to manifest, and enhance the practitioners life. Any metaphysical properties that appear on Multiple Lists will be extra enhanced.

wolf blood

Energies of the super full moon:

A super moon occurs when the moon, becomes full at a time where it has reached the closest point of its orbit to the Earth allowing it to look bigger. This also means the lunar energy is closer to us, and because of that it makes the lunar…

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